Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"sometimes, more than others.. im convinced i get all the weird news..."

sometimes, more than others.. im convinced i get all the weird news. while everyone else gets all their info from Twitter, this station:

(Jesus Christ, that was embarrassing as all hell)or that ghay dude who got beat up by the Black Eyed Peas... hold on.. somethings uncontrollably funny about anyone getting a black eye, from the Black guy- in Black Eyed Peas.. no. really. thas actually, funny..

another eye jammy like that, and i 'ont even think any "special effects" would be required for ole boy to get a lead in Tim Burtons upcoming "Alice In Wonderland" movie schedueled to drop next March..

real tawk- i havent done any 'shrooms in awhile(last time i did, no Jereme Rogers..- i was hiding under a friends bed cuddling a cat, while waiting to ambush someone who was neither in the room.. or after me)but, i think i just got a slight mushroom tea flashback just posting those things..

in todays news of embarrassing jackasses.. who the hell is "Brando". and, what the hell is this?

hold on.. is this "funny.."? actually.. i dont know if i should laugh, or giggle confusely.. but truth be told- the Obama sh!t is going overbaord.. getting attention, and getting money are two different things.. only broke muthafukkers like attention.. chuuch!!

random quote of the day:
"dude... i love Animal Planet.. if they played rap videos(preferably, vintage style Rap City & BET UnCut again)- theyd be the best channel that ever surfaced.."- piFF Huxtable

this weekend i got some new tees from this local company here in Jacksonville called East Center, and i think yall should know about em..

100% skater owned, and operated.. from the art room, to the shipping room- everything these cats do is in-house.. support ya local skate scene & companies, and furthermore- dont be like these dudes..

word? thats what hot on the skreets..? whining on Twitter? i mean.. WOW! look.. i 'ont know about yall.. but, somebody do something i do- i take it as a form of flattery.. Tweetin and gossipin like a bird(yall catch that double entrede..?)- aint whas hot in these skreets.. we gotta do better. actually. fukk WE. YALL gotta do better.

im up outta here.. i got alot of work to finish up, and a few cases of Asahi from this weekends festivities to polish off.. hell. if i get done in time, might even have another bbq tonight.. yall be eay, and in the meantime- hit up hustlemania for some music, news, etc.. and know what.. get over to the Berrics.. they stay with that piFF.. until next time.. jeah!

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Anonymous Straight Gangsterism said...

that Alice in Wonderland looks freaky as hell homey

9:20 PM  

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