Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Throwback Thursdays- Teddy Pendergrass(RIP March 26, 1950- January 13, 2010)

yeah.. i know.. i been gone for a minute... wanted to take a break, and do some other things.. bloggin(well, at least here.. for, free).. wasnt one of them.. we'll discuss where i have/havent been, some other time.. as for now.. im gonna take this time to wish the family & friends of the late Teddy Pendergrass my condolences.. for alot of us- we grew up on "Teddy".. i cant think of how many times ive walked into a room.. a bar.. or, even just walkin through the hood, and heard Teddy Pendergrass playin.. him being one of my Moms favorite artists, def played into my knowing a good portion of his catalog.. but, its not like im "complaining".. dude was a genius.. so, this go around.. im gonna make my comeback, by not mourning the death.. but celebrating the genius, of one Teddy Pendergrass.. kick back.. if you want- roll something up.. and, whatever you do- dont get too excited and try to "rekindle" anything.. just, enjoy the music..

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes- If You Dont Know Me By Now

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes- Wake Up Everybody

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes- I Miss You

Teddy Pendergrass- Close The Door(Live 1979)

Teddy Pendergrass- The More I Get, The More I Want

Teddy Pendergrass- If I Had

Teddy Pendergrass- It Dont Hurt Now

Teddy Pendergrass- Love TKO

RIP to the legend.. Teddy P..

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