Thursday, July 31, 2008

Throwback Thursdays

i 'ont care what anybody say.. from around 1989-2004. New Deal(as well as its affiliate companies Element, and Madd Circle), were a handful of a few companies- who ran shyt. so in this edition of Throwback Thursdays, im gonna pay some respect to these cats. big shout out to my boy Jon Montessi, Chris Ortiz, Neal Hendrix, Danny Sargeant, Andy Howell, Justin Girard, and everybody else who was down with this powerful movement... this is history, mayn!

New Deal 1281 - Ed Templeton and Mike Vallely 1991

New Deal 1281 - John Montessi (1991)

Julien Stranger- Underworld Element: Skypager

Edward Devera - Mad Circle: 'let the horns blow'

Pepe Martinez - Underworld Element: Fine Artists

Danny Sargent - New Deal: 1281

Rick Ibaseta - Underworld Element: Skypager

Scott Johnston - Mad Circle: Let The Horns Blow

you have now been in tune with the finest.. jeah!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"a rabbits like a lazy cat, that dont meow.."- piFF huxtable

id like to start by sayin- what the fokk is this?!
Baby Preacher

bwahahahahahahahha.. what a crazy ass kid! can you imagine this kid, around a set of kids who say- "dont go to church, religously.."? bwahahahahahahhaahaha.. jesus. probly get bopped upside the head, with some shyt you 'ont even know a kid can actually pick up! hold on.. lets check a few comments on this:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 10:34 AM by AW/JW
I can not believe that you people are getting on here talking about how this is wrong!! I was raised in the church!! And as a child we played church!!! I turned out alright!! "There is a God"" " There is a God""

uhh.. ok. yeah. you're perfectly "alright". i mean. you're so "alright"- you have a soft filtered blur covering whatever fat you're attempting to hide on your neck, and forehead..

and then...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 10:26 AM by Megg:
We know there isn't a damn audience...A ND NO!! It's not funny. I totally agree with David down here... this is scary, sad, sick, and WRONG on soo soo many levels. I feel bad cause he really has so idea what his parents are teaching him. HELP HIM!

i feel worse for you because a)you live in a trailer, atop some cheap masonry. and, b)because you have "so idea" what your teachers, were even teaching you.

has anyone seen Vern(TM of Listen Skateboards)? dude has my bike in his house, as well as half my old apartment sitting in his office.. i think he might be in Amster, or Rotterdam. hmmm.. wonder if hes been here?

ok.. that was creepy as fokk. seriously- how/why do i get this kinda shyt?! anyways. Vern, if you in one of those creepy ass cities- hurry the fokk back, so i can get my damn bike. and my chiz'eck, thas in your office(amongst other things..).

i got a good question.. does anyone even smoke weed, anymore? i mean- even Seth MacFarlane was forced to "lean back", due to some propane piFFlery.. but where the fokk they even gettin weed AT, is the better question! not in LA.. real tawk- you can get a passport, before you can get a bag of weed in this city. shyts incredible..

oh yeah. the earthquake yesterday. felt it. rabbit layed on its side. and i dipped down a few sets of stairs so quick- i dont think my feet even touched them shyts. but enough about me. this is possibly one of the gulliest moment, i believe ive ever witnessed on daytime television:

thas weird.. Judge Judy wasnt so "tough" all of a sudden. but on some real shyt- you see ole girl on the left? good gawt dayum! she barely budged!! ole girl wanted her money.. i cant do nuthin but salute that gulliness. somebody get ole girl a big piece uh chicken!

commercial break. i 'ont care what NOBODY say- these some fresh ass kicks:

and before i get outta here. if youre gonna be in Los Angeles this weekend, you might wanna roll by here:

Saturday, August 2nd 7-11PM
7320 1/2 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 954-7320

*live screen printing by Two Rabbits, and limited edition prints to the 1st 100 people

im gettin some lunch.. wanna know anymore goings on this week- get on over to music? i got the hookup. and tune into tomorrow @ 4:20, for.. well, i dont know what i got myself into. just tune in. until then- peace... jeah!

Monday, July 28, 2008

"... this shyt hittin harder than a Reginald Denny brick!"

before i get started.. how the fokk does this happen to someone? - Watch more free videos
Good Jesus.. i believe i've found the dumbest broad on this planet. actually.. around 9am, i ran up on some dumb bishes car and cussed her out in the MTV parking lot for flicking me the bird while i was trying to park. what was odd was, she was in such a "hurry"(plus had alot to say, with the window up) when she flicked me off. but once she realized that the only parking spot was 5 spots away, AND we were going to the same building- she "was quietly doing something in her car". fukked her whole mood up, and brightened mine all in one exchange.

soooo.. ex-Apollo astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, recently said during a radio interview in Birmingham, England:
- extraterrestrials have visited Earth on several occasions — but the alien contact has been repeatedly covered up by governments for six decades.
- that sources in the federal government who had had contact with aliens described the beings as "little people who look strange to us."
- real-life ET's were similar to the traditional image of a "small gray" — short, slight frame, large eyes and large head.
and some other astonishing shat.. now.. before you go laughing dude off, lets remember. not only does Mitchell, along with Apollo 14 commander Alan Shepard, holds the record for the longest ever moon walk, at nine hours and 17 minutes following their 1971 mission. but, he also has a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering and a Doctor of Science degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics. not so funny anymore, huh? i suggest you click here to read more...

in unrelated news.. DJ AM was said to have been spinning a 90's hip-hop night @ L.A.X last night. but heres what i find interesting.. isnt this the same dude who was in CrazyTown? how the fokk this dude know what was poppin in the 90's, but he was in this group?!?! are we just at the point in society where we'll believe anyone/thing? fa'real tho..?

have i mentioned, i found the movie "Whiteboyz" on DVD? u mad, Scooby?

speaking of which. i fokks with Travis Barker(no homo). check the new joint he did w/Game, "Dopeboys":

gaaaaaawd DAYUM, this shyt hittin harder than Reginald Denny brick! i gotta bounce. i got shyt to do like fax some paperwork back for this years Fuji film Festival in Miami(which i'll be hosting). and then, i gotta find this rabbit before my girl comes home and lays down the law on ya boy. actually. how DID that lil buck toof mutha'fokker get out? no time for the "whats", i just need to find this damn rabbit before she reads this.. yall be easy, and until next time.. jeah!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Throwback Thursdays

in this edition of Throwback Thursdays, im gonna show you what kinda cloth im built from. where my skateboarding roots lay.. some of yall really need to do the math on some of these cats, because without some of these folks: aint no telling where the fokk we'd be... lets go:

Julien Stranger-A Reason For Living

Ray Barbee - Ban This

H-Street Hokus Pokus - Matt Hensley

Sean Sheffey - A Soldier's Story

Eric Koston - First 101 Video Part

Blind - Tim & Henry's Pack of Lies (1992) FULL VIDEO!!!

you have now been in tune, with the finest... for anymore info on upcoming events, new music, etc.. get on over to im outta here. ill see yall next week. and watchout for video, as well as photos of the Jon Moak/Ed Tillman Fundraiser on, next week.. ill holla. jeah!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i do believe. besides Freaknik- i missed one of the most ig'nigorant weekends in years

before i get started.. todays blog is brought to you by the good folks at Mighty Healthy.

dayum, them shyts if swagtastic! not to mention- i got all of em(plus a few more). i recently wore the Bucktown joint to a taping of "The Soup", and our good friend Joel McHale was even swag splashed by it. Mighty Healthy. get ya head right...

speaking of MH.. my man Ray hit me with a preview from Gino's, Epic'ly Latr'd:

thas whas really up... and for the record- i dont think theres too many more cats on the board, as respected as duke. watch for this to drop this Fall though.. looks like some thight work. and big shout out to my man Patrick O'Dell.. jeah!

for the 2nd weekend in a row, i missed the Maloof Cup(first live. then, on CBS). but. i do believe. besides Freaknik- i missed one of the most ig'nigorant weekends in years. lets get a recap:
- "Nyjah, shoulda actually, won..". yeah. he did win. 40k!! you know how much 40k is to a 13yr old?! and for the record- i dont care who won. they're both(P-Rod, and Nyjah) amazing skateboarders, and a trophy dont define eithers talent..
- Bob Burnquist had something tossed at him from the stands, and him and his folks proceeded in the art of "ass kickedgry" on them clowns. why this hasnt been brought up, nor the tape produced- beyond me. But i will say this- Bob, you a 5*G.
- Corey Duffel got the beats....
- Chad Fernandez ran up, and across an entire cab in front of the hotels valet- while everyone stared in amazement.
- Kenny Hughes crawled out of some weird hole in the Earth..
- Andy MacDonald probly got ripped off- again. "no respect i tell ya.. no respect!" _ Rodney Dangerfield
- Darrell Stantons still, as Lupe would say- "The coolest n!kka, whaaat?"
and loads of other ridonkulous shyt.. imma have to attend this next year. because as previously stated. i believe the Maloof Cup, is skateboardings own Freaknik.(minus bishes w/buckshot wounds, or stretch marks hanging out passing vehicles..)

in gooder news- my friends hit me up Sunday during the airing of the Maloof-nik, to inform me i was on that bish. well. the commercials.. seems as if the good folks @ Dwindle had a on-air commercial for their box set(20yrs old World Industries, and The Steve Rocco Documentary: The Man Who Souled the World), and i had 3 tricks on that hoe! holla!*sings "Hi Haters" by Maino* go grab that box set... the shyt is truly- classic material.

yknow im talm bout having my bday party on the roof of the Standard, in downtown LA right? yknow, imma have some folks come out, right.. im saying though. dont say i aint tried to told ya..

2 yrs ago, i called that this cat was gonna be a superstar.

ladies and gentleman. Tulsa, Oklahoma. please stand the fokk up for my man Johnny Polygon. this dude went from sleeping on my exes couch, to doing a record with Nas("Black President", off the "Untitled" album)- in 7 months time. im just saying though.. congratulations is in order for dude.

wtf?! do rabbits sleep with their eyes open, or is this lil sum'mabish just staring at me?

i gotta run. got some artists tracks to review for Infaders upcoming radio show. footage to overlook for MR2. emails to reply to. bacon to cook. and another of the 48 Laws of Power, to study.. and this is all going down, before noon! i still gotta interview Whole Wheat. write a few articles. figure out wtf this bunnies staring at. put a board together for me and Milan. take my girl out to dinner... "i got this shyt". in closing, i leave you with this: - Watch more free videos
Jesus of Megatron.. what more can be said..? yall be good, and until next time. peace.. jeah!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

this years GollyImGully winner: Shake Junts "Beagle"

first off... ladies and gentleman. there comes a time, and place where MEN must honor their fellow MAN for their gullyness. So in this special edition of the piFF Huxtables "GollyImGully" Awards, im gonna take this time out to recognize this great individual we all know as "Beagle". Now, if you know or ever had the chance to meet Beagle, youd realize not only is this one of the coolest brothas walking the planet. But you'd also realize, like Wu- Beagle aint nuthin to fokks with. Dudes paid his dues not only in the ranks of the Baker/Sahke Junt crew, but gawt damnit- this n!kka got co-signed for a pro deck by fokkin Andrew Reynolds! Andrew muthafokkin Reynolds! *daps this brotha, with both fist* recently, i got the memo(as well as the photo), of Beagle giving our good friend Mr. Corey Duffel "the beats" like Timbaland. here. look for ya'self..
i mean.. just look at the swag on the right cross Beagles bout to give!!! the undeniable swag, as the afro stays completely still- in the midst of action. the aura of Gullyness around this great young man, causing NO ONE within arms reach to "step in" and "break this up"(knowing the righteousness thats being bestowed on Duffels facial region.)
Beagle. i usually take this day to do my Throwback Thursdays. But being a man of honor. as well as a fellow modern day Spartan, myself. i must give you the hghest honor in Gullyness, as well as "ass kickedgry" known to man. the only person who i'd be happier to see gettin the beats like this is.. well. nobody. you've done more for Blacks, than Jesse Jackson punk ass. this, my friend- is one of THE greatest days i've come to see in my 20yrs of skateboarding. All i can really say, is THANK YOU brotha.. you EVER need ANYTHING, you holla at a G. and thas my word. i gotta run.. i got some money to make, and a new family to feed. yall wanna see some good skating, and know what else is crackin.. get on over to

Beagle.. in the vein of Throwback thursday, i leave you with this piFFedgry:
Brand Nubian - Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down

word to the God, KT. im out... until next time- yall be safe.. jeah!

Friday, July 11, 2008

....this aint a fokkin, game!!!

todays blog is brought to by our good friends @ Old Spice..

Swagger... whats more can be said?

now.. onto todays news.. first off, id like to personally take this time to thank all(well, almost everyone) who participated in Afro Punk. All the skaters came out and did their thing. on some serious shyt- my crew held it DOWN! as uh matter of fact:

Hello Brooklyn: Afro Punk Vol. 1
Hello Brooklyn: Afro Punk Vol. 2

Vol. 3 coming later today.. big shout out to my man Blair Alley @ Transworld. Matthew Morgan, Bryan Edwards & Lou @ Afro Punk. Ben & Dan Pensyl of 5Boro.. China Tung for the chicken, and fried rice daily. and Ray over @ Mighty Healthy. Enids... real tawk- i cant remember who else at the moment. but i will say no fokkin thanks to the ungrateful mothafoker who i PERSONALLY PAID HIS FOKIN WAY UP. THEN HE COMPLAINED ABOUT NOT BEING IN THE GALLERY(do the math). some people dont appreciate shyt... and thas why they get reduced to RN status.(for those who dont know, "RN" is Regular Nikka..)

onto brighter things in life. just landed in Jacksonville, and not only did my man cop the 3 story monster pad on 6th & Main. hes also throwing 2 parties this weekend.. wanna go?

come on. come all.. 9th & Main. Downtown Jacksonville. its Hustlemania.. this aint a fokkin game! jeah!

sorry to be so brief, but i gotta run. gotta check to cash. see my Mom. get a iPhone. grab my clothes. hold on. did i mention, i went to NYC for a week with only the clothes on my back and a cellphone? a week!!! who does this? oh yeah.. me. thas who.. step ya life game up.. im outta here. ill be back next week with a full recap of the past weeks festivities. my 1st annual "fukk this n!kka, Jesse Jackson" column. and more online piFFery. in the meantime, enjoy the slideshows up there and yall be safe. i love you Kari, and ill be home in one piece Tuesday... jeah!