Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the Calm, before the storm....

i been a little under the weather for the last few days. so first off- excuse my absence.. moving forward.. i think its about time to REALLY expose somebody.. and, BADLY. see. the problem is- sometimes, people dont know WHO the fokk they talkin to, or about. and then. next thing you know. some infos passed along to me, and.... well lets just say. somebody gone be embarrassed. might even put his photo up on the Summerjam screen, too.. "b.. b.. but.. i got a girlfriend..." yeah, yeah, yeah. so did Eddie Murphy. whats your point? getting money from old men, for "favors" is whats hot in the skreets?!?! fukkin, DISGUSTYA.. anyways. as i was saying.. sombody gone get EXPOSED. actually.. i aint even gonna expose you.. imma do a "Public Service Announcement..." just like me favorite rapper, Gille the Kid, does to folks..

so with that said, imma leave yall with this hilarious photo of "Mother of the Year":

this hilarious ass video, on how to get woman with a full refrigerator:

(this is possibly, a TRUE Youtube Classic)

and.. know what? imma hit yall with this free mixtape, because i can:

Trap-A-Holics & T.I. - Gone Til November

im outta here.. in the meantime, you can catch up with me on twitter. or, if you want more music, music related new, etc.. get on over to i got the hook up. all your skateboarding news, get on over to Transworld. and, dont forget to check out whats going on over at Steelo Hero(i think i might have a new editorial up today..) ill be back tomorrow, and until then. i leave you with Law #17 re:todays post:

#17- Keep others in suspended terror: Cultivate an air of unpredictability

its finna REALLY be a hot summer down here in Jacksonville.. yall be easy.. jeah!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

first, and foremost... i havent been blogging much here because not only do i have several other writing gigs. but, i just started blogging over at Steelo Hero(Stevie Williams & Interscope Records brainchild).. my 2nd installment(10 Worst Streetwear Trends) just went up, so click this lank to read it.. shout out to Leland, and Dave over at Interscope..

by the way.. the lovely Jean Grae is having a gig tomorrow night @ Joes Pub in NYC.. heres a lil promo for yall:

"Love Songs From A Post Modern Mixed Girl" Show
Joe's Pub, NYC
425 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10003
212) 539-8777

Saturday Feb 21st 11pm.
All Love Songs.. ALL NIGHT.. damnit, i love that woman..

and oh yeah.. Murs & 9th Wonder just dropped a free album. *does the Harlem shake* thats whassup..

looks like it finally happened.. thats right. Hammers gettin his own reality series on A&E.. and ill probly spend as much time wayching it, as it took to post this paragraph.. fokk i wanna watch Hammer for? Hammer dont bust his guns!

dog.. real tawk- what the fokk, is this?:

if you think thats something.. watch this..:

too bad none of em aint fokkin with THIS, tho..:

damn.. i think imma go push around at the park.. yall be easy. most of you, ill see tonight wondering the streets of downtown Jacksonville or at the Hip Hop Hell emcee battle.. in the meantime, you can catch me at www.twitter.com/hustlemania. want some new music? get over to i got the hook up the rest of you.. until next week, yall be easy. jeah!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Whos losing the "Human Race" V2.18

so today, i get this email blast id like everyone to take a look at:

what the FOKK, is that?!? and that ran in a nationally published, newspaper? i mean.. seriously- what the fokk is that? didnt that have to go thru some sort of "committee"? a editor? anybody?!?! i mean.. they drew a picture of the President, as a shot-up monkey! im convinced, this can't be real... but just for sh!ts and giggles, im gonna give yall the math on who you can contact. here ya go:


i already wrote my letter. yall should really pass this drawing, and info around to enough people til The Post gives Obama, as well as its readers a open apology. soon after, i hope they go out of business, and its taken over by the Editors of XXL Magazine.. XXL always got some fine womans in the "Eye Candy" section, anyways..


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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

another case of 2nd-hand embarrassment..

before i get started.. what the FOKK is this:

i think i just got 2nd hand embarrassment for every white person i know.. actually. everything she does, is embarrassing. shes like the white Whitney Houston, with a dash of Flava Flav.. id still smash tho. in the dark, on a boring ass Sunday. but. id smash..

while im on the subject of embarrassing mothafokkers, this dude Suge Knight got knocked out- AGAIN!! i mean.. thas like twice, in not even a year that dude got baptized in some random club.. this time, whoever put the beats on him, tried to beat Suges eyeball out his skull. dayum.. thas almost on par with the one time my lil brother beat this dudes ass, with a can of fix-a-flat.. yeah. fix-a-flat. what? my lil brothers a beast.. n!kkas like skateboardings own, Kimbo..

ok.. now, i know im a bit late, but.. see this phone?

this thing does it all.. A mobile phone, mp3 player, gps system, internet, global voice translator, camera, video player, movie projector, coffee brewer, razor and harmonica in one! sound impossible? its not.. at least the idea of it.. go check out the site.. possibly one of the smartest, yet genius concepts to date. not the phone.. the idea..

all jokes aside.. when i first got the email blast with this headline, i swear to God it had something to do with the 50cent/DJ Khaleds mother fiasco.. im saying tho...

i gotta go.. in the meantime, id like to welcome Stevie Williams, Leland & the Steelo Hero family to the co-defendants line-up.. ive been laying down some work over there as of late, and will be droppping weekly blogs moving forward.. heres one of my first blogs that dropped, last week.. .. yall be easy. want some new music? get on over to mr904.. events, product releases, etc- get over to hustlemania. you can also catch me on twitter.. ill holla.. jeah!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i usually dont even do this, but...

gawt damnit.. i got my first EXCLUSIVE story over at my music blog.. jeah! see this broad:

thats the rapper Joe Buddens girlfriend, Tahiri.. Mr. Budden has been the talk of the internet for the past month or so mainly due to his JoeBuddenTV antics which have included:
- showing off his girlfriend ass, at an all-time rate
- embarrassing himself, in rap battles with the likes of Saigon, Ransom, etc..
- watching Ransom walk up to his best friends crib, and Ransoms boys slap the sh!t outta him
- his bummy ass "goons", threatening people in front of a random AppleBees
and other senseless sh!t, that has nothing to do with a album release..

which brings us to Monday morning.... Tahiri was on the Angela Yee show playing the game "never..". somewhere in the middle of the game, she was asked if shes never slept with 2 guys in one day.. ladies and gentleman, please click this link.

Budden might have to get his "Chris Brown" on, with this broad..

i got shit to do today.. for any upcoming events, get on over to Hustlemania.. ill see yall tomorrow for Throwback Thursdays.. jeah!

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Whos losing the "Human Race"

about 13 years ago, i took a trip up to Boston as that was the city we were supposed to leave for the Strength Unity Tour. For all the OG heads ou there, im sure yall remember Strength magazine from back in the day. dope magazine. anyways. as i get to Boston, within the first few hours- cops roll up on us as were skating down the street. out of everyone skating, they specifically stopped Jahmal Williams and I. after proceeding to yell in our faces, and asking bunch of frivolous questions(Rawse!)they finally let us go about our business. but, not before rolling alongside us as we walked up the road, making sure only us 2 didnt skate. i remember commenting about the blatant racism, and he assured me it was pretty normal in Boston. as a matter of fact, he then went on to tell me about this statue that was located somewhere in town whereas it depicted a Black man either bowing to, or kissing Abraham Lincolns foot. i remember thinking dude was talking sh!t, but never really thought much of it up after that.

so, the other day. im sitting here watching A&E, and a commercial comes on about a upcoming Abraham Lincoln special. i dont know if it was the weed, or what. but i decided to get online and do a little "research" on this mystery Abraham Lincoln statue that was in Boston. and look at what i found:

hold on... now.. WHAT. THE . FOKK.. IS, THAT?! is he kissing his foot? shining his shoe? seriously.. WHAT THE FOKK, IS THAT?! and WHY is it at a City building? can somebody from the Boston area, throw a explanation of exactly what the fokk that is? why hes half-nekkid, kissing his foot, and/or shining his shoe? and, why is it at a City building..? I mean. aside from the City of Boston outlawing blunt wraps, and the recent arrest of Shepard Fairey this has got to be one of the most ridiculous things ive ever seen in my life..

moving forward.. i spoke to my cousin Levon, out in Cali the other day and he told me it aint looking too good outthere. alot of businesses going under, and so forth.. me, being the non-beliver i am, told him to shoot me a photo of what Melrose look like these days..

damn... the Johnny Rockets gone too? yeah.. i highly suggest whoever aint from Cali, get the fokk outta there- right now! "there aint no more gold, in dem dere hills..!!"

whas wrong with this picture:

exactly.. me neither. but interestingly enough, Stormy Daniels(pictured above) is running for Senator of Louisiana. im almost convinced between this porn star, Al Franken, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, and Gary Coleman- anyone can run for office these days.. with that said, piFF Huxtable for Office in 2010. Vote or Die, my n!kkas and n!ggettes..!

while we talking about beautiful woman.. remember Lauryn Hill:

such a beautiful woman..


what the fokk happened to Lauryn Hill:

for'real tho.. like.. what, the fokk happened to her? Her, and Whitney Houston must know the same dealer. because they both went from Goddesses, to "Gaaawdamnit"esses, in the blink of an eye. i remember Sheltons Moms telling us a story how her friend was selling Lauryn Hill a house down in SD area. and the lady said Lauryn Hill refused to talk to her. Whatever she wanted to convey, she'd write on a napkin or the closest piece of paper, and have "her people" read it.. damn.. that dont sound "crazy". that actually sounds like, the perfect woman.

im outta here.. once again, want music? get on over to mr904. for events, releases, news, etc.. get on over to hustlemania. in the meantime, you can catch me on twitter talking sh!t, while i edit this video down for Transworld.. until next time.. jeah!

and oh yeah- free Chris Brown...

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Throwback Thursdays:

in this edition of Throwback Thursday, im gonna give it up to our West coast brethren who've been putting it down for the last 2&1/2 decades.. while some of you might not be familiar with some of this late 80s piFF, others of you will definantly be taken down a walk trough memory lane.. enjoy, folks

Sir Mix-a-Lot- Posse On Broadway

Candyman - Knockin Boots

Dj Quik - Tonite

NWA - Express Yourself

Mc Eiht - Straight Up Menace

Ice Cube - Doing Dumb Shit

yall be easy.. in them meantime, wanna get some new music get on over to mr904.blogspot.com..... for all your events,new gear,updates and all that good sh!t- get on over to hustlemania.com.. peace..

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

and remember- karmas a b!tch. b!tch..

look man.. i told yall when MR1 dropped. i spoke on at the beginning of the year. and once again- i just spoke on it briefly to Transworld.. Anthony Williams, is THE BEST SKATEBOARDER SINCE THE TURN OF THE CENTURY. think im lying? roll the gawt dayum tape:

now.. if you know ANYBODY fokkin with dude, somebody let me know.. its a fokkin shame its clowns out here skating in white womans denim, and doing sh!t that would be wack & ugly in '92- getting praise and coverage, while this brohta has to "wait his turn.." skateboarding should be ashamed of yourselves.. thats real tawk.. anyways.. get on over to Transword(whaddup Blair), and check out Anthonys interview. and dont forget to hit the props buttons.. once again. congrats Ant'. you deserve it.. and dont forget.. MR2 coming soon.. "its finna be a hot summ'uh"-Killa Cam

while im on my skate sh!t this morning.. for those of you up north, stuck in a blizzard.. heres something for yall. new, Alien Workshop video premiere!

Alien Workshop Video - 'Mind Field'
this Friday Night - it starts at 9:00 pm sharp!
Oak Street Cinema
309 Oak St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
big shout out to my boy Steve Nesser, and the folks at Familia Skateshop for making this happen.

moving along.. somebody wanna tell me what happened to this h0e, face:

ive put together a small list of sh!t her face reminds me of..
-a Ed Hardy shirt
-a piece of ham, with a bunch of marbles on top
-one of them things you put a bunch of sewing needles in
-a BB-gun target
-a bunch of balled up Hershey Kisses foil wrappers, laying in some throw-up
feel free to add on.

sooo.. i got word yesterday that some clowns who ripped me off for some money, not only lost their apt. one lost their job(the other never had one), and ones been spotted up in the A driving the others dead Mothers PT Cruiser the finance companies been looking for for months.. i hate to laugh at another mans downfall, but y'know what? bwahahhaahhahahahahahhaahahaha.. Karmas, a b!tch aint it. remember folks. you receive the energy you put out to the world. and here, we have a clear example.. fokkin clowns. whaddup Dorien.. these n!kkas BROKE! take that bum up to The Local, and get him a PBR. hate to see a grown man spend his last $2 in rolled pennies..

im up outta here.. got alot of sh!t to do today. if yall wanna catch me, hit me up on www.twitter.com/hustlemania.. until then. yall be safe, and remember- karmas a b!tch. b!tch..

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"my words attack skills, & vocabulary too.. come and hit ya with this edition, is all brand new.. you through, im interplantery like Dr. Who.."

hooooold the fokk up. before i get started, anyone see this photo of Micheal Phelps yet?

besides smoking out of that baby ass bong, im still trying to figure out exactly whats wrong with this photo..? so.. a 8-time Olympic gold medalist in swimming, is smoking weed- and people are buggin.? yall serious..? i know some people who smoke one bong rip, and start sweating & looking out the windows all paranoid.. this dudes done won more medals than Jesse Owens, and was probly smoking in the locker room beforehand. with that said- shouldnt he be an advocate, for the positive effects of smoking weed? just something to ponder...

does anyone remember this incident from December:

bwahahahahhahaa... gawt dayum, that was gully! anyways.. while that dumbass reporter, sits in rots in jail with no shoes.. i wonder if he knows hes become the inspiration for this new statue at a Tikrit orphanage

The shoe monument, made of fiberglass and coated with copper, consists of the shoe and a concrete base. The entire monument is 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) high. The shoe is 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) long and 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) wide.The orphans helped al-Amiri build the $5,000 structure.. if you wanna read more about this big ass historical shoe, click this lank

sooo.. for all my Cali folks. heres some more good news for yall.. if you've been dumb enough to not follow the news, and paid your taxes early in hopes of a early refund- think again.. Cali running out of money, so the State controller has held on to 3.7 BILLION.. read more here.. i mean.. imma gone head and be reality- im glad i got out the mothafokker when i did.. and oh yeah.. Manny Ramirez aint coming back to the Dodgers either.. its a rough week out West..

new Killa Cam.. "I Hate my Job". jeah!

to get this, plus much more new music. get on over to mr904.blogspot.com

i gotta get up outta here.. got some editing to do, and some invoices to fill out. speaking of editing. i hosted a contest in Gainesville last weekend, and by the time i got my drunk ass halfway home- i realized i still had the microphone in my pocket.. no need to worry tho. just means im "prepared" for my next event. ill see yall later this week.. wome of yall, at Art Walk in downtown tomorrow.. gonnie goo goo

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