Friday, September 28, 2007

allow me to reintroduce myself...

i just wanted to take that hot line, and make it a hot blog- ya smell me?! wow.. i actually just said, "you smell me..". that term in itself, makes me a Bawss... but never quite the Boss as this guy.. roll the tape

im sayin tho.. i cant be matched, B. my swag is on some, offshoot of Billy Dee fukkin Millie Jackson shat. and this right here.. this shit right here nikka,,?! as my man Parlae said, "the swag free... but the stuntin cost".

so.. i dont condone school. at all.. unless you tryna get some ass, possibly work your way into a scholarship, or you can ignore stupid social issues like bitches, teenage funboys, and the like- i dont recommend it whatsoever. nor would i send my kid to one.. some shat like this happen to my kid up in there, ill seriously have to get my Boss Nikka as i said, fukk a school. i learned more reading 2 different newspapers on the city bus, on my way to whatever i actually wanted to do..

and i almost forgot- if you havent heard.. first- please read/listen to this. Karmas a bitch... Bills just married her.. the irony here is, now he's mad the other news sources are using sound bytes of what he said, to "make him look bad.." jesus.. "people.. its now official- the news is not to be trusted" bwahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahaha... the fukkin irony! know what- I now suggest everyone watch Bill. this old mans losing it on public television, at a rate unheard of.. yesterday for instance, he invited his 2 black friends on to prove he wasnt a racist.. ill let that one marinate. Dont be mad Bill, UPS is hiring.. "ole crakka azz crakka"

1st person to sen me the following magazines
-new Re-Up
-new Transworld
-new theskateboardMag
i got one of these for u.. in the meantime, since im in a good mood today- everyone else can have this.. what? im just on my shyt like toilet paper today.. id also like to take this time to announce- im gettin married. yup! heres wifey. know what? i just lied.. thats Keri Wilson.. and clawdd hammercy is she the da mos beautifullest thaing in da whole wide world.. just wanted to say that..

ever wanted to know what gang your favorite rappers in..? well lucky you, these fine folks have compiled this informative list for us all. damn.. i didnt know "selling drugs" was a gang? interesting...

well, i getting outta here.. possibly goin skaitng today. Mid Wilsire, then a pool.. you mad? tell em why you mad. and before i go- i want evvvvvvrybody to be forewarned- my little brother D "will be home in 2 weeks.. wanted me to tell you muthafukkahs.. and he said it better not be no shyt! ya dig..?" wow! you'd have to be a certain level of genius, to know where i just pulled that one from.. but he will be here, and its goin down.. know what?

now thas whassup! real tawk- if that shyt dont get you hype, you either- dumb, old & grumpy, or have no soul, whatsoever. so your whole life is pointless anyways .but im really out this time.. goonie goo goo..