Wednesday, March 26, 2008

first of all i'd like to thaink my connect...

first of all i'd like to thaink my connect...the most important person in this worlds, my manager Beth. thainks to traveling, with one bag. no ID. and jet lag.. hold on. that rhymed?!!? bwahahahahah.. im on vacation. well. somewhat. im actually, still in Tampa. well. not really "Tampa". but kinda "stuck" New Po'ht Richey. well... now thanks to my manager, and nick matlin just walkin in the door- not so much as "stuck". now, Antwuan Dixon? that n!kkas "stuck", stuck!!!

smh... jesus... heres the booking report. i heard the laws hog tied, then tased em. what the fokkery. hey.. i just wanted to drop this blog to say- somebody bail this brother the fokk up outta there. and when he does get out, i hope he gets a shoe, a board company, and a movie made about him. sh!t. im bout to start writing the script on my way up to see my Momma.. Free Antwuan Dixon.

before i go.. the fine folks at just dropped this mag"piFF"icent web piece featuring myself, my little brother D(holla lil n!kka.. told you i got you), and Scott Ian from Anthrax...

theres some other people in there too, but all in all- thanks to everyone who participated, and a big shout out to Mike @ Vital, Dom @ BP, and the folks at Capsole..

i gotta go. got a interview to do with "Westside Skateshop" owner, Jon Montessi. other than that, watch for March Madness on, and ill holla when i get comfy up north this weekend.. Philly for a week. Then ill be out in AZ, with the fine folks of Cowtown hosting the biggest, baddest, and best contest left in skateboarding..
go here for all the details on PHXAm contest... ok. im out. i gotta run. yall be easy... jeah!

Monday, March 17, 2008

you 'ont know, you betta axe questions...

yup.. its Monday. Yup. I fell directly onto my front teeth skating the Supreme bowl Friday(sh!t almost went thru my lip). and, yup- its March Madness, again.

Transworld SKATEboarding. Clyde Singleton. Jake Eames. March Madness Vol. 3.. you 'ont know, you betta axe questions..

now. with big talks of the "biggest recession since World War 2" looming, NY's first African-American(and blind) Gov. being sworn in, and random tornados dropping in Atl why aint nobody talm bout this?
gawt dayum, that bish is SUH'WEET! and these rappers out here "beefing"... bwahahahahhahahahahahaha. real tawk- these rock dudes stay styling on hip-hop, on the daily.

hold the fokk up.. so, im sure you guys saw, or heard about this bish Tina Fey(of SNL), talm bout "black is the new bitch.." on her Weekly Update series on SNL.. oh? woooooooord? thank the Lord for Tracy Morgan...

can anybody say- "owned". all in all, i still think Tina Feys still fine as hell, and id beat it like Mike Jack'. enough on politics...

trying to step ya swagger up? lemme help you out...

*waits for some lame ass company, to ruin this* this bish so suh'weet, i aint 'een gone tell yall where i got, or saw the bish.. im on my "na,na,na,na,na,naaaaaaaaaah" sh!t today...

actually.. im not gone do that to yall today. here. take this movie... maybe you can learn suhn'tin..

get ya mind right. im outta here.. i got too much work to do, a knee doctor of some sorts to see, another dental appointment to set. drinking("working") with the guys @ Jackassworld, get some gear on the block, grab my bike, and hit this party on Melorse tonight..

ill see you folks in a minute.. if you're of legal age- have a drink on me today. if you scared- by a dog, or go to church. you done reading- bookmark this piFF, and hit that feed button up there... ill be back, Jack. jeah! peace..

Friday, March 14, 2008

fukk around, not take any advice, and end up like this dude..

i 'ont got much time.. editing 3 March Madness clips, got calls to make, havent even had a coffee yet, and my manager Beths talm bout going to see the "Weinstein Bros". uuuuhh.. real talk- who is she talw'in bout? my lil brother told me to get my ass up, and do the damn thaing.. see you. you probly hate ya lil brother. me? i take advice from mine.. fukk around, not take any advice, and end up like this dude.. roll the tape.

so... anyone? no. no. i insist! ok. ill go! wow. he had coke, in his nose too.. what, a fukkin loser. see folks.. THIS is what a lil fame, ALOT of drugs, and a night in jail without either will do to you... seriously. this is fukkin pitiful. someone PLEASE get this brotha some help. and, NOW. i mean.. who is this dudes "friends"? wow, man....

so yesterday, i was down on the block w/the Vital Skate camp doing a grill session, and this guy, this DJ, my little brotherl, a bunch of woman, and some weirdo who parks at Starbucks, all interviewed me.. stay tuned. it should be interesting, to say the least.

actually.. yesterday was ultimate strength, piFF. saw Denzel pulling outta Wendys drive-thru as i was eating. saw Stevie & lil Brooklyn Williams. met some girl at Starbucks. hung out with Tilt Moooooooooode! real tawk...Tilt Modes the squad.

need i say more? anyways, i dont remember the last time i was round yo squad, and learn't how to renegade a Budweiser. as i said- them dudes know whassup..

gotta run. got alot to do today.. here. have this...
[puff]take that.. take that[daddy]

and can somebody tell me the "genre" of this music?

uhh... im gonna just quietly step out, and let yall decipher what the fukks was goins ons in that there vid'eeuh. have a good weekend people..

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Monday, March 10, 2008

i couldnt tell you WHAT it is right now, BUT- im in a zone, holmes!

before i get started.. now. yall know i was born in the 'Ville, but what yall probly didn't know- i was actually raised in Killeen, Texas
(until the age of 7).. with that said. Texas. Throw ya fokkin horns up. we got one of Dallas' finest in the building.
Kolby Petrus. Transworld SKATEboarding. March Madness.. you aint nuthin but a click away... Big shout outto Mike Crum, and Billy over @ C&S Skateshop. "cm'aaaaauhn, n you gi git git iiiiiiiiiiiiit"

so last friday, i decided to roll up to LA.. the original plan was to hang out with Heidi, but due to "acute breakouts of flakiness"- that was deaded. again. no biggie. edited down Kolbys March Madness, and posted up. next morning, i wake up around 1'ish, and i swear before the Lawd, this P.Y.T. walked in!
uuuuuuuuhhh.....? ole girls, something SERIOUS! and, she was cool! cracked a Light on a SaturDAY, an all dat. i mean... Shelton. you my n!kka and all.. but, gaht'dam! you truly came through with suhn'tin foolish this time! moving on..

while sippin Lights, the beautiful Ms. Narain expressed how she'd like to go by the DC Store to say hello to Dyrdek, D.Way, and whoever else happened to be in town for the in-store event.. im like, "waugh't d'uh f...?". get on the DC site, and-
damn! BP? front page, too? thas whassup. but. what was weird, is i was actually on my way to get some of these..., from BP. then i decided- im gonna grab some for my folk too. see. i 'ont know bout yall, but thas how i do's thaings. off to my folks house, and i swear before the Lawd- theres been NOTHING but beautiful women in this bish, since i came in the door.. i couldnt tell you WHAT it is right now, BUT- im in a zone, holmes! an...

hoooooooooooooooooooly, fokkkin shat! hit da breaks! Just in, from my man Marcell @ Venture Trucks... i mean.. roll the fokkin tape!

yo? what th... bwahahahhahahahhahahahahaahahahahaaahhahahahahahhahahahaaha... man. i gotta go.. here. take this music player or suhn'tin!

Find more music like this on Tha Lobby

im out.... ill see yall tomorrow. i got people to meet, more gears to be copped, and moneys to be spent. oh shat.. its 25cent waing night, at Wangs right? its a wrap. im out..

Friday, March 07, 2008

"too bad she look't like Short Round in the face.."

whaddup.. yall know its March Madness @ and before i go about my business, why the fokk aint noboby talm bout this kid? as my lil brother D would say, "this n!kka a beast wit it!" roll the tape..

all bullsh!t aside, this kid went to that demo- AND SHUT SH!T DOWN. broad daylight, off n!kkas "on" switch. Texas. Stand the fokk up. Cody McEntire, is the Truth like Sojourner. just spoke to my man Dirt @ Digital, and he informed me dukes got a part dropping over there soon. ill say it now- yall betta get on ya jobs.

im still trying to figure out HOW i spent $100 on the car ride from LA, to Orange County... i mean, i 'ont eeh'n drive?! i remember going to Popeyes in Long Beach. i did go to Dan Rhoades gallery opening in san Pedro... if im not mistaken, there was a Asian girl there wit oddly tig ole bitties, but too bad she look't like Short Round in the face. i swear to Gawd id watch myself on tv, just so i can get a recap. an wheres my ID? hold on.. do i even own a ID?

World.. the Loremo.
Loremo. World.... click this lank, and get better acquainted. damn. i spell't that right, right off the back. im saying tho..

id like to welcome to my hood.. whaddup Mike.*tips cap* i see you big homie..

hold on.. did i mention, someone got a full clip let off on 'em, i was 300yds away, and didnt hear a damn thing? read this story... hold on? did that say, "shot at, several times.."?! uh... the number i heard from the lady who's daughter saw the body in the road, was 9. uh.. thats almost a fokkin, clip! sad part about it is, the next day, people was on the block talm bout, "yeah.. they took one of the bad guys out.." yeah.. real, "bad guy". dude lost his life, trying to save one. whoever you are, Rest In Peace homie. i tip my hat to ANYONE willing/brave enough to intervene when it comes to domestic violence. only wife beaters i fokks with, is them LRG shats.. thas some real tawk.

i gotta run.. but before i go. yall seen this Muska sweater?!
Gawt dayum, dat bish is suh'weet! im bout to make a phone call to Kr3w. you mad? actually.. hold on..

*REALLY, makes phone call
*acquires Muska "El Commando" fleece

now.. one more time...
bwahahahahahhahahahhahaaha... turn the fokkin beat on! im outta here.. i hope EVERYBODY has a good weekend. i 'ont know what YOUUUUUUUUU doing, but me- ill be stepping my swagger levels up w/this new Muska sweater while doin the Heisman on these hoes in Hollywood tonight.

jesus... im really out. go read a book a suhn'tin..


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Monday, March 03, 2008

racism is a disease. you dont take a few weeks off, apologize, and come back "healthy"

hi everyone... this is Corey Duffel.

can somebody explain to me, how this scumbucket, still has a skateboarding career?

to read the entire interview, click this lank.. sad part is, i got an email from a kid who said he saw recent footage of ole Corey trying a trick over a rail, falling, and screaming "N!gger", at the top of his lungs.. anyone(namely, any brothers) whos dumb enough to stand next to this racist fukk, and believe hes "changed", is a fool. racism is a disease. you dont take a few weeks off, apologize, and come back "healthy". fukk this kid. and once again- why am i the only one discussing this?

when was the last time you was looking at crisp photos of the sun setting from outer space, on a 40 inch plasma for your blog..? i mean... somebody holla?! btw- found out i got really bad tend'uhnitis in my right knee, but imma still hold my word. accupuncture+rest+ice=ill be in Tampa, B. you mad, Scooby?

hey! check out my girl Tania Camille... photographer, singer, and all around dope person. shes actually in the vocal booth as i type, and we'll be doing a photo show in about a month off Melrose. i think yall should know.

i dont know if anyone saw this yet, but this is NSFW. if you don know what that means, dont get mad at me.. roll em.

US Soldier throws puppy off cliff - Watch more free videos
now.. what the fokk was that? thats probly, one of the most fukked up things i saw in a minute.. and trust me- i see, and have been through alot of fukked up shyt. like these newly released photos from Abu Ghraib(NSFW).. ok. im done with this section.. i still got breakfast coming...

saw Chad Muska yesterday @ BP, and my mans doing well. know what? im gonna go by his store today, and interview em. lets see whos gonna do the same sh!t after. funboys.. and, for those who dont know, me and Muska go back like some spinal cords..

1998? Chad Muska gets Best Video part? i was there... check the contribution @ 2:26. 10 years later? still here! i breath this sh!t. dont play with me... told yall, my kinda piFFs reserved for the bawsses.

i gotta run.. got things to do today. like make a accupuncture appt, get a new ID, possibly cruise around the beach, and call my Mom. im on my grown man sh!t.. gawtdayum it feels good. Josh, and Dirt- ill be coming to skate Supra tomorrow bish. i got a trick im workin on, and dont wanna break whats left of my leg running into someones kid at a park doing so.. ill holla.

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