Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"hold on.. didnt i say i was gonna start skating again, if Vick came back? its on.."

first off.. i would normally take this time to apologize for my absence, but nawl.. i been on my grind, cousin.. and, i mean- HEAVY.. ive done everything from host a Red Bull event in Atl, to balling so hard- i fell asleep on a bell hop cart... to watchin the white Bobby & Whitney(aka as Tay' Tay' & Drew) go through.. well.. whatever happened there.. to having one of the best birthdays of my entire life(I Love You, Rach').. to... going from waiting on a check, to having 4 show up in one week.. to.. deejaying at Eclipse(be there again, this Wednesday.. holla).. man.. just trust me.. this has been one hell of a month.. even Mike Vick is playing again.. hold on.. didnt i say i was gonna start skating again, if Vick came back? its on.. as for the blog- lets go.. first order of business. i cant stand them bum ass Pittsnerd Stealers, but i gotta keep it 100... yall seen this shat yet?! roll the tape:

what the...?! breh... naw.. fa'real, doh.. yall see that sh!t?!?! hold up.. dont even move.. yall seen THIS sh!t? roll the tape:

if i was this dude, id start skateboarding just to win the high ollie contest- then quit.. no more. no less. then, id go to parties/clubs, and just jump on random peoples shoulders while waiting in line for a drink.. then, i go on that terrible new "Shaq Vs.. " show, and teabag that cock'eyed freakazoid.. im sayin tho..

sooooooo... i guess everybody wanna spend all this time talm bout Michelle Obama wearing shorts, but i guess we just not even gon' discuss how Andy Warhol had nekkid pictures on Jackie O... yeah.. i didnt think so..

but.. what we WILL talk about, is my first photos being published by Florida Times-Union

(as seen on jacksonville.com)
Volunteers from several area churches participate in an event titled Quench the Violence, Saturday, August 22, 2009. Around 75 people passed out water at five intersections along Moncrief Road, trying to raise awareness of violent crime in Jacksonville. “We want people to chill out, take a drink and think about what they’re about to do,” organizer Rev. Robert LeCount said of people thinking of taking action with violence, “They might just have a change of heart.” (Photos by Clyde Singleton)

to view the entire gallery on jacksonville.com, click this lank…

anyone care to explain this..

oooooooooooooooohhh laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwd.!!!!!! this is full of nothing BUT, quotables..
all you bummy ass dudes with low self-esteem, can learn ALOT from this pi'amp.. props to Autrelle for blessing my morning with that.. good Lawd, my chest hurts now..

i gotta run.. got some things to take care of before the girl goes to work, like edit photos for The Florida Star.. try to make it to the beach.. email some folks, and the usual daily hustle.. yall be good, and in the meantime- you can follow me on twitter.. or, for all your music, clothing, news, etc.. go on over to hustlemania.. and, before i go- id like to welcome both

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