Monday, June 08, 2009

Gawt Dayum, ya man Hov'!!! New Yawk was CRACKIN this past week

ill be honest.. i aint the biggest fan(nor, hater) of New Yawk.. but, i be crazy as hell to say it wat'nt crackin this past week... first off. congratulations to R.B., the God Kevin Tayor, Zered Basset, Eli Reed, and the rest of the Zoo crew on their new video that debuted last thusday.. you can check out all the highlights, and whatnot if you click this lank.. in related news.. Red Bull had their annual Manny Mania contest this weekend, and who took the belt this year than none other than my man Eli Reed:

real walkie-tawkie.. congrats to Eli.. thas my folks, right there.. we go back like some spinal cords, so its always good to see ya folks doing the dayum thing..

moving forward.. i be "Gawt dayum ya man Hov" done dropped a new track.."Death of Autotune", and this dude(once again) had the whole city- as well as ALL computers 'putin, worldwide.. get on over to, and get'cha CDQ on. and oh yeah- i got the remix already too.. what? this Hustlemania, maaaaaaayn..

oh yeah.. how could i forget about T-pain.. so.. T-pain was in town to perform what was to be the last SummerJam at Giants stadium, and before he hit the stage.. well. just take a look at this n!ggery sh!t...

good Jesus of Megatroids, if that aint the ig'natest thaing ive ev'ah feasted muh eyes uh'pawns!!! where he got that at?!?!? fa'real tho.. you thaink he got that at some kiosk, at the local mall? if so, what mall this n!kka shoppin at? good Laaaaawd, is that one "Big Ass Chain..!!!!! "

oh yeah.. not to be confused with the God K.T.'s Lisa- Lisa Ling's sister, got sentenced to "12 years of Hard Labor" in a North Korean prison.. whew.. was almost nervous, for a minute there.. i mean- who else can i count on to send me Wa-Wa 1/2 tea-1/2 lemonade, and boxes of Herrs Hot Ceese Puffs..? ok.. that was unnecassary. hold on.. did i even spell dat right..? who cares..

and never the one to be outdone, is skateboardings own Mc Bud Bundy- my man, Mr. Jereme Rogers

seems as if our friend. MC Bud B has gotten himself in some trouble with the law, via the outgrowth of cowsh!t and whats commonly known as- 'shrooms... dude was mushrooms' and bugged out," preaching naked on his rooftop. jesus.. i cant make this kinda sh!t up.. :

Rogers, a high school dropout who attributes his skateboarding skills to God, was eventually grabbed by police officers and brought down from his precarious perch.

"It obviously was not an everyday experience," the 24-year-old athlete said. "It was a very out-of-body experience. I've never had an experience like that."

Rogers pulled off his boxer shorts about 6:40 a.m. Monday and climbed onto the roof of the two-story house he shares with roommates on Havemeyer Lane and Goodman Avenue.

"It was obviously something I shouldn't have done," Rogers said as he rolled a marijuana joint in his bedroom. "It was just something that happened."

Redondo Beach police Lt. Jim Acquarelli climbed about 20 to 30 feet to the roof, where he found Rogers yelling and screaming. Acquarelli said Rogers' roommates told him that he had ingested the hallucinogenic drug.

Rogers ran back and forth around the roof's perimeter, sitting down at the edge with his back to the street.

"He would have fragmented, interrupted conversations with people that weren't there

jesus christ, when does the embarrassment cease with this dude... for more of this embarrassing jackasses behavior, and the full story- click this lank..

im up outta here.. i got a new crib to move into. this hour old coffee i need to reheat. and furthermore, this new Ocean's 7 Mixtape to crank again.. ill be back later this week, and in the meantime- you can either catch me on twitter.. or, if you wait a lil bit- you can catch me over @ Kr3w, doing my thing.. oh sh!t! my girls leaving town tomorrow, too.. dayum, i got a long day.. oh double yeah- ill be working on a feature for Florida Times Union this week.. you mad, Scooby?bwahahahahahah.. im out, yall enjoy this Wallenberg contest that went down last weekend. good skating, but possibly- THEE worst music selection in the world..

yall be easy.. jeah!

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Blogger Mighty Whitey said...

Im reppin' the 215, I can hold you down on the Wawa tip, maybe even hook it up with some Tasty Kake jawns.

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your name is "Piff" and you have the cheek to say something about Jereme?

7:17 PM  

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