Thursday, July 30, 2009

Throwback Thursdays: Native Tongues

lemme start off by saying- if you werent around to experience the early, to mid-90's hip-hop experience.. you lawst at life.. no slight to the early/mid-80's, til the end of that decade.. but truth be told, the 90's(especially. the early-mid 90's)- RAN sh!t.. the creativity throughout music, arts, technology, etc- cannot be matched to this date.. with that being said, on this edition of Throwback Thursdays, i bring to you some of my favorite cuts, from one of the most powerful collectives- Native tongues.. this crew not only had some of my favorite artists involved, but also dropped alot of everyones classic hip-hop tracks.. big shout out to my man Dante Ross, and the whole Native Tongue movement for being so inspirational in this thing we all call hip-hop.. jeah!

Jungle Brothers- Straight out the Jungle

Jungle Brothers feat. A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and Queen Latifah- Doin' Our Own Dang (Remix)

A Tribe Called Quest- Can I Kick It?

A Tribe Called Quest- Check the Rhime

A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario ft. Leaders of the New School

De La Soul- Saturdays

De La Soul- Buddy

Leaders Of The New School - What's Next (Live On Arsenio)

Common Sense- Soul By The Pound

*ed. note- due to copyright laws, alot of my & your favorite Native Tongue vids have been blocked for embedding.. nevertheless.. hope yall enjoyed this mix i put together.. jeah!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

God Bless ole U, S of A..

what a week, ive had.. or, should i say past past week.. for starters- my Brothers family has introduced another Singleton to this world, and ladies and gentleman. born 7/23, at approxiametly 6:45p.m.- welcome Destiny Renee Singleton to this world..

id also like to let it be known that, i got there about a hour late- and my Brother'd just gotten a new camera to shoot this glorious day.. well. lets just say i seen some parts of my sister-in-law, i didnt care to see. whatsoever.. sh!t look't like a 80's movie down there where poor lil Destiny swag surfed out of.. anyhow.. congratulations to my Brother, his family, and my Mom for once again trying to corner me with the "when you gonna have one.." scenario...

moving forward.. ill be gettin my license back soon, and the first place i plan to go car shopping? roll the tape..

God Bless ole U, S of A.. the goodest part of the whole video, is that part- George dub'ya.. part- Yosemite Sam looking character on the wall in the background.. look.. i aint no rocket scientist- but i think its pretty safe to say, this is NOT the dude you wanna cut off in traffic and ride away giving the finger to..

speaking of Amerikkka(the "Obesity capitol of the World"), and scientists.. did you guys know that fast food is addictive as heroin..?!?! me neither.. but according to scientists at Princeton University, and this article i came across- it is.. dayum.. looks like the only thing good for you, is weed.. salad.. and.. weed? im cool with that..

id like to take this time to welcome my good friend, fellow writer and most importantly- the first Black man to ever grace to cover of Transworld- Mr. Livingroon Johnston to TCOPH... Livingroom hit me up last week, and let me know he was diggin the blog, and particularly my "When Did You Realize Eminem was an Embarrassing jackass" piece.. well, Livingroom- as promised.. i got another on for you..

When did You Realize 50Cent was an Embarrassing Jackass?

- after he made, "How to Rob" and got thrown down some steps and beat down by Ghostface and his fellow Wu members

- after he put out a Order of Protection against member of Murder Inc

- after the BET interview where he said "I got first-hand knowledge of Murder Inc being started with drug money..", and 2 weeks later- Murder Inc was raided and under Federal investigation

- when he dropped those G-Unit lesbian sports tops

- after he claimed to get shot 9 times, but when the police and hospital reports dropped claiming he was actually only hit 3 times

- when he made a song called "In da Club", and you found the only person that really be in the club- is the dude who clapped him up in front of his Grandma's

- when he popped all that sh!t on the radio, and when the Game & Blackwallstreet showed up.. he high-tailed it out the back door..

- when Game single-handidly embarrassed him, and G-Unit

- when Game said he'll put 50 in the ground like his mother, and 50 did nuffin

- when the L.O.X. embarrassed him on every diss track, and then years later- he was smiling on camera with Jada

- when Jada did "Sorry Mrs. Jackson", and he did nothing..

- when you found out he lives in a mansion with 3 other grown men, but no women

- when 50 made fun of Ja Rule singing, and turned around and made songs singing himself

- when 50 was talking tough to the CEO of Koch, and told him to "put Cam on the phone.." and when Cam got on the phone, 50 changed his whoooooooooole demeanor

- after Cam'ron single-handidly embarrassed him, had made him shaving his teeth down and changing the name of his album

- when he made "Candy Shop"

- when he lost to Kanye, and tried to twist the rules and say he "meant worldwide numbers.."

- when Jay told him he couldnt release the "I Get Money" remix, until AFTER Kanye dropped his album

- when that African cat ran up on stage, and yanked his chain off his neck(1:36 mark)

- when he was doing that ghey ass dance onstage, thinking he was mocking Kanye

there ya go, my dude.. and once again- welcome to the site(as well as the blogroll). and i said it once, and ill say it again.. some of these new school, Willy bo-bo ass black cats who skate and claiming they this & that.. yall need to do some fukkin knowledge before yall go out trying to speak/represent for everybody else.. i mean.. just the fact yall dont even know WHO Livingroom Johnston REALLY is, or what he represented- is a fukkin joke in itself.. real tawk. half you clowns probly dont even know who the fukk Fred Reeves is, nor- a dayum thing about his legacy.. assclowns..

look.. im outta here.. i got sh! to do, and furthermore- a frame for a bed to go get or some sh!t like that.. for all ya new music, news, etc- hit up hustlemania.. you can also catch me on twitter.. and hold up.. its Tuesday, right? fukk it- Taco Tuesday at my place tonight.. yall be easy. and until next time- jeah!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"that was one of the most fukked up things ive seen in a minute.."

imma keep it 100.. i dont care Chris Cole won, anything.. at all. it aint hate. i just could care less if the n!kka won, anything. the reason i say this, is it stems from a recent conversation me & a friend had re:skateboarding.. we were speaking on the newest videos, some dope tricks(which, Chris Cole is NO stranger to), and whatnot.. then Chris' name came up. i asked what he thought of him. Instead of answering, he questioned me. "What do YOU think of Chris Cole.?" I sat quietly, thinking of a CORRECT answer. and, before i could even respond. the kid dropped the most powerful, and truthiness statemant id ever heard.. "I like Chris Cole.. I think hes good. But, i think he skates- only because hes good.. doesnt look like he's having fun when he skates.." ive been in & out of church, my entire life. my Grandmother, Father, Mother, Brother, 3 Uncles, Aunt.. hell.. 75% of my families a preacher/first lady.. but what that kid spoke, was THE most powerful gospel i think id ever heard..

moving forward.. fukk ya iphone:

"wheres this dude get his blenders from.. because mine barely even blends fruit without breaking."- my new neighbor, Candace

my girl just went on a photoshoot with my/our good friend Autrelle. Autrelle happens to be some kinda kung fu/kick assedry wizard, and the plan was for me to get choked out by one of his Dr. Spock-like death grip techniques on camera. but, too bad everyone who has a camera.. or, hold on.. how come all the "filmers", are never ready to film anything..? real tawk- why DO alot of people have video cameras.. what DO you "film"? some of yall should ask ya'self that question.. and shout out to my lil brother whos well on his way to being the next Spike Jonze, or Spike Lee depending on what kinda woman, liquor and environment he's in at the moment... basically. somebody shoulda NEVER gave THIS n!kka, a camera.. people. watch ya girls. and, parents. lock ya daughter up..

or, they could end up doing some embarrassing sh!t like this:

Jesus H. Christ.. was that supposed to be "sexy"? whadda dumb bish! look.. i told yall a loooooooooong time ago, this broad was an embarrassing jackass.. not to mention, she looks like she could be a extra in the movie "Ants", with no make-up, or special effects involved.. gawt dayum i hate that ole, shorty sh!t stained. fake hip-hop lesbi"aint". i could definantly see her being another recipient of my new column" Embarrassing Jackass of the Week" over at . yeah.. im doing work over there now. you mad, Scooby?

yknow what.. theres certain things i like to seperate, and two of them are my blog. and, my website.. but, today.. imma have to give up this piFF to yall, because this is one of THE goodest blend tapes, Ive ever heard..

Memory Man presents: Wu-Tang vs D.I.T.C
if you call ya'self being any kinda hip-hop fan, and you dont download this mixtape- one ya'self.. as i said, this is possibly THE best blend tape, ive EVER heard. and, i own as well as promote- ALOT of music.. for anymore of ya music, gear, news, etc.. get on over to yknowhatitis..

anybody ever witnessed a cop(or anybody), kill a man? well, thanks to this small thing we have called "YouTube", you can now bare witness.. roll the tape(and, btw.. this is REAL)

LIVINGSTON, LA (WAFB) - The Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office has released the dash cam video of a deadly traffic stop and in doing so said its deputies followed procedure.

The video shows Deputy Chris Sturdivant as he pulls over 42-year-old Adam Stogner. The tape starts with the deputy asking Stogner for his license. It ends with an officer asking the man if he's still breathing.

click here, to continue reading...

yeah.. that was one of the most fukked up things i think ive seen in a minute.. Straight up- fukk the police.. i know thers "some good ones.." hell. theres "some good" drug dealers, too.. but fukk em both. i cant believe i even watched that... with that said, im outta here. thanks for taking the time, once again, to peek into my view of the world. yall be easy.. if you wanna follw me on twitter, holla.. until next time- yall be easy. think freely. and, call ya Momma today and tell her you Love her... i just did.. jeah!

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