Monday, June 29, 2009

What a Week Its Been...

real tawk.. look at this sh!t, folks...

now, is it me.. or does it seem like the Reaper been back on his grizzly, the last few weeks..? i mean.. dayum... people dropping like flies.. im sayin.. even the Oxy clean dude?!?! wooooooooord..?! then.. if that wasnt enough.. look what touched down in J'ville last Friday...

i swear to Gawd.. that was on the river, not even a mile from my house.. thunder clapped so hard, i was bout to crawl under the couch on some Scooby Doo sh!t.. what?! i dont play with Mother Nature.. but, i DID play the sh!t outta Micheal Jacksons "Human Nature" this weekend.. RIP MJ..

so last week.. me and my girl was sitting on the couch watching either Charm School, or that horse-face'did Daisy broad on VH1 for the 7946893246934642 time.. and i not only noticed the broad who i HATE, and to my luck- works at my favorite pizza place, lives across the street.. i also saw this cat(beginning at the 3:40 mark..), walking a mini English bulldog..

GAWT DAYUM, thas some cool ass white dudes..!! where the fukk these n(w)!ggas be's at? and, i wonder if they got some of that Purple Stuff 'cross the skreet? man.. i dont know if these n(w)!ggas can come kick it when my girl around, but when she aint- its on..

speaking of which- look what i came across on Twitter the other day..

yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! actually.. know what? imma officially, promote this dude.. as embarrassing as he may be- he seem to be going all out at this point.. matter of fact.. unlike Eminems ole b!tchass.. i bet J'Rodg(is that his hip-hop monicker..?) doesnt have a tape that'll surface, with him callin' his "ex" a "N1gger B!tch..", he aint had another mans balls & taint in his face, and furthermore. was probly at the BET Awards last night.. so here.. yall download homeboys lil mixtape, and pass it along..

im outta here.. before i go.. for those of you who didnt catch it last night. imma leave you with the newest video, and now- first single off Jay-Z's upcoming "Blueprint 3" album.. this is "D.O.A.(Death of Autotune)..

dope video.. yall be easy.. ill be back later this week.. until then, you can catch me on twitter.. and for all your music, news, and other goodies- hop on over to hustlemania.. also.. check out my newest editorial, over at jackassworld when you get a minute.. alright.. really outta here this time.. jeah!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Throwback Thursdays- Michael Jackson( August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009... R.I.P.)

today, i think i got some of THE worst news ive gotten in a loooooooong time.. today- one of my(and, slot of peoples) favorite artist of ALL TIME passed away, due to a heart attack.. i, or anyone i know- just couldnt believe it.. i know this sounds stupid- but i was one of those guys that thought, MJ would NEVER die.. damn.. this is a sad day.. the man might have left us, but his music will last FOREVER.. R.I.P. MJ

Michael Jackson - Ben

Michael Jackson - She's Out Of My Life

Michael Jackson performs Billie Jean live at Motown 25th Anniversary Special (1983)

Michael Jackson - Human Nature

Michael Jackson-Wanna Be Starting Something (Live from 1987 "Bad" Tour)

Michael Jackson- Beat It (Live 1987)

Michael Jackson Grammys '88-Way You Make Me Feel & Man In The Mirror

Michael Jackson - Pepsi Commercial 1988(all 4 parts)

*this shit is truly- sad.. i cant even post anymore videos.. sh!t bout to have me teared up.. yall be easy... peace

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"sometimes, more than others.. im convinced i get all the weird news..."

sometimes, more than others.. im convinced i get all the weird news. while everyone else gets all their info from Twitter, this station:

(Jesus Christ, that was embarrassing as all hell)or that ghay dude who got beat up by the Black Eyed Peas... hold on.. somethings uncontrollably funny about anyone getting a black eye, from the Black guy- in Black Eyed Peas.. no. really. thas actually, funny..

another eye jammy like that, and i 'ont even think any "special effects" would be required for ole boy to get a lead in Tim Burtons upcoming "Alice In Wonderland" movie schedueled to drop next March..

real tawk- i havent done any 'shrooms in awhile(last time i did, no Jereme Rogers..- i was hiding under a friends bed cuddling a cat, while waiting to ambush someone who was neither in the room.. or after me)but, i think i just got a slight mushroom tea flashback just posting those things..

in todays news of embarrassing jackasses.. who the hell is "Brando". and, what the hell is this?

hold on.. is this "funny.."? actually.. i dont know if i should laugh, or giggle confusely.. but truth be told- the Obama sh!t is going overbaord.. getting attention, and getting money are two different things.. only broke muthafukkers like attention.. chuuch!!

random quote of the day:
"dude... i love Animal Planet.. if they played rap videos(preferably, vintage style Rap City & BET UnCut again)- theyd be the best channel that ever surfaced.."- piFF Huxtable

this weekend i got some new tees from this local company here in Jacksonville called East Center, and i think yall should know about em..

100% skater owned, and operated.. from the art room, to the shipping room- everything these cats do is in-house.. support ya local skate scene & companies, and furthermore- dont be like these dudes..

word? thats what hot on the skreets..? whining on Twitter? i mean.. WOW! look.. i 'ont know about yall.. but, somebody do something i do- i take it as a form of flattery.. Tweetin and gossipin like a bird(yall catch that double entrede..?)- aint whas hot in these skreets.. we gotta do better. actually. fukk WE. YALL gotta do better.

im up outta here.. i got alot of work to finish up, and a few cases of Asahi from this weekends festivities to polish off.. hell. if i get done in time, might even have another bbq tonight.. yall be eay, and in the meantime- hit up hustlemania for some music, news, etc.. and know what.. get over to the Berrics.. they stay with that piFF.. until next time.. jeah!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

I Put It On for my City, Put it Ooooooonnnnn

*as seen on the cover of this Saturdays Florida Times Union

Professional skateboarder Clyde Singleton also works as a magazine columnist, video producer, contest emcee, spokesman and outspoken blogger - under his alter ego, Piff Huxtable.
photography by Jon M. Fletcher/Florida Times Union

by Matt Soergel
Clyde Singleton says that when he was young he did a lot of stupid stuff, and that doesn’t even count the time he cut his Afro into a flattop and dyed it blond.

He imitates his earlier self, adopting a high squeaky voice: “Run a car over my foot! See if it hurts!”

For the record, running a car over his foot didn’t hurt that much. But then Singleton has a reckless streak and a high tolerance for pain. That helps if you’re going to become a professional skateboarder, as he did when he left the Northside for California at age 17.

That helps if you’re going to be part of what would become MTV’s “Jackass” crew, pulling off stunts of questionable safety and taste.

And that helps if you’re going to run your mouth off making fun of the skateboard industry, making fun of some of its biggest stars, and making fun of yourself.

In the insular, image-conscious world of skateboarding, Singleton is something of a celebrity lightning rod - a magazine columnist, a blogger, a video producer, a contest emcee, a satirist, a spokesman, a personality, all brash and provocative.

So, in deliberately misspelled and slang-heavy articles, he writes about things such as “The Top 10 Worst Tricks in Skateboarding.” “Ten Ways to Ruin Your Skateboard Career.” “Ten Things You’ll Find in White People’s Houses” (cheese is one).

And if you’re, say, a male skateboarder who wears tight jeans - or even women’s jeans, as some stars have been known to do - then prepare to be needled mercilessly.

“Some people are embarrassing jackasses,” he says, giving a laugh. “But I can be one too.”

On the message boards, the offended rail against him: “A hater.” “Washed up.” “Abnoxious [sic].” Others get the joke: “You write articles that are fun, even if your opinions are wrong. Keep it up, man.”

Singleton has spent much of the past 17 years in California, the center of skateboarding culture. But he came home in November for the holidays and has stuck around. His mom runs three day-care centers, and his stepfather and brother have their own churches. He’s been away for half his life, and it’s kind of nice to be back doing the family thing.

Now he’s trying to figure out if he can stay in Jacksonville and still be relevant in the skateboarding world. In the old days, some companies paid him just to wear their clothes or ride their boards. That source of income has dried up. But he can still get free shoes and clothes and skateboards - it’s all part of the business.

His days of competing are over but, for now, he’s still able to cobble together a living simply being Clyde Singleton.

“Sometimes I wonder if it’s ever going to end,” he says. “But hey, enjoy it for the moment. The moment might last forever.”

click here to read full story…

- id like to take this time to thank Matt Soergel, Jon Fletcher, Martin Ramos @ Kona
for letting me not only skate padlees. but also, setting his pool on fire. and last but not least- my girlfriend for all your support in getting this article done.. if you know of the recent events going on in Jacksonville, and the medias attempt to potray us in a certain light, over a certain incident that was obviously MADE UP.. you'd know this front page feature, was HUGE for skateboarding.. so once again, props to everyone involved..

i gotta run.. got to edit down this weekends GoSkate day festivities, as well as knock out this photo gallery.. make sure to look out for both online over at the Transworld site within the next 48hrs...

and until, you can check out Jon M. Fletchers photo gallery of this years GoSkate Day(courtesy of /Florida Times Union).. then- get on over to hustlemania for all your music, news, and other goodies.. oh yeah- you can usually find me on twitter. yall be easy..

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

"aww nawll, hell nawll boy.. yall done up 'n done it!!"

hoooooooold up.. so, im out here in J'ville, yknow. "swaggin. and im surfin. and im swaggin.."(thas my SH!t!!) anyhow.. so i get a message through the wire, that that embarrassing jackass known as Jereme Rogers has retired from skateboarding via Twitter.. ok. bye. skateboarding could use less b!tchass wanna-be rappers, who tuck they chain in around Black folks... moving forward. so i get this email, and were all poppin our daily jargon of randomness. when Dave Carnie decides to let me know about this book..

Vert skater and industry insider Pete Davidson has released a new book examining the skateboarding industry’s problems and what he feels needs to be done to keep the dream alive.

“No one has stood up and pointed out what’s wrong with the skateboarding industry,” says Davidson in the intro to Reforming a Counter Culture. “They are either too scared to lose their job or too stupid to see what childish things they are promoting.”

Davidson’s solution? “There’s a real need in the industry to show ourselves to the mainstream media…that skateboarders and dirt bags are not synonymous.”

hmm.. where do i start. ok. HOW THE FOKK, is this dude a "industry insider", and i(as well as anyone ive spoken to whos actively involved in the industry, and has been for close to 20yrs) know who the fukk this dude is? i mean.. lets keep it 100 for 2 seconds.. i BEEN at the party. been on the dancefloor. done met & greeted damn near everybody who came in the door. and as my man Riley from Boondocks said, "game recognize game.. and you looking REEAALLL unfamiliar right now.." and furthermore. how the fukk you a "industry insider", but you wearing some dayum mocassins with no socks..?

and did this dude just say "no ones stood up, and pointed out whats wrong with skatebaording.."? is this dude even fa'serious? i dont know if anyones been paying attention.. but there was a guy named Steve Rocco, and.. cal me crazy,. he wasnt "scared' of losing anything. matter of fact- he actually CREATED MORE JOBS.. see.. this is why dudes like this, shouldnt be speaking for us.. and, im being DEAD ASS SERIOUS..

in closing.. this dudes actually trying to convince people, skateboarders "arent dirtbags.." woooord? fa'real? jesus..

look, duke. im sure you had good intentions when writing ya lil book, and i even heard you quote ya boy piFF in there a few times. but, its pretty clear you dont know what the fukk you talm bout.. as skateboarders, we dont OWE anyone- anything. skateboarding is BUILT on rebeliion.. its one of our finest elements, which ALOT of people seem to have forgotten about. fukk their rules. fukk a dress code. fukk a public perception.. we created our own sub-culture, and now we got some clowns inside looking around on some "are we cool" sh!t.. its actually- pathetic. we dont need "them". we dont need their money, or their respect. once we learn to respect our own culture a little more, can we speak.. until then- everyone shut the fukk up. chuuuch!!!!

and while im at it.. why am i the last person to hear about these?:

"Legendary skate stomping ground Skate Park of Tampa teamed up with Nike to create this “Moat” Dunk Mid. This interestingly gross colored dunk has deep-rooted water inspiration [even stemming from Clyde Singleton’s chicken fetish]: Skatepark of Tampa’s infamous Moat has earned legendary recognition through the traditional “Moat Race” at the Annual Tampa Am and Tampa Pro. Although stories vary on the origin of the “Race,” it is rumored that Clyde Singleton used to regularly throw chicken bones into the murky waters to feed the The Moat’s original inhabitant, the turtle. Although The Moat has been the receptor of diesel run-off and human blood for the last 15 years, it still threatens to flood Skatepark with every Tampa-style torrential downpour. The colors of The Moat-Inspired Dunk Mid, chosen by Barak Wiser.."

thats odd.. ive never seen these shoes. nor, do i own a pair. somebody bout to end up on Judge Mathis..

well.. im up outta here.. dont forget, GoSkate Day is this weekend.. if youre anywhere near the greater Jacksonville area. or, ya broke ass wants to win some money- come check me out at both these events this weekend..

first order of business.. Kona skatepark.. event starts at 10pm. and Finals start @ Midnight(which means we'll be the first to celebrate goSkate Day.. you mad, Scooby?)theres 5,000 bucks in cash prizes, and the obstacles for best trick(s) are:
-Bank to Wall
-Big Four
-Super Booster(giant step-up/euro gap)
there'll be tons of food. sodas. road sodas. Hooters chicks. live DJ. few bands.. yeah. we doing it real big..

on Sunday.. the party dont stop..

brought to you by RedBull & Busstop mag, is the 3 park "bangers" series.. each of the 3 public parks in jacksonville will be hosting a best trick contest, with cash & prizes.. first park- Neptune Beach. and best trick is on the transition over the door. second park- is Ed Austin Park off Monument Rd. best trick will be on the brick 1/4, that resembles the imfamous Maitland transitions in Orlando. and the last contest, will be held at Kona with a BBQ, and all that good stuff.. my man Triclops will be on the 1s & 2s, and ill be hosting all weekend so come one. come all..

im really outta here this time.. and before i go- dont forget to check this saturdays Florida times-Union because ya boy piFF has a full feature in there, and you wont be disappointed in the skateboard shot i cooked up for it.. hell. i even suprised myself this time around.. yall be easy, and remember- get ya lazy asses out and skate this weekend. aint nothing on tv 'til Sunday night, anyways.. jeah!

oh.. i dont think i forgot, its Throwback Thurday.. Nappy Roots. "Aw Naw". take that. take that..

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Gawt Dayum, ya man Hov'!!! New Yawk was CRACKIN this past week

ill be honest.. i aint the biggest fan(nor, hater) of New Yawk.. but, i be crazy as hell to say it wat'nt crackin this past week... first off. congratulations to R.B., the God Kevin Tayor, Zered Basset, Eli Reed, and the rest of the Zoo crew on their new video that debuted last thusday.. you can check out all the highlights, and whatnot if you click this lank.. in related news.. Red Bull had their annual Manny Mania contest this weekend, and who took the belt this year than none other than my man Eli Reed:

real walkie-tawkie.. congrats to Eli.. thas my folks, right there.. we go back like some spinal cords, so its always good to see ya folks doing the dayum thing..

moving forward.. i be "Gawt dayum ya man Hov" done dropped a new track.."Death of Autotune", and this dude(once again) had the whole city- as well as ALL computers 'putin, worldwide.. get on over to, and get'cha CDQ on. and oh yeah- i got the remix already too.. what? this Hustlemania, maaaaaaayn..

oh yeah.. how could i forget about T-pain.. so.. T-pain was in town to perform what was to be the last SummerJam at Giants stadium, and before he hit the stage.. well. just take a look at this n!ggery sh!t...

good Jesus of Megatroids, if that aint the ig'natest thaing ive ev'ah feasted muh eyes uh'pawns!!! where he got that at?!?!? fa'real tho.. you thaink he got that at some kiosk, at the local mall? if so, what mall this n!kka shoppin at? good Laaaaawd, is that one "Big Ass Chain..!!!!! "

oh yeah.. not to be confused with the God K.T.'s Lisa- Lisa Ling's sister, got sentenced to "12 years of Hard Labor" in a North Korean prison.. whew.. was almost nervous, for a minute there.. i mean- who else can i count on to send me Wa-Wa 1/2 tea-1/2 lemonade, and boxes of Herrs Hot Ceese Puffs..? ok.. that was unnecassary. hold on.. did i even spell dat right..? who cares..

and never the one to be outdone, is skateboardings own Mc Bud Bundy- my man, Mr. Jereme Rogers

seems as if our friend. MC Bud B has gotten himself in some trouble with the law, via the outgrowth of cowsh!t and whats commonly known as- 'shrooms... dude was mushrooms' and bugged out," preaching naked on his rooftop. jesus.. i cant make this kinda sh!t up.. :

Rogers, a high school dropout who attributes his skateboarding skills to God, was eventually grabbed by police officers and brought down from his precarious perch.

"It obviously was not an everyday experience," the 24-year-old athlete said. "It was a very out-of-body experience. I've never had an experience like that."

Rogers pulled off his boxer shorts about 6:40 a.m. Monday and climbed onto the roof of the two-story house he shares with roommates on Havemeyer Lane and Goodman Avenue.

"It was obviously something I shouldn't have done," Rogers said as he rolled a marijuana joint in his bedroom. "It was just something that happened."

Redondo Beach police Lt. Jim Acquarelli climbed about 20 to 30 feet to the roof, where he found Rogers yelling and screaming. Acquarelli said Rogers' roommates told him that he had ingested the hallucinogenic drug.

Rogers ran back and forth around the roof's perimeter, sitting down at the edge with his back to the street.

"He would have fragmented, interrupted conversations with people that weren't there

jesus christ, when does the embarrassment cease with this dude... for more of this embarrassing jackasses behavior, and the full story- click this lank..

im up outta here.. i got a new crib to move into. this hour old coffee i need to reheat. and furthermore, this new Ocean's 7 Mixtape to crank again.. ill be back later this week, and in the meantime- you can either catch me on twitter.. or, if you wait a lil bit- you can catch me over @ Kr3w, doing my thing.. oh sh!t! my girls leaving town tomorrow, too.. dayum, i got a long day.. oh double yeah- ill be working on a feature for Florida Times Union this week.. you mad, Scooby?bwahahahahahah.. im out, yall enjoy this Wallenberg contest that went down last weekend. good skating, but possibly- THEE worst music selection in the world..

yall be easy.. jeah!

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