Wednesday, October 31, 2007

cause im a supacalafrajalistictictactoe.....

uhh.. farealligan. this songs the shit. just wanted to throw that out there. checking the temperature in this bish. oh yeah. a video intro.. roll the tape...

anybody care to discuss, what the fukkery that was? and does that fat dude, got down-syndrome? if so, i can only drop 'the funny' 15%.. its the lowest i can possibly go, before the accountability department starts asking questions. watching that clip reminds me of the time i went to Ocha on Western, and ordered the 'beef skewers'. after chewing on what appeared to be a medium-well broiled Timberland, my dumb ass asked, "what kinda beef is this?" long story short- i dont know what "beef frank" is, but it reminded me of that fat dude in that clip...

anybody know Vice President Cheney, and Barak Obama are related..? well, know you do. in related news,
"my hips connnected to my.. thigh bone
my thigh bones connected to my
knee bone
my knee bones connected to my
hardee-har-har har..."
aaaaawwwww. shyt. you know i had to do it.. reeeeeeeewind.

diggity-dun-da-da-dun-dun.. dun-dun! sorry yall. i got a little carried away. but, thas my shit. by the way, i got a new blog. click this lank, and get all.. well not all, but most of the music i gets. dont trip. i just like to share, and ya girl probly does too. that was wrong. eh, who cares. its Halloween. but then again, i do live in a city where this.. a "everyday thing"

as well as this..


oh by the way- ill be doing all this over at Transworld starting next week. had to change my style up. and if they hate, then let em hate- imma be... watching this RANDOM/FUNNY ASS CLIP.

question to all my old school heads. besides lookin.. well- homo, was this nikka doing the "Doug E. Fresh" at :51 of the video? dayum! i aint know 50 had it in em. no homo. this entire message, as well as the video, has been brought to you by our good friends at "No Homo". who've "been turning regular statements, into something randomly homo, since 1990 something".

i think thats possibly one of the funniest videos on the in'nuhnet. too bad i got things to do today though. in the meantime, im still trying to figure out how someone made this building...
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and didnt notice the floor plans ahead of time? im just saying.. and btw- the two buildings next to it, are in the form of fighter jets. hmmm.. yeah. so as i said- im outta here. i got a portfolio, and reel tape to work on. told yall, let em hate all day. yall gone fokk around and get diabetes with all that hate in ya blood.. bwahahahahahah.. oh yeah. hello Naama. im tryin to get my Rashad on with you, so you should really learn how to roller skate, and bowl. you can do me that slide? thinkaboutit.. im out yall. jeah!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"im actually proud i went to school(that day)..."

i think ive come up with the goodest question EVER. alright, now- "how do blind people know when to stop wiping their ass..?" im serious though.. see, little shit like that just lets me know, im a genius. with a really bad Now N Later habit. but according to this scientist, "black people are less intelligent...", which makes absolute sense- if you're a old white man. i mean, only intelligent people can come up with shit like the pyramids, hieroglyphics, chicken batter, G-Unit spinner chains and lastly- the question i just posed about blind people knowing when to stop wiping their ass. im a genius. deal with it, old man. so is these nikkas.. roll the tape..

really quik- what the fukk is this? oh.. the video up there? well, LRG makes the best denim at the moment, and Peter Smoliks the coolest looking dude skateboarding. rest of yall some "ole po' mans Jamie Thomas-with a hole in the knee- like a owl house-lookin ass nikkas! " well, gaaaaaaaawdidamn! looks like ill be redoing that video/track to everything pertaining to skateboarding, and hopefully ill drop that piFF by X-mas. i cant believe i just did that..

real talk- why is everyone worried about T.I.'s lil gun collection? ill make it simple- i dont even meet people in a parking lot to buy weed, so any Black multi-millionaire dumb enough to buy a cache of illegal weapons in one- just may fit in that scientist category from the first story.. me? personally, im more concerned with THIS DUDE, HIS BIG ASS ILLEGAL WEAPON AND AMMO "COLLECTION", and who the fukk he might know... im saying. who builds a tunnel under their crib? this dude aint playing no hide & seek! wake the fukk people. fukk being scared of some 5'2 rapper, with 2 priors. you probly live next door to Sgt. Slaughter right now, and dont even know... whatchutalmbout.

does anyone know who this guy is?
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damn. look at that ni... hold on?! thas me! bwahahahahahahahaahaha.. look at my haircut game! dizamn! look like somebody hit me in the head with one of those $.89 coffee cakes! see. only a true G, will post his 7th grade photo. i also, ain't one of these fake ass rappers. im actually proud i went to school(that day), and even prouder i'd dropped out a year after that photo and made it as far as i have.. so, "hardee har har" nikkas. but my haircut game is frukked UP!! story time- this white kid i grew up with, Brian Stewart, decided one night after skating- he was gonna cut my hair. first off, this dudes hair looked like this. alright. so, my mans pulls out the clippers. now, he was good at art, so we figured he'd cut "Batman" in my head, with a matching Batman symbol in the back. what? that shit was fly back in the day?! real talk. so about 2 hours, and a shitty joint later, the dude stops cutting and goes, "uh-oh". "Uh-oh"s never= good. i ran to the mirror, only to discover that the whole kit looked good, until i got to the right side. this dude cut "BatmaT" in my fukkin head! what the fukk is a "BatmaT"?! then, to add insult to injury- he turned the T, to a N. wow. needless to say, my Mom came and got me, i wore a hat both all the way home, as well as the next 2 weeks i skipped school so the shit could grow back out.. ive never let a white person with clippers, touch my hair since. true story...

i shoulda been hanging out with these dudes..

fukk using my obligatory two "K"s- now THOSE is some dangerous niGGas! damn! but, whats worse. that, or this clip..

sad.. and yet, amazing at the same time. here you have a group of kids who cant even multiply, but they can mentally calculate hate- perfectly. i went to school, as well as grew up with kids like the ones seen in both clips. and as i said- im glad i dropped out & moved. before i get outta here, but you should check out this new Freeway track. or here. The Carter 3 advance.. what? i dont fukk around! im trying to go skate tonight, so imma check out a video from this lank, and put a board together. i suggest you do the same. happy birthday to Melissa too.. people gon' be maaaad about that one. know what though? fukk 'em. Happy Birthday again! Thursday night. me, you and something salty/battery. and people, i will be in Philly for Halloween. you've been warned.. goonie goo goo.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"dont hate the gator, hate the lake.."

so, im just gonna come in strong. im having a bad week, and i need a good laugh anyways.. roll the tape.

so... who wants to go first? damn, that was pretty mean, huh? i dont give a fukk, nikka! i got a funnier one than that.. here. click this..

now THAT- IS FUKKED UP! but- i still dont care.. word. i mean, why would i? i didn't film it? i didnt put it on youtube, and furthermore- i got it from my friend Josh. so "dont hate the gator, hate the lake..nikka!" one more clip. im serious. just one more..

oh clawdd hammercy.. what is better than that? im saying.. i swear before Gawd, i just drooled on my keyboard. please people. lets go back to the :44 mark. you see her face? that cat did something to her soul.. "that was like a outta body experiment..". yeah bish. we saw it in your face, after that cat layed the "paw of a pimp" down on your cheek region.

speakin of pimps..
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besides looking like a box of Frankenberry w/a perm- this dude has officially become my new hero. im saying. the dude wore a noose, to the BET hip-hop awards and BET got offended. the irony. BET offended by black folks.. thats equivalent to a dude eating a piece of chicken on a couch, and getting mad at a dude with a jerri curl for leaning his head back on the same couch. a stains, a stain dickmittens..

wow. im on my shit, like a pamper today. who want some free, i mean promo music? new Mobb Deep mixtape. jeah! sadly, one of them cats wont be around for a bit, so im gonna gon' head, & pay respects. plus- he might see my man Steven Cales in the joint. remember that cat?! i got a quik Cales story. one time(i wanna say '95), i was humping this girl in BK @ Ryan Hickeys crib. so in walks Steven around 3am, and unbeknowest to me, he was in the same room. next thing i hear, "WHAM, WHAM, OOOOOOWWWW..", and this chick jumped up quicker than i dont know what. nothing touched me, so like a true G- i remained calm. then this broad turns on the light, and its Steven standing there with a fukkin ninja mask, and a broomstick.. classic. long story short- he swatted her over the ass with the broomstick twice, and tried to ram it in one of her lower orifices.. and theres the end of my story. yup. i got more stories than Dominic Dunne on 'shrooms.. you aggie, doggie?

anybody seen this movie yet?
probly not, but you should watch it anyways. but before you do that, would anyone like to explain to me exactly what the fokkk this negroes wearing?

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fa'real though. lets examine this right quik... now- he IS wearing paink leather pants, with a rhinestone white leather glove, right? ok. now... hold on! is this nikka dressed like one of Apollonoia 6, or am i buggin?! this dude also wears purses.. im just saying. when ya kid come home lookin like this one day, and next week he come in holding lil Ritchies hand fom up the street- dont say piFF aint tried to tell you.

when keepin it real, goes wrong? or just some dumbass DJ who "looove black folks, but cant stand niggas..?" click this lank, and you be the judge. until next go, im outta here folks. i got shit to do, like eat candy and watch tv. once again- ill leave you with yet, another classic...

i just watched 4 of the newest skateboard videos last night, and them shits dont hold a candle to the above piFF... real spit. until next time folks...jeah!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

"stay in ya lane, pass the torch and watch my feet.."

yall know the drilly.. im no psychologist, but this dude seem mad... or you tell me. roll the tape..

well goooood morning Vietnam! hell yeah, his ole "its gold in dem dere hills" lookin ass, is infuriated! too bad somebody shoulda told ZZ Top, the government not only dont care about Blacks.. but they dont give a shyt about our vets either. but im 100% backing not only his will to step up for what he believes in, but at the same time- possibly get swizz cheesed up for it . and thas some real tawk.. real quik tho- who the fukk walks around with a big ass Castle of Greyskull hand-sword anyways? bwahahaahahhahah.. that Mexican dude was lookin at ole boy like, "this deranged gold rusher aint bout to make no human skirt steak out my ass.. " that clip is classic in ever ysense of the word..

but not as great as this..

gaaaaaaawdamn! now too bad that dude wasnt working the door at the bar in the above story! lets go back to :40 of the video. yall see this nikkas face?! yo. if anybody in your entire life, ever tighten their face and jaw that hard and is walkin toward you... please hope you've already invested in either some really good health insurance, or a will! i mean.. damn. all that was missing is one of them animated sound effects they use'ta run when Batman use'ta mollywhop folks up.. fukk it. im watchin that piFF again....

so.. anybody seen this new $5 bill yet? step you knowledge game up.. its more in the world goin on then Britney Spears.. speaking of the hoe, why is everyone trippin? shes seems pretty American to me.. lets see. her kids drinks soda outta a baby bottle, they eats Dorito's regularly, she cant dance, and, after she had kids, she took on the shape of a marsupial.. so.. once again- whats the problem? oh. the photo where she was exiting her vehicle, and it looked like there was a uncooked sausage sammich in her lap? that one- right?

"lets take a sec and think back..."

you dont know, you betta ask somebody! guess what?! i just beat a case today! fukk it.. everybody celebrate w/piFF aka "the 2007 Nino Brown". here yall go. new shyt! Whoo Kid & 50 Cents: G-Unit Radio 25! holla... nikka, what?! im doing the Dame Dash dance, with a carton of Mango juice right now! and my record remains spotless... man. yknow what- id hate me too! before i get outta here, im gonna leave you with a sneak preview of the piece im bout to tatted up..

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any questions? well, im outta here.. got a audition to host some new tv show, help my man produce & network for his footwear documentary, a article to write, a rap group to interview, a lawyer to meet.. man. i keep tellin em, "dont worry 'bout where im going..! just stay in ya lane, pass the torch and watch my feet...". until next time yall.. jeah!