Wednesday, September 02, 2009

"im sure one of you 'internet scientists' with your degree in Googlery, have some kinda answer for this.."

i had a really odd dream last night.. first, i was skating in some mountain'ess area of.. actually. i have no idea where the fokk i was! i just know it was mountain'ess, and it had alot of spots.. then, after making it to the apex of one area of this random ass spot- i realized I'd grabbed the wrong camera. what?! i was hyped on where i was, and a n!kka needed a flick. the sh!t look'ted like suhn'tin outta the movie "Dune", but had skate-spots.. trust me. it was dope.. anyways. so in a panicked state, i dropped into this one area that was forbidden to venture in unless you had a golf cart. yeah. a fukkin, golf cart.. needless to say, i dropped in. and woke up, before i cracked my skull. end of that one.. so, i proceed to my 2nd stage of dormacy, and this time- i found myself in a And1 b-ball type tournament. i really didnt feel like playing, or practicing. so, i just grabbed the ball, and performed a few dunks. after i did my thizzle, i left the courts only to be found in some huge skateable mall-type complex.. i grabbed some kids board, and just skated around. forgetting i was entered in a b-ball contest.. someone walks up and goes, "hey.. theyre calling your name/team right now...". i dropped my board, and took off running only to find myself awakening to the voice of Robin Meade.. damn. Robin Meade is fine.. but, real slobber. isnt that a weird ass dream? sh!t was like the ghetto version of Science of Sleep..

if you think my dream was weird.. look at this "plant"..

i dont even know how to say the name of this thing, but what i DO know is- that damn sho'll aint no cornucopia. and, that thing eats rats.. so, yeah. its a carnivore. its ugly. and, it somehow has a mouth.. i got a good question.. is that the "tongue" protruding above it? and, whas wit' me,and all these big ass words today..? did i read a dictionary in my sleep too, or suhn'tin?

for those of you who might not be familair.. i introduce you, to Mr. Kellen James..

good Jesus, is that dude good.. whats funny, is when i dropped Minority Report over 2yrs ago- NO ONE was trying to hear me 'bout dude.. i mean, NO ONE.. now. the same cats who shooting flicks with him, giving him props, etc.. act like they just dicovered him. and, dont even have the decency to mention Minority Report.. yall make me laugh, sometimes.. actually. yall make me laugh, ALL the time. anyways.. check out Kellen in Transworlds new video, "Right Foot Forward".. im sure he has the best part.. actually. im POSITIVE, he has the best part..

really quick.. theres been ALOT of good music droppin in the last few days.. new Jigger Man. new Raekwon album(FUEGO!!!). some leaks from the new M.O.P. album thats droppin.. chronic, re-mastered w/unreleased material.. i suggest yall get on over to, and do the damn thing...

before i go.. no 'cism, but can someone tell me how the fukk this woman.. gave birth, to them lil white kids?

*click here for the entire story
before anyone gets their panties in a bunch.. im familiar with what an albino looks like.. what im NOT familiar with, is how 2 Brazilians with my skin tone.. humped. and one.. actually, 3 of those kids popped out.. im sure one of you 'internet scientists' with your degree in Googlery, have some kinda answer for this..

well. i gotta run. got some guests coming over for dinner, then ill more than likely be downtown at the Artwalk.. followed by Autrelles "MJVSJT" Party @ Eclipse.. until then.. yall be safe, and if you wanna catch up w/me in the meantime- dont be scurred to follow me on twitter.. peace!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like an epic dream....

Could be in scifi mov!

Someone I work with always refers crazy dreams here:

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