Wednesday, August 05, 2009

"i still dont know when im leavin, but i should be there.."

look, people.. if you aint got a fukkin job- at least clean up ya damn house.. or even worse- clean up behind ya'self.. i mean.. you aint got NOTHIN else to do.. im sayin. some of yall are embarrassing.. and, by some of ya actions- its clearly apparent why you dont got a job no more.. and for all ya comedians out there who think i "dont work", but dont realize Gawd bless't me wif' this stupid fruity- crazy swag of a lifestyle(i do/say what the fukk i want) & job(i work from anywhere, and get to incorporate my lifestyle into it)- you lawst before you even started.. anyways. quit being a bum.. woman dont like bums.. bums live amongst all kinds of messes, and all kinds of flies around 'em- with no problems(sound familiar).. woman dont like messes. and the only thng they like that files- is time.. yall need to step ya lifestyle game up.. and, know you know...

moving forward.. what the fukk is this?

is this, fa'serious? who the...? what the FUKK, is that? and, the worst part is.. whoever did this- is too much of a coward and show their face.. click to read more... what kinda yella'belly.. hold up. did i just say "yellow-belly.."? lets just forget that for a second.. ok. what the fukk is wrong with people..? look, dumbass who did it.. youre already semi-famous.. probably more than say... the dude whos faced is blurred on "Fantasy Factory".. ok.. well, if i were you. and- i was brass enough to actually hate someone like say.. the President(whaddadumbass). and make a mockery of his image publicly.. at least start a tee-shirt company.. get ya ass on the news.. and start working toward lawyer fee, and saving up about 10-15 yrs of commissary..

onto some funnier news.. if you werent on hustlemania yesterday(plug..), you probably missed this new trailer i posted for Chris Rocks upcoming film "Good Hair"..

for all you long-time Chris rock fans.. im sure you probably remember when Chris Rock use'ta incorporate this kinda segment into his earlier shows... but, to hold on.. lets go back to Paul Mooneys hair.. did you..? bwahahhahahahhahahah... this movies gonna be ridiculous..

i think i want to buy a magazine.. lets se.. ill take- THAT ONE!

uh.. wow.. Keri Hilson. cover of the new Complex. drops today. thank you..

im outta here.. oh yeah.. if youre up in the Atlanta area this weekend- come check out Red Bulls "Manny Mania".. i still dont know when im leavin, but i should be there.. in the meantime.. lemme see clean up behind ya'self..(check) i said the word "yellow-belly"..(check) funny movie about Black peoples hair(check)..Keris Hilson(eh'hmm)... random quote.. yeah.. im outta here. ya be easy...

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