Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3 hunn'id.... this is classic, sun shyt u might not see again!

thas my new name! 3, fokkin hunn'id! i party 3 hunn'id days a year. change phone numbers, every 3 hunn'id suhn'tin hours. done a total of, 3 hunn'id pull-ups on the porch. 3 hunn'id weeks ago, i fell off a bridge in Prague. lost 3 pints uh blood out my ear, and lived to tell the story. Melissa's glasses are gonna run me at least, 3 hunn'id. just got confirmation, on Red Carpet interviews @ Transworld Awards. And truth be told- suhn'tin REAL BIG IS GOIN DOWN ON-STAGE THIS YEAR. IT INVOLVES THE MOVEMENT, AND UNITY. imma leave it there. and for all you fukknuts who can't figure the difference between "crazy", and "confident"- chomp on dis. no homo. thank you to Orange County. all my friends both here, and back home(wheres "home"?). lastly, Melissa- I Love You. and thank whatever Gawd brought us back together. Gawd. you my nukka... bwahahahahha.. im out. take a picture. click, click bish! ill be back tomorrow. im goin to get wavy on the beach. Whaddup Grant Brittain. Matt, and Troy Morgan @ Kayo- i see you. fokk it. we all in the same gang. Bang a gong. Get it on!

before i go. theres only one rule. well. maybe 2. IN THIS LIFETIME- I WILL NOT "LOSE". AND THERES NO SUCH THING AS "EMBARRASSING" ME.

and in Philly. they call me "dun", dun. cause i "dun't it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal..." these chickens. plucked em all. Meliiiiiiiiiisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?!?! i luh'b dat gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawl...!!!!!!!! New Yawk? Afro Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnk. headin dat fes''vuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhl!!! im dat "n-word". yu!!!! this suhm'mah im killin em... Units in the city? i dunh't built em yup! im out!!! check dis flik'ur!

was that, 3 hunn'id words? holla.

Friday, April 25, 2008

by the way- im officially "wavy"

i should honestly take this time, to put a certain muh'phukka on blast. no. really. i should. but, then again- why? ive already wasted enough of my personal time, money and energy with this person. ive been through what seems to be this same situation... 3 times in a year? yall can keep the money. yall can keep ya bullshyt lies. but one thing you'll NEVER have moving forward, is a drip of respect. youre all known liars. you've all proven, .099% of what you SAID you'd accomplish. and, im not the first, or wont be the last to let you go. in the end- you gotta live with yourself. your whole life, and what you "think" it is/gonna be- a joke. you will soon see. with that being said...

... and, all calls, checks, etc., go to me aka "da Bawss", from here on out. ive said it before, and ill say it again- i 'ont need yall. yall need me. men lie. women lie. numbers dont. you wont be doin whatever you do, in a few months. guaranteed. i hope it was worth it.. lets get this bish crackin..

gawt dayum! she almost did some real life, Elmer Fudd type shyt! hey. i got a good question. how, and why was that twiggy limb'ded bish even holdin a Desert Eag'? i mean. she look like the type to use a electric can opener, to unpeel a banana.

i got another question. well. actually, 2. where is the DGK Atlanta "Cribs", and the Jimmy Gorecki "Cribs" on youtube? did anyone see, download, or anything of that nature? i got a stack on both those clips. my emails in the bio..

by the way- im officially "wavy". yup. wavy. u mad, Scoob's? too bad. and, dont go asking ya black friend what the fokk wavy "means", cause their swagger levels probly too low anyways. look. im the king of slang. the king of the in'nuhnet. and gawt damnit- im just. wavy! "Jerome.. hand me my mirr'uh!!!"

uh-oooooooooh.. just spoke to my folk Mr.Len, just hit me up with some fokked up news.. you guys remember the Sean Bell case? yeah. the one where the coward asss poh'lice shot up a innocent man celebrating his birthday, to tune of 50-SOMETHING BULLETS. yeah. i said, 50-SOMETHING BULLETS! well it seems as ifthe NYPD has been fokkin ACQUITTED OF ALL CHARGES, because "the testimony of witnesses, just didnt make sense..". real tawk. HOW THE FOKK CAN A STORY ABOUT A DUDE GETTING SHOT 50-SOMETHING TIMES, NOT MAKE SENSE? real tawk- fokk da laws. all of em. this shyt is truly- disgusting. a innocent mans dead. a kids no longer got a Father. a woman lost her fiance. Mother lost a son. And the most yall can come up with is- "the witnesses statements, didnt make sense?!" fokkin, wow.

in bigger, and gooder news- da crew known as SK8MAFIA, is down wit' us... da homie Ryan Coleman, is down wit us. Vapors online, is down wit us. skating, art, and music is a must-this blogs number one, one, one, one ,one, one, one...

i got a question? how does this happen to people?

jesus.. i hope the kids okay, but what a d-bag. watching someone fall like that, im more than convinced people really arent aware that the first year skating should be spent learning how to fall/bail properly. all that "gettin twisted like a R. Kelly cornrows(no homo), so preventable- its ridiculous. watching someone fall like that, is equivalent to standing over the plate and hitting yourself with the bat, before the ball bang you in the nuts. dumbass..

before i go.. i need you all to bear witness to the one, and only- Snake Eyes.
yu'op. the G.I. Joe Movies coming soon, and damnit- i got yall a preview of Snake Eyes! i mean.. look at the swag on this villianous sum'uhbish! i 'ont even like goin to the movies, but im there. know what? i gotta go.. too much to do. look for the new photo gallery on skateboarding.com later today, and until next week... matter of fact. yall check out my man Kellen James pro video debut.. i said it 2 years ago, and he showed yall in Minority Report- dudes a BEAST. watch for more of Kel's in minority Report 2.. and congratulations on all your accomplishments. VERY well deserved. be easy, yall. jeah!

Monday, April 21, 2008

" they was steppin on them boys, look like they was playin the last level of Dance, Dance Revolution.."

things that have happened since i been gone. no longer own a laptop. thanks to some shyt called MuscleMilk, im at least.. what? 6lbs, heavier. got a full beard. fell back in love, with my first goy'l. little brother moving back to the A, in 2 days. and, oh yeah.. this came out.. here ya go!

hmmm.. okay. lets see here.. in all fairness- can i just skip right along to something else? 'cause i personally know ALOT of people in that video.. and... not saying its "bad". im just saying.. i dont wanna say anything. ill leave the comments, to yall on this one.

look.. lets just discuss this instead!

what the fokk was THAT?! no. seriously. what the FOKK was that?! actually. i know what that was. nuckin futts! that dude can rap better than half the dudes i know! yall hear the way he rode that Dipset beat, AND "let that bish brea've" in the middle too?! this dude Eli says he "da bast, mayne...", and gawtdamnit- i buh'lieve him. u mad, Scooby?

hooooooold the fukk up.. hit the breaks. why the fokk, no one aint talm bout this? yall hear bout this? "boy"?! what. the. fokk?! u serious? oh yeah. while im on my politics. lemme gone head, and let this be known as well. now if you saw the debates last Wednesday, you probably remember the random old lady who asked the random question about a flag pin. well if you read here, itll go into detail how she was actually tracked down by a certain station. weird. even weirder? this guy, gave a speech on the balcony MLK was assasinated on. what the.. didnt dude publicly call some Asians, "gooks"? bwahahahahahahaahah.. so, whats next week? Micheal Richards gonna speak @ the NAACP Image Awards? real tawk- what the fukks really goin on?

in related news- wanna see what happens when you throw the n-bomb around?

good googly moogly!!!! they was steppin on them boys, look like they was playin the last level of Dance, Dance Revolution or some shat! and whoever jumped a lane of traffic, and landed on ole boy like he was playin Frogger, should look into skating. (and before yall get your panties in a wad, the 2 guys who caught "the beats" ARE NOT PRESSING CHARGES. damn. even they know, they fukk't up..)

oh! forgot to mention.. me and the folks at S.P.o.T. will be working together again. Damn Am.... all dat.. jeah! ill also be doing something at the TWS Awards.. oh yeah. might wanna let yall know about that too..
thas right.. hold on. its on a Friday this year? gaaaaaaaaaaaawd dayum! im there! i swear before the good Lawd, these folks know how to throw a awards/after party. didnt somebody wake up, under a table in L.A.X the next morning, last year? who cares! as i said- im there...

ok.. before i go. id like to once again thank Trent, Laura, Ed, Mirko, Milligan & everyone else who was in Phoenix a few weeks ago... i dont remember much. but, i do know i ended up paying a cool 200-something dollars for the clean-up of piss outta some poor girls car. the only thing that still trips me out to this day is- she'd given me the car & $50, i woulda bought her whip back detailed, with some Ewings on duh feet! im sayin.. who gets their car washed, where you cant get some rims and a dub at anyways?

i gotta run.. i got sh!t to do. like buy Sheltons G4, for $250. u mad, Scooby? you shouldnt be. Josh. Sampy. ill be in OC in about 2 days.. im bringing a backpack, a laptop, a camera, and 6-pack. until then. i leave you all with this swagtastic moment in music history. until next time. roll the tape, folks...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

the laws been riding around scooping brothas up like John Hawkins, and the "Good Ship of Jesus"

okay.. okay.. i been gone for a minute, but im sure theres some random blogger, who thinks they funny, yall been catchin up on.. actually. no there aint. i run this shyt, like Pepto.. thaink not? roll the fokkin tape. im back, bishes...

hoooooold da fokk up! *goes back to 1:50 mark* did he just light a cigarette, with his feet?! with a, match too?!?! good googly moogly!! am i trippin, or is this dude 50x's gooder than half the "DJ"s in LA?!? DJing with no arms, lighting smokes off ya toes>>>thaink'n you the shyt, because you spin off Hollywood.. step ya lame up. i thaink my boy DJ Infader knows this cat, so watch for the exclusive interview soon.. dayum.. yall heard Infader, on that lank?! and why i keep calling him Infader? anyways.. the movements worldwide. music. television. videos. emceeing contest. man. we movin.. tell me when yall mad.

speaking of which, hopefully by the time this goes up, yall will bear witness to one Mike Rosa @ skateboarding.com.. and for the record, at skateboarding.com, we dont feel the need to bite other websites materials like some of these cats.. yall lookin flabby, and sick like Larry Johnson. pass the rock old man.. my crossover so hard, yall breakin yall legs & necks fukkin with me.. "let that bish breathe.."

for the umpteenth time- i cant stand liars. no matter the size of the lie, nor the gender of said liar- i cant stand a muh'fukkin liar.. so yall tell me. which one of these dumb hoes lied the hardest, or the smartest?

hmmm.. thats weird. ive never seen bullets, in the shape of Bosnian children.. lying azz.. moving on.

now. for some reason, this broads lie, is just ridonkulous..

this is Margaret B. Jo.. i mean, Margaret Seltzer. actually. who cares.. anyways. shes the author of Love & Consequences, and basically- the entire books a lie about her "gang life". just check these quick interview excerpts...

Q: Throughout the book, when presenting dialogue, you write in slang. You also replace the c’s in many words with k’s. Why?

A: You have to find a balance. You want to make the book understandable to the average reader in the suburbs but you also want it to be realistic. I’m not going to walk into a store and say, “Hi. How are you doing? Nice to meet you!” I felt if I did that in the book something would be lost. And I want people to understand how deep-seated the hatred really is between CRIPs and Bloods. CRIPs celebrate C-days rather than B-days (birthdays) and Bloods smoke bigarettes not cigarettes. The hate is so deep that, as a Blood, you automatically change the spelling in words with a c in them.

holy. fokkin shit. if you want a good laugh, go here and finish reading the pieces of the interview.. in all honesty- both of these woman suck. they both lie, and to top it off- Hilary got a head shaped like Cecil the Turtle.. but, they both equally lost for trying to get hood stripes.. talm bout "duckin bullets", and callin cigarettes- "bigarettes".. bwahahahahahhahahahaha.. sound like these cats who be writing, and talm bout skating- but NEVER(or barely) skated. "watch'a taaaaawlm bout.."- Shawty Lo

in related REAL tawkery my cousin Nate, happened to get locked up w/Antwuan during Tampa weekend. same paddy wagon, and all... i 'ont know what made this kid throw money in some ladies face, knowing the laws been riding around scooping brothas up like John Hawkins, and the "Good Ship of Jesus"... damn.. that was just.. politically, as well as socially- crucial! i keeps em talkin..

i heard Alex Olson aint on Lakai no mo'.... and? maybe people forgot about this, piFF...

uhh.. that dude(and his Pops)- can SKATEBOARD! its folks skating ledges at 2mph, gettin more respect & paper than lil dude. and, that aint right.. so as i said- good for him. fokk these, broke gossipy haters. and much success moving forward youngin..

well.. i suppose its about that time.. i would leave you with a flick, but i keep gettin hit up about the old school hip-hop vids.. so lemme demonstrate, if you will... ahem.

most of you, ill see in PHX this weekend.. the rest- in LA next week. and if i aint mentioned, im having a going away party in LA- no less than 2 weeks.. the only clue i can give is "life is but a beach chair, air, air, uh.." peace yall.. jeah!