Monday, July 23, 2007

this centuries "James Blogwin"

i got up this morning @ exactly 7:56am, moved the whip outta the metered, and immediately drove around for another 30 minutes blasting this brilliantly, ig'nant song...

then i came home, had pizza, chicken kickers & coffee for breakfast- and fell back asleep until 2.. what?! "oh nikka u mad.. oh-u cant do that..".. oh yeah- im bout to go play golf. again. and with that said- id like the world to know, my money is officially doing financial aerobics. i 'ont even know what you talm bout. so... hows that myspace page going? real talk- yall know myspace DOESNT sponsor, or pay people, right? neither does puttin footage of you skating on the innuh'net. but- on the contrary, if you got some shat like this on the innuh'net... you might be able to cake like i do. man, does anybody know how much them shats is really worth? if so- i still got a brand new pair sitting on top of my speakers, and i swear before Lawd, ill sell them shats. Dalgarts got some too... too bad them shats is size fit'eehn. dizamn! fit'eehn! if you wear a size fit'eehn, and you dont already get free whatever-you-want, your Pops shoulda wiped you off on a napkin. real walkie talkie..

well, holy fokkin shat..

hold on.. why couldnt he make their faqquitry disappear? hmmm.. besides that being possibly one of the funniest things i never seen't, if you've been paying attention- i think i just made up whats to be my 3rd ebonic of this blog. should i just go ahead & coin myself this centuries "James Blogwin". well gaht dayum, i done did it again! i tried to told yall, "you Biggie, and im Puff.."

before i forget, i wanna also give a shout out to Brando's dog, the Maxican dude who did a hit & run in front of my apartment complex this weekend, and the cat in Muh'lissa Grandmas backyard that got his ass whooped yesterday by a dog, and came back today with 3 other cats on some ,"hey nikka, im Garfield. whaddup now...? " shat. oh yeah, and the crazy Negro whos been spotted near the corner liquor store the past week. i seen dude Saturday, and this crazy ass nikka was wearing a fukkin old ladies summer dress(?), & rockin what seemed to be a afro. smmfh.. so today, i was moving my whip, and outta nowhere, here comes this nikka out into the pedestrian lane- with a hot ass leather mini-skirt! this nikka look'ted like if Ike got caught playing in Tinas closet, and she kicked him out the crib.. real talk- i should've "accidentally" punched the gas, and put the poor brother outta his misery.

and good lookin out to my man Zach, who shot that piFF grind in the Supreme bowl, and sent me this creepy ass photo...

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thanks Zach.. youve officially scared me outta my own blog.. yall have fun looking at all the random shyt on here. me- ill be in LBC @ the Rec Room. video premier, alcohol, and im back to the city. Got a skateboard interview to start on, a board company to officially kick off, and a some ashy nikkas wearing leather minskirts to smh at about..

"im runnin the streets man... im bringing the heat man..(i, i get it)".. im out. jeah!

Monday, July 16, 2007

hi haters, im back off hi-atus..

jeah! 40 days, 40 nights.. lets get it! for starters, did anybody here about THIS SHAT?!?! what the frukk?!?! this can't be life.. i remember i had a dog named D-Bo back in the day. had, is the key word here. real talk- with the exception of Snoop Dogg, i hate dogs.. fukk around and go to somebodies crib with a dog, and come out w/a new fur t-shirt & pants.. what u talm bout... oh yeah....

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uh oh... so... who wants to go first? yeah- them some flip-flops(which usually translates to "vacationing").. thas them Hurley joints w/the Air Max bottoms too! now, who the fukk you know thas got some flip-flops w/a Air Max bottom? im lookin like black Jeezus in that bish! while im at it- shout out to my man Brewce Martin for teaching me such piFFlery back in the day, in his backyard vert ramp/bowl in J'ville.. 904- stand up!

really quik- is anyone familiar with the term "freelance writer"? i am.. thats what ive been for, what- over a decade. i still cant figure out why some folks seem to think i just jumped off Amistad, onto a plantation, and im all of a sudden picking cotton on another plantation. with that being said- imma leave it right there...

well. GAAAAAAAAAWWWWWDAYUM! look @ this shat!

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clawd hammercy..... u see that big muthafukker?!?! whas that thaing mixed with- a Imapla? and before i forget... guess which Nigga-roni's, takin his tender-roni to this Rigatoni piffa'roni?

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thats right. its goin down, this Wednesday, June 18th.. Club Element/Hollywood, Ca. Listens dropping their first video, and damnit- Melissa gone be there too! Mamasay-mamasah-koo-mahk-uh-sah! im there... damn, what Micheal Jackson song WAS that from again? hmmm..

im bored.. i think ill go play golf, then skate the Supreme bowl. what you got going today? gonna beef up that myspace page? real talk- myspace, is possibly the worst "invention", since the telephone book.. and i stand by that statement. im bout to go swing these sticks, and enjoy life as usual.. me suggest you do dee same, bwoy.. BOH!