Friday, October 17, 2008

on my 25th hour...

damn.. it HAS been 2 months, huh? well. welcome back. me? i been everywhere from riding a emotional relationship rollercoaster, crossing America filming a television show, to handcuffed to a bench in a LA precint for riding a bike. but, we'll get back to that later.. im back! too bad i gotta be on another plane to Miami, in less than 3 hours.. so, lets get this crackin. roll the tape...

bwahahahhahahahaha.. what the fokkery, was that? no.. seriously.. WHAT THE FOKK, WAS THAT?!?! can someeobdy say, "exorcism"?

actually.. lets be fair here for a minute..

damn... this n!kka Booker T. literally- "blacked out"! now, THAT was some classic shyt.

hooold on.. first off. me & my lil brother D's cool again. What? This aint Dipset! thas my family, and we let shyt go like family does. BUT! you know i gotta do this to the lil dude.. now. can somebody please tell me exactly what the fokks is goinz on here:

Skater Reese Williams in Young LA's music video from Kei[s] Open Doors on Vimeo.
first off.. whas my lil brother doing hanging with these assclowns? secondly. i cant take ANY brother with a mohawk serious, unless his names Mr.T. lastly.. who the fokks a Yung LA? fa'real tho..

actually.. to be fair, it cant be much worse than Jereme Rogers rapping.. yeah. he raps now, too. personally, my favorite track is "fresher than a mug..", where J-Rog' really gets his Bud Bundy on. "fresher than fresh.. fresher than Zest..".[Master]unnnggghhhhhhh[P]. Jesus.. Chris Gentry must be doing rodeos in his skate/hip-hop grave.

the other day i had the pleasure of meeting skateboarding original rude bwoy- Jay Adams. i tip my hat to the brother. seems to be getting his life together, as well as told me he was a avid reader of my editorial piFF. thas whassup..

i gotta run.. got a interview with the Miami New Times, some last minute packing and some more JR to upload to my PSP. for those in the Miami area this weekend, come by MIA Skatepark for FujiFilm Fest:

Habitat Demo. Z-Trips spinning. giveaways. shyt.. im there! actually. i better be, if i want my chiz'eck! im out.. dont know if/when ill be back to LA. and truthfully- dont care. yall be good. Kari. i love you. ill be back. and i leave you all with this..

bwahahahahaahhahah.. im out.. peace.

edit: in the 25th hour- we on! Walk wit me Vol.4.. big shout out to Danny Kass, Dingo, nick Dunlap, JN Media, FujiFilm USA and the good folks at Transworld.. jeah!