Friday, August 28, 2009

"you obviously lack any venacular, to try and get online and out-swag the swag'tacular.."

first off.. good Friday to everyone.. i know im up early, but i been on my grind lately. plus. my man Rick Kosick(of Big Brother/Jackass fame) is in town, to film me for the upcoming Big Brother Documentary.. yeah.. theres gonna be a documentary.. more on that later.. what i DO wanna tap in on, is these cats out here who been trying to ride my wave.. look.. i realize, "imitation, is the highest form of flattery..". yeah, yeah, yeah.. but, when you obviously lack any venacular, to try and get online and out-swag the swag'tacular- you lawst.. i started this "You Tubesday", "Throwback Tursday", and various other splasy type slang & topics on the in'nuhnets.. if you gon' bite a n!kka, the least you can do is dedicate ya lil wave to the Gawd.. i mean.. the idea of you even thinkin we in the same swag'etory- is comical at the least.. real tawk.. yall need to respect my conglomerate.. before i put one of yall on the summ'ah jam screen.. it aint too late..

now that i got that off my chest.. my man John Paul showed me this as i was eating some Pho, the other day, and i almost choked on the ligament in my soup.. roll the tape:

hold on.. what the hell, was that?!?! no.. seriously.. i think thats single-handidly, one of the funniest things ive ever seen in my life.. and, did ole boy just walk in the closet, and realize he was scared of the dark or suhn'tin? oooooooooooh laaaaaaawd..!!! this whats hot in the skreets now, lil dudes.. yall cryin over in'nunet games? and, real tawk- what the hell is a World of Warcraft? thas like D&D? what kinda swagless nerd, play games with wizards and all dat? yall buggin, man..

soooooooooo.. i guess we just aint gon' talk 'bout the CEO of the Richmond Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals who left... no.. excuse me.. "forgot" her own fukkin dog, in her car for HOURS in 90-something degree weather- which lead to its death, right? what.. i aint lyin! click this lank... irronically enough.. this is the same woman, who was VERY vocal about Mike Vick.. hmmm.. wonder if she'll be publically scrutinized.. asked to resign from her job.. do some time in the bing.. get out.. only to be scrutinized even more.. and.. hold, on!!! now that i think about it.. NONE of this will happen.. because, number 1- the news isnt even reporting this, at ANY length. matter of fact. ive yet to see this "dog killers" face all over TV. or, seen her face- period!! real slobber. fukk this broad. and, whatever she THOUGHT she stood for..

btw.. i been on my photo grind this week- HEAVY.. dropped the "Quench the Violence" gallery, on Florida times Union website( just threw a editorial, and photos to the folks at the Florida star(Fla's oldest running, African-American owned newspaper).. and, you know Eric & my man Blair alway hold me down over at Transworld.. check this splashy lil gallery of my summer down here in the Dirty, that just went up...

good looks to...

ruh rooooooooooh!!!!!!! Rick Kosick just called, and said he'son his way over to film for the Jackass documentary.. i got'sta go.. in the meantime.. if you wnna kepp ya'self entertained.. here..

"10 Ugliest People on Reality TV"

i gotta run.. catch me later on twitter... if you want some new music.. hit up hustlemania.. and, until next time.. sorry yall.. but i got thaings to do today.. yall be easy, and speak to ya soon.. jeah!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"hold on.. didnt i say i was gonna start skating again, if Vick came back? its on.."

first off.. i would normally take this time to apologize for my absence, but nawl.. i been on my grind, cousin.. and, i mean- HEAVY.. ive done everything from host a Red Bull event in Atl, to balling so hard- i fell asleep on a bell hop cart... to watchin the white Bobby & Whitney(aka as Tay' Tay' & Drew) go through.. well.. whatever happened there.. to having one of the best birthdays of my entire life(I Love You, Rach').. to... going from waiting on a check, to having 4 show up in one week.. to.. deejaying at Eclipse(be there again, this Wednesday.. holla).. man.. just trust me.. this has been one hell of a month.. even Mike Vick is playing again.. hold on.. didnt i say i was gonna start skating again, if Vick came back? its on.. as for the blog- lets go.. first order of business. i cant stand them bum ass Pittsnerd Stealers, but i gotta keep it 100... yall seen this shat yet?! roll the tape:

what the...?! breh... naw.. fa'real, doh.. yall see that sh!t?!?! hold up.. dont even move.. yall seen THIS sh!t? roll the tape:

if i was this dude, id start skateboarding just to win the high ollie contest- then quit.. no more. no less. then, id go to parties/clubs, and just jump on random peoples shoulders while waiting in line for a drink.. then, i go on that terrible new "Shaq Vs.. " show, and teabag that cock'eyed freakazoid.. im sayin tho..

sooooooo... i guess everybody wanna spend all this time talm bout Michelle Obama wearing shorts, but i guess we just not even gon' discuss how Andy Warhol had nekkid pictures on Jackie O... yeah.. i didnt think so..

but.. what we WILL talk about, is my first photos being published by Florida Times-Union

(as seen on
Volunteers from several area churches participate in an event titled Quench the Violence, Saturday, August 22, 2009. Around 75 people passed out water at five intersections along Moncrief Road, trying to raise awareness of violent crime in Jacksonville. “We want people to chill out, take a drink and think about what they’re about to do,” organizer Rev. Robert LeCount said of people thinking of taking action with violence, “They might just have a change of heart.” (Photos by Clyde Singleton)

to view the entire gallery on, click this lank…

anyone care to explain this..

oooooooooooooooohhh laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwd.!!!!!! this is full of nothing BUT, quotables..
all you bummy ass dudes with low self-esteem, can learn ALOT from this pi'amp.. props to Autrelle for blessing my morning with that.. good Lawd, my chest hurts now..

i gotta run.. got some things to take care of before the girl goes to work, like edit photos for The Florida Star.. try to make it to the beach.. email some folks, and the usual daily hustle.. yall be good, and in the meantime- you can follow me on twitter.. or, for all your music, clothing, news, etc.. go on over to hustlemania.. and, before i go- id like to welcome both

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

"i still dont know when im leavin, but i should be there.."

look, people.. if you aint got a fukkin job- at least clean up ya damn house.. or even worse- clean up behind ya'self.. i mean.. you aint got NOTHIN else to do.. im sayin. some of yall are embarrassing.. and, by some of ya actions- its clearly apparent why you dont got a job no more.. and for all ya comedians out there who think i "dont work", but dont realize Gawd bless't me wif' this stupid fruity- crazy swag of a lifestyle(i do/say what the fukk i want) & job(i work from anywhere, and get to incorporate my lifestyle into it)- you lawst before you even started.. anyways. quit being a bum.. woman dont like bums.. bums live amongst all kinds of messes, and all kinds of flies around 'em- with no problems(sound familiar).. woman dont like messes. and the only thng they like that files- is time.. yall need to step ya lifestyle game up.. and, know you know...

moving forward.. what the fukk is this?

is this, fa'serious? who the...? what the FUKK, is that? and, the worst part is.. whoever did this- is too much of a coward and show their face.. click to read more... what kinda yella'belly.. hold up. did i just say "yellow-belly.."? lets just forget that for a second.. ok. what the fukk is wrong with people..? look, dumbass who did it.. youre already semi-famous.. probably more than say... the dude whos faced is blurred on "Fantasy Factory".. ok.. well, if i were you. and- i was brass enough to actually hate someone like say.. the President(whaddadumbass). and make a mockery of his image publicly.. at least start a tee-shirt company.. get ya ass on the news.. and start working toward lawyer fee, and saving up about 10-15 yrs of commissary..

onto some funnier news.. if you werent on hustlemania yesterday(plug..), you probably missed this new trailer i posted for Chris Rocks upcoming film "Good Hair"..

for all you long-time Chris rock fans.. im sure you probably remember when Chris Rock use'ta incorporate this kinda segment into his earlier shows... but, to hold on.. lets go back to Paul Mooneys hair.. did you..? bwahahhahahahhahahah... this movies gonna be ridiculous..

i think i want to buy a magazine.. lets se.. ill take- THAT ONE!

uh.. wow.. Keri Hilson. cover of the new Complex. drops today. thank you..

im outta here.. oh yeah.. if youre up in the Atlanta area this weekend- come check out Red Bulls "Manny Mania".. i still dont know when im leavin, but i should be there.. in the meantime.. lemme see clean up behind ya'self..(check) i said the word "yellow-belly"..(check) funny movie about Black peoples hair(check)..Keris Hilson(eh'hmm)... random quote.. yeah.. im outta here. ya be easy...

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