Thursday, June 18, 2009

"aww nawll, hell nawll boy.. yall done up 'n done it!!"

hoooooooold up.. so, im out here in J'ville, yknow. "swaggin. and im surfin. and im swaggin.."(thas my SH!t!!) anyhow.. so i get a message through the wire, that that embarrassing jackass known as Jereme Rogers has retired from skateboarding via Twitter.. ok. bye. skateboarding could use less b!tchass wanna-be rappers, who tuck they chain in around Black folks... moving forward. so i get this email, and were all poppin our daily jargon of randomness. when Dave Carnie decides to let me know about this book..

Vert skater and industry insider Pete Davidson has released a new book examining the skateboarding industry’s problems and what he feels needs to be done to keep the dream alive.

“No one has stood up and pointed out what’s wrong with the skateboarding industry,” says Davidson in the intro to Reforming a Counter Culture. “They are either too scared to lose their job or too stupid to see what childish things they are promoting.”

Davidson’s solution? “There’s a real need in the industry to show ourselves to the mainstream media…that skateboarders and dirt bags are not synonymous.”

hmm.. where do i start. ok. HOW THE FOKK, is this dude a "industry insider", and i(as well as anyone ive spoken to whos actively involved in the industry, and has been for close to 20yrs) know who the fukk this dude is? i mean.. lets keep it 100 for 2 seconds.. i BEEN at the party. been on the dancefloor. done met & greeted damn near everybody who came in the door. and as my man Riley from Boondocks said, "game recognize game.. and you looking REEAALLL unfamiliar right now.." and furthermore. how the fukk you a "industry insider", but you wearing some dayum mocassins with no socks..?

and did this dude just say "no ones stood up, and pointed out whats wrong with skatebaording.."? is this dude even fa'serious? i dont know if anyones been paying attention.. but there was a guy named Steve Rocco, and.. cal me crazy,. he wasnt "scared' of losing anything. matter of fact- he actually CREATED MORE JOBS.. see.. this is why dudes like this, shouldnt be speaking for us.. and, im being DEAD ASS SERIOUS..

in closing.. this dudes actually trying to convince people, skateboarders "arent dirtbags.." woooord? fa'real? jesus..

look, duke. im sure you had good intentions when writing ya lil book, and i even heard you quote ya boy piFF in there a few times. but, its pretty clear you dont know what the fukk you talm bout.. as skateboarders, we dont OWE anyone- anything. skateboarding is BUILT on rebeliion.. its one of our finest elements, which ALOT of people seem to have forgotten about. fukk their rules. fukk a dress code. fukk a public perception.. we created our own sub-culture, and now we got some clowns inside looking around on some "are we cool" sh!t.. its actually- pathetic. we dont need "them". we dont need their money, or their respect. once we learn to respect our own culture a little more, can we speak.. until then- everyone shut the fukk up. chuuuch!!!!

and while im at it.. why am i the last person to hear about these?:

"Legendary skate stomping ground Skate Park of Tampa teamed up with Nike to create this “Moat” Dunk Mid. This interestingly gross colored dunk has deep-rooted water inspiration [even stemming from Clyde Singleton’s chicken fetish]: Skatepark of Tampa’s infamous Moat has earned legendary recognition through the traditional “Moat Race” at the Annual Tampa Am and Tampa Pro. Although stories vary on the origin of the “Race,” it is rumored that Clyde Singleton used to regularly throw chicken bones into the murky waters to feed the The Moat’s original inhabitant, the turtle. Although The Moat has been the receptor of diesel run-off and human blood for the last 15 years, it still threatens to flood Skatepark with every Tampa-style torrential downpour. The colors of The Moat-Inspired Dunk Mid, chosen by Barak Wiser.."

thats odd.. ive never seen these shoes. nor, do i own a pair. somebody bout to end up on Judge Mathis..

well.. im up outta here.. dont forget, GoSkate Day is this weekend.. if youre anywhere near the greater Jacksonville area. or, ya broke ass wants to win some money- come check me out at both these events this weekend..

first order of business.. Kona skatepark.. event starts at 10pm. and Finals start @ Midnight(which means we'll be the first to celebrate goSkate Day.. you mad, Scooby?)theres 5,000 bucks in cash prizes, and the obstacles for best trick(s) are:
-Bank to Wall
-Big Four
-Super Booster(giant step-up/euro gap)
there'll be tons of food. sodas. road sodas. Hooters chicks. live DJ. few bands.. yeah. we doing it real big..

on Sunday.. the party dont stop..

brought to you by RedBull & Busstop mag, is the 3 park "bangers" series.. each of the 3 public parks in jacksonville will be hosting a best trick contest, with cash & prizes.. first park- Neptune Beach. and best trick is on the transition over the door. second park- is Ed Austin Park off Monument Rd. best trick will be on the brick 1/4, that resembles the imfamous Maitland transitions in Orlando. and the last contest, will be held at Kona with a BBQ, and all that good stuff.. my man Triclops will be on the 1s & 2s, and ill be hosting all weekend so come one. come all..

im really outta here this time.. and before i go- dont forget to check this saturdays Florida times-Union because ya boy piFF has a full feature in there, and you wont be disappointed in the skateboard shot i cooked up for it.. hell. i even suprised myself this time around.. yall be easy, and remember- get ya lazy asses out and skate this weekend. aint nothing on tv 'til Sunday night, anyways.. jeah!

oh.. i dont think i forgot, its Throwback Thurday.. Nappy Roots. "Aw Naw". take that. take that..

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Blogger Rachel Bess said...

can't wait to see the article. i know it's going to be amazing.
good thing you didn't listen to me and not go! hahaha!

1:57 PM  
Blogger Norm Stovall said...

Yoooooooo! Thanks for posting up that flyer. Glad to hear that you are hosting this thing on Saturday night.

8:53 AM  
Blogger RyGar said...

Clyde, why are you contributing to the Krew site? Overpriced faux leather jackets, toy store chains, and girly sidepipe enhancing pants aren't your usual flavor. I know Antwuan is probably the "none more black" of skating, but only if you're a white dude that thinks being black means being a thug. I'm not hating, just wondering. Personally, I'm a skinny white dude, who wears (not Krew)tight jeans and I've got tons of respect for the way the Krew team skates. Let me emphasize SKATES. Killer SKATEboarding team, but all the lifestyle adds with the bad photoshop effects are just terrible. Truth.

5:34 PM  
Blogger dL said...

Rocco? Damn Clyde, that was almost 20 years ago. There is no Rocco in sight. Rocco didn't rebel either, Rocco said: "Sell out whenever possible."
The rebellion is being televised and internetted as we speak. Sorry.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

[ ... ] link is being shared on Twitter right now. @zenx, an influential author, said RT @1ndus: Xtreme [ ... ]

11:08 PM  

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