Thursday, September 24, 2009

R.I.P. Eric Stricker

Last night i got some of the worst news of my life.. my good friend of over 16yrs, and Transworld Skateboarding Editor Eric Stricker- had passed away.. i dont know the details as of yet, and truthfully- thats not even important to me at this time.. what is important, is one of my good friends is gone..

Id met first Eric when i was on a One-O-One tour back in 95.. throughout my career, Id met alot of people. and, been alot of places. but, some of those people stuck out my your memory. Eric was one of those guys.. we'd stayed in touch, and throughout the years he'd ask me to contribute to Strength during his tenure there.. being as he was a friend, id have no problem doing so.. i mean.. thats what friends are for.

a few years ago- while at a Transworld party in Hollywood, Eric approached me about writing a "10 Blackest Moments in skateboarding" article for the magazine.. being as he was a friend- i obliged. during my time there, we'd talk frequently about everything from the state of skateboarding, conspiracy theories and just about anything 2 friends could laugh or chop it up about in a phone call. what i always found interesting about Eric was, no matter what he was doing.. no matter how busy he may seemed... he always had time to share or listen to a good joke, or story.. i mean.. thats what friends do..

last night.. i got the news Eric passed.. sh!t hit me like a ton of bricks.. i mean. i'd JUST spoken to him last week. we shared a quick laugh.. went over some work related things.. and that was it.. i had no idea it would be the last time id speak to him..

im gonna miss that dude.. he not only made a difference in my life, but alot of people around him.. i wanna send my prayers to his family, and all his friends.. Eric. you will truly be missed, and i wanna take this time to say- it was truly an honor having you as my friend..


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