Tuesday, June 05, 2007

one of the shortest blogs in piFFstory

now, before i even get started, what the frukk is this?
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i still dont, and will NEVER understand why rappers do shyt like this. why dont they just either come out with some newer music, or just say- "yo, im broke son.. ill put my name on ANYTHING." and before you try and decipher shyt, lemme ask yall this- do you think a rapper would pay double the amount for a "limited cd" w/a skateboarder on it? go ahead, i got plenty of time.. as a matter of fact- roll the tape..

hold on... was that Tony Hawk on the right? who cares.. i gotta run anyways. and this will complete whats to be, another one of the shortest blogs in piFFstory.. i got some money to make, and anyways, i just realized they tape both Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown not even a mile away from the crib.. somebodies about to get embarrassed and sued on national television, and you will all bear witness to the Ether that burns in this persons soul.. stay tuned.. jeah