Monday, June 30, 2008

how the fokk do you unrecognize, something you recognize?

before i get started. how the fokk does this happen?

wow. that shyt was actualy more creepy, than it was "funny". not the dude. but, that shyt on his face...

now. Jacksonville, Florida. Houston, Texas. Please stand the fokk up.
the wait is over... Mr. Cool Running, Bigga Rankins. Lil Keke "The Don", and Real N!gga Radio bring you- "Only The Strong Survive". get on over to "i got the hook up" for this powerful, piFF drop. and for those of you who aint up on this, you straight lawst at life.

now.. onto the news, cause i gotta be quik with todays post.. got a plane to Jax get on in less than 12hrs. then one helluva roadtrip to NYC w/my little brother, Anthony Williams, Shawn Owens and some Jacksonville goonz down with my ill crew of psychos. whos to get arrested, or knock someone in the van out first is the ongoing bet. should be interesting.

in related news: soooo.. whos gonna be skating while Afrika Bambaattaa's deejaying this weekend? oh yeah.. me, and my squad. jeah! AFRO PUNK. JULY 5-12th. BAM. BKLYN, NYC. This shyts about to be a PROBLEM! id personally like to take this time to thank EVERYONE whos helped organize, and are participatIng. dayum, i didnt think id make it this far. i almost lost my gawt dayum mind, organizing my portion of the festival. im saying. this was the first event ive ever helped organized, and it definantly wont be my last.. now. if Blair can be the first whyte dude to get laid at Afro Punk, im pretty much on lookin at Puff status. take that, take that..

how the fokk you set a world record, then recognize "not being recognized"? hold on. how the fokk do you unrecognize, something you recognize? this shyts confusing.. just read the story.

and now.. a word(or 300) from Russell Bongard
uhhh.. what the fokk is all that? ooooh! "blog art".. yeah. thanks Russ.. now, that'll be $250. send all check to Kari. thanks.. and dont forget to tell he wife and kid i say hi.. loser.

well im out. its been a fun trip. but heres the catch- im moving back to Cali. yup. with that said. to my Jacksonville folks. ill see you tomorrow. Kari. I Love You. Milan. you're a weirdo. and to anybody else.. actually. is there anybody else? yeah. Guy Mariano. thanks for inspiring me to skateboard again..

i actually learned one of those swaggerous maneuvers today. and, thas whas really up... im out. see yall on the road. yall go skate, or suhn'tin... jeah!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

fokk it... its Throwback Thursday

personally. i got a damn good week going. got a beautiful new girl. starting work on MR2. putting last minute touches on the road trip to NYC. man.. im moving, damnit! so because i feel like taking the day off(again), im gonna do my first edition of "Throwback Thursday". you'll thank me for this later

Boogie Down Productions - Love's Gonna Get'cha

Brand Nubian - All For One

NWA - Alwayz Into Somethin'

Convicts - This Is For The Convicts

Dj Quik - Tonite

Big Daddy Kane- Raw

thas whassup... oh yeah. for anyone in LA. Open bar @ Munky King tonight. 7-10pm. im out.. 'til next time. jeah!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Afro Punk 2008.. u mad, Scooby?

for those in the know, ive been working on this huge event this summer called Afro Punk. Afro Punk, in so many words, is a "Lallapalooza" & "Sundance Film Festival" for African Americans to showcase their talent. i was actually asked to premier Minority Report there last summer, but due to conflicting schedules- it never went down. in steps 2008. I get the call they want me to cordinate the skateboard portion of the event this year. that entails getting the riders, ramps, promotional product, and safety equipment for the week long festival. i figured it would be a cake walk. listen people. if you've never put an event of this stature together, dont knock what it takes. its personally cost me 2 managers, numerous phone calls, random trips, and Lawd knows what elseand im not even done yet. but in the end, its gonna be worth it. a week in New York City, skating and hanging out with all my friends. Seeing and meeting everyone from Spike Lee to Janelle Monae, to BoneCrusher. Shyt. Even Murs just joined the line-up. so as i said, this is gonna be worth it in the end. so here we go. heres the flyer that went out last week(its being revised, as you read this)



i know. i know. the negatives backward, and some names are wrong. they(the skaters named) WERE to go. no hard feelings, though. some things just took too long from my end to confirm. but. just when some folks started leaning back. in steps, [Frank]"My maaan..[Lucas]- Kevin Taylor. yup. Ever since i got the green light from my Brothers keeper yesterday re: Afro Punk, im good. So ill say it. and ill say it here first. KEVIN TAYLOR, will be @ Afro Punk this year. so, with some minor changes- heres final line-up:

Clyde Singleton
Kenny Hughes
Anthony Williams
Dorien Wrenn
Thomas Wardlow
Alex Davis
German Nieves
Jamal Smith
Jibari Pendleton
Shawn Owens
Malcolm Watson
thank the good Lord above, for good friends-

Kevin Taylor has joined the movement.

gawt dayum. this calls for a celebration. *digs in the stash* here yall go...

BWAHAHHAHAAHHA.... dayum! fokked his whole mood, about skating up. oh well. if lil mans reduced to skating off his trailers porch onto some wood- he'l probly get a car, or a girlfriend and quit in a few years anyhow. hey. at least he was on youtube! gotta run. got some phone calls to make, and more puh'sketti to eat. plus. this is the first cool breeze ive felt, since i landed in LA. dayum! im really up outta here.. peace. jeah!

Monday, June 23, 2008

R.I.P. George Carlin aka "the whyte Richard Pryor"

when i first got cable as a kid, theres three things i remember seeing for the first time. One was Eddie Murphy "Raw". Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" video. and, this crazy ass whyte dude named George Carlin. i remember thinking, "damn. this dudes like the whyte Richard Pryor!" til this day, i stand by that sentiment. yesterday afternoon(June 22), George Carlin checked himself into the hospital for heart complications. he never walked back out. ladies and gentleman. id like to take this time to remember one of the best thats EVER done it.

George Carlin - Ten Commandments

George Carlin - Airport Security

George Carlin - Seven Words

George Carlin - on white people

George Carlin - Feminist Blowjob

George Carlin - things that come off your body

George Carlin - People who oughta be killed pt 1

George Carlin - Things You Never See

R.I.P. George Carlin.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

this is THE LIFE!!!

first off. thank you Mr. Zack McTee(everyone can google Zack now. perfect.) anyhow. for those who dont know Zack, hes not only a good friend of mine. but hes also the photographer who shot that piFF of me smith grinding the Supreme bowl, in some flip-flops last summer. recently, Zack introduced me to his cousin, Kari. uh. Good Jesus of Megatron!!! i t'ink i'm in luh'b.. real tawk- i think im 'bout to have a whyte cousin! u mad? bwahaahahhaahha... this is THE LIFE, gawt damnit! roll the tape. im back like Memphis Bleek hairline, in this bish!

gawd dayum, that look't like it hurt!! they might as well of dressed her up like Wile E. Coyote, and dropped a anvil on her. i think its safe to say- she lawst.

before i forget.. im hosting 2 partys, within 12hrs of one another- on different sides of town. first off:
Friday night.
corner of Cherokee & Hollywood.
starts @ 9. ends, when i say so...
hold on.. TK gona be doing the damn thing there? thas whassup. its a celebration, bishes! *checks earpiece* hold up folks. just got word, ill be rolling thru in the Red Bull RV with the entire Globe team, and some birds. gawt dayum, THIS IS THE LIFE! get ya ass up here..

because when we done there. we're rollin back out to our 'tellys in Santa Monica, to do this the next day:
this is about to be a serious problem.. lets see. Rodney Mullen. Appleyard. David Gonzales. Mumford. Paul Machnau. Chris Haslam. Jake Duncombe. Good skating. Scantily clad women, everywhere. Food. the beach. Red Bulls even gonna build a 100ft long flat bar.. man. you gotta be outta ya gawt dayum mind, to miss this day!! this is THE LIFE!! aint no stoppin it.. some champagnes poppin. u mad, Scooby?!?

seriously tho... this is THE BEST skateboarding shoe, in the game
im serious! its THE BEST shoe... step ya game up.

i want to take this time to be the first to congratulate Dave & Tania Carnie, on their upcoming wedding this weekend.. sorry i couldnt make it, folks. i actually had plans of taking a helicopter up to Big Sur(sp?), just to say hello.. know what? fokk it.. imma have somebody look into it, while im on the block today. serious shyt! this is THE LIFE!!

i gotta get up outta this hot ass house. real tawk. whassup with people who dont got SHYT in their 'fridge. NO AC. but keep a big ass, empty fridge plugged up and running all day? and beforeanybody say it- fokk a fan. fokk around and run that bish so much, the motor'll have ya house smelling like burnt pencils.. that aint THE LIFE?! im out. before i bounce, imma leave yall with one of my favorite videos of all time..

Kevin Taylor! i see you! am i my brothers keeper? "my man wit the weed, is my man indeed.. and all you sucky duck n!kkas catch knots wit speed." im out.. jeah!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Da Good. The Bad. and, Da Gully...

Da Good
Im briefly back in hot ass, Cali. Me, and my luggage. Actually, I been here. My luggage has been missing since last Thursday, when i flew into Minneapolis. Damn. that was a long weekend. thanks to S.P.o.T, Mark and the entire 3rd Lair crew. i seriously thought i needed 'bout a week off after that, but decided to get some work done over at Transworld instead. Walk Wit Me..

go pick up a new Vapors, too... cha-ching!

and. one more time...
tomorrow night! this. is whassup...

know what? im in a GOOD mood today. here. take this Nas & Green Lantern "The Nigger Tape".(props to reformation)

look eh'dat..

now.. the BAD
okay. i aint all that political. but, i gotta say suhn'tin real quick. now, it was low enough when they accused Michelle Obama of calling the President, and whites- "whitey", in some speech. only to find out, she'd actually said "WHY'D HE". then. some dumb ass on the news, called a pound- a "terrorist fist jab".

yeah.. "terrorist, fist jab". Jesus of Megatron. then. if that aint bad enough. they then went on to describe Michelle Obama, as "Baraks baby momma..". real quik? do folks really not know the difference between a fokkin WIFE. and a damn,"baby momma"? real tawk? moving on. so today, i get a email with this.
ok.. am i the only one who see suhn'tin wrong here? "i couldnt get the skin tone right..". i mean. duke. you made a fokkin Sambo doll- out of the future President of the United States?!?! the dudes been on tv. what? all day. 2yrs straight. "couldnt get his skin tone right"?! kick rocks, old man.

now. the GULLY
recently i was on a trip with some old friends of mine. things were going well. airport lost my luggage. got kicked outta my hotel, first morning. i pissed in someones office. alot people got drunk. and... then. watch this real life, Jackie Chan shat!

ive seen some gully shyt in my life time. but everything aside- did he just rip the fokkin bar, off THE BAR?!?! what the fokk kinda John Henry shyt was...t? and hold up. bwahahahahha. he threw it, and NOBODY MOVED! bwahahahhahaa. im sorry, but this THE GULLIEST SHYT I SEEN ALL CEN'CHURY! im submitting that shyt to Ninja Warrior, asap.

i gotta run. some'broke-ass'body found my Blackberry in Minneapolis, and has been using it. too bad he 'ont know i got unlimited everything. dumb ass. when i get a detailed list of who hes called, ill post it though. some of yall ill see tomorrow. and, where the hells my little brother? i swear that lil nukkas like the black, Carmen SanDiego. jeah!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

i got the in'nuhnet, goin nuts!!!!

see. the problem here is-i do what i WANT TO. you? you "do what you can" about sh!t. these e-motional geeks bout to make the aink crack on my Google Analytics bar, yall on my lil blog so much.. thanks for the hits. one lame even wrote a article, talm suhn'tin about "e-beefs". bwahahahahahahha.. i told yall before- i dont "beef". i beat the brakes off folks, like i work @ Midas. you 'ont know. you betta ask somebody. but fokk all that. im still pretty. still making money. got a new tatt. a haircut.... whoa! haircut?!?! yuhp! nikka- im back! roll the tape.

"i wike toi'tuls..". bwahahahahhaha. man. "ya gotta luh'v it"- Killa Cam.

soooo.. 'member a few months back, id made mention of Big & Rob no longer being "cool". well. well. well. it seems as if ole piFFs right again. unfortunately- there wont be another season of Rob & Big, after the next one. so that means you haters can put all your hate into Young Moneys show, or that bi-sexual chick who look like suhn'tin between a ant, and Short Round(of Indiana Jones fame) wit fake tittays.

speaking of MTV/Dickhouse. I got my own win'der up in that bish.. look!
whas ya life like, whoadie?!(big shout out, to my man Johnny Knoxville for hooking that up)

oh yeah.. Big Brother Magazine, is coming back. u mad? Nikka puh'leaze.

and. while im at it. i wanna give a big shout out to my man Jimmy Theil of Jimmy'Z Ink in Jacksonville, for blessing me with tha.. uh-ooohh..
Hustlemania tattoo.. what? you thought i wat'nt?!?! "imma hustler homie. imma, imma hustler homie. nikka axe. nikka. nikka axe, about me!" good looking though Jimmy(and his wife Brooke). Keith. i see you nukka!

damn, im in a good mood today! just got paid. bout to go have lunch. buy some vee-necks, and dark shades for this long ass tour im bout to be on.(whaddup Minneaoplis. see yall Thursday). got that new Weezy F.. why people hating on Weezy, anyway? he "was" cool, but now he aint?? bwahahahahaha.... yall sound like them broads off Mean Girls. step ya life game up. fa'real.

i got shyt to do, like get these business cards done. get this check cashed. take ALL my folkks who been with the Jacksonville movement out for one last dinner/bar fokkery. and a plane to catch tomorrow. once again, thanks for all the hits. Google, my girls bank account, as well as future advertisers would personally like to thank you geekboys. but unfortunately- you're nameless, faceless losers. but as i said- thanks, and imma leave yall with this.

Memphis Bleek ft. Trick Daddy & T.I. - Round Here - MyVideo

im out.. jeah!