Friday, February 29, 2008

21ne kwestions... some real tawk,

real tawk- Why was Big Brother the ONLY skateboard magazine, to EVER recognize Black History Month? Speaking of which- why isnt Windsor James, pro? WHY DO PROFESSIONAL SKATEBOARDERS PAY, TO ENTER CONTEST? hold on.... WHY DO PROFESSIONAL SKATEBOARDERS PAY TO ENTER CONTEST?!?! does anyone wanna know how much contest pull in, per event?!?!? why would ANYONE that makes close to 90k per weekend, need a extra $150 from 50 people? is it really, all bout the money?!?! where does the money go? a new location? possibly, an arena? why do something like that(might COST money)? do i get a shuttle to, and from the contest? what about free meals? and if theres so much money going into the event- why doesnt EVERYONE catch a check at the end? can i bring my parents? and, will they get a good seat? what about discounts on hotels? discounts for friends? if i decide to "sponsor" the contest, what does my couple of grand get me? a "shout-out"? why is there even a vert contest, anymore? does it even really matter whats done on vert, after watching D.Way in the DC video? whos gonna be the first one to get uncomfortable with this piFF im spittin, and go on attack mode? i mean- do we NOT DESERVE this, for the YEARS of piFF we put into this sport? why do i feel as if ill get more "attitude" than answers from this?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mister, "everytime you see me, i got a new laaaaiiiinnkk!!"

sorry about the absence.. i put in some heavy work last week, which im my world- turns into a heavy weekend. so in honor of my absence, heres a gif from me to you. literally.
to see this, and more swagnificent stuntin like this get on over to and since im on the subject, whats the deal with all the racist remarks on these skateboarding messageboards? racism, is whats hot in the industry again? oh yeah- it actually, NEVER went anywhere. case in point..
okay, rememeber this guy?
for those who dont, thats Corey Duffel. now. earlier this century, Cory Duffel was interviewed by our good friend Chris Neiratko for Big Brother magazine. While tryinn to sound "punk" form mommies basement on the phone, at one point of the interview(when asked about a trip to a Wendys restaraunt) he randomly goes on about some story how a black guy "looked like a trashy n!gger, yknow.. like Stevie Williams.". wow.. now. you know where that stories at? everybody check under the rugs, and seat cushions for me real quick... gone head.. i got a little time. you find it? i didnt think so.. because, its better "forgotten" when skateboard companies put thousands of dollars into advertising this lame. whys everybodies actin like this dude aint do the same shit as Dog the bounty hunter. or Micheal Richards. or... you get my point? ive personally elaborated on this for years in Clydes Corner, but i guess its just better to "forget". and im a advocate of forgiving.. but "forgetting.."? gtfoh.. listen people. i love skateboarding more than you possibly imagine. been skating for 20, sponsored for 18, and pro for 15. with that said, i know what the fokk im talm bout here. skateboarding is in the same stage as baseball, pre-Jackie Robinson era. theres only a handful of minority pros/ams presented to the public at a time, and its no coincidence. and no, im not going at anyone specific. its skateboarding in general. take a look around for yourself, and wake up people..

in other new, id really appreciate it if no one else send me that "67 things white people like" lank. mainly because, ive already done the same article in Big Brothers "White Issue", almost 10yrs ago. so, in laymens terms- my article was Donkey Kong, this new shyts Rampage..

i gotta go. its damn near 80degrees outside. but before i dip, imma do this for all my old school heads out there.. turn the fokin beat on!

i still got that on wax.. gotta respect that. yall be easy, and get outside or suhn'tin! im outta here.... jeah!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

"i mean.. im practically, a damn black redneck!"

so, last night im posted in the crib and for some reason, decide to look to the ceiling. dont know why. but i did. as i look up, theres a huge black widow above my dome. anyone ever seen a black widow? i have. matter of fact- thats the 2nd time in less than 2 years that ones been within 8 ft of me. last time, it was in my cornbread basket @ Bossa Nova. didnt die then. not dyin now. fukk around and turn my name into Bruce "Trillest", im so fukkin hard to kill.. roll the tape.. im still alive

should i even elaborate? yknow this video "just surfaced", right? "NO CRIMINAL CHARGES"? is this the "norm", now? seriously- fukk tha police.. well. some of em, at least. im gonnna leave it at that, but that was really fokked up. he beat the wholly living shyt outta that lady, and i think you should all know.. next.

so yesterday, the following events took place, within a few hours of one another. coincidence? maybe. mayber not
- shuttle lands
- 2 f-15's crash
- iraqi marked plane lands in usa
- lunar eclipse

- spy sattelite shot down(?)
- i saw a girl i was really interested in , nekkid on the in'nuhhet(sorry, no flick. cant do it to her folks..)
-oh yeah.. and, somebody started a blog about me being on coke(?), and all kinds of random lies. the irony of said post, was ive been told it sounded like a coke rambling, fool. or ex-"something"... hmm.. well. i know it for a FACT it wasnt theskateboardmag, because were all grown men, and i dont expect grown men to act that way. we parted civilized. they paid me what i was owed, and that was that. i actually tip my hat to them for the way they handled that. real tawk. now hold that thought.. by the time the masses had reached me, this e-motional rant was already taken down. coward. well lucky me, i got friends in REALLY high places, so i know exactly who it was that did it. i mean, id make up lies about me being on drugs too, if i was in Vegas last week begging random people for cocaine in the Palms lobby, while being escorted out by security... sound familiar? assclown. now. PEOPLE(NOT, A PERSON)told ME personally, you was begging for coke in the Palms lobby. PEOPLE! one dude even called me on some, "whas ya boy talm bout.. this n!kkas wreckless." smh... "my boy". yeah. lemme say this. my boys aint begging people for drugs, much less indulge in much besides piFF, whiskey n Bud Light. i mean.. im practically, a damn black redneck! secondly. why is this cat STILL lying? seriously- when will they stop? its gotta be difficult by now, considering everytime a person lies- they gotta cover themselves with 5 more lies.
FACT. damn. i wanted to see the blog too.. actually. i will. its being mailed here as i type. IP ADDRESS N ALL... we'll take it from there. see, me? i like to have all my facts straight, before i push a persons wig back to the whyte meat. and i know dudes probly shyttin out Slurpee juice right now, from reading such powerful piFF.. i told these cats- "you betta watch you saaaaaaaaay to me.."

thats my shyt right there.. shout out to T.I., and R.I.P. to Larry Davis..

ok.. now yall tell me whats a gooder look for Amerikkka? this..

or this..

classic... Vote or Die. im voting for the first time in my life. and when he does win(which im sure he will), i hope Michelles dancing on the podium making the doo-doo face to "Get it Girl" by 2 Live Crew.

Hooooooold the fokk up. if this aint the literal meaning of getting a "1/4 pounder" at the drive thru, i dont know WHAT IS?! roll em...

im sorry to say this, but that is borderline, GENIUS! i can see it now..
*pulls up to drive-thru w/the trunk on rattle
"homie.. lemme get a 1/4 pounder, 20 nuggets, and a pie.. napkins(papers) too."
" please pull around to window 2"
classic.. possibly the best McDonalds on the planet. fokk it. im moving out there. right.. why would i go all the way to bumblefukk, when i can just go right up the road and do this?

LA=Best City in the world. Weather. Woman. Oppurtunities. Skate spots. Weed. you name it- we got it. Shyt, even our rush hour traffics, the sh!t! sitting in a car next to Angelina Jolie in 5:30pm gridlock, blowing piFF>>>>>>>sittin in grid-lock traffic next to a toothless hag, in some Chevette whos smoking them brown cigarettes. now. yall tell me who won...

thats all for now. i got shyt to do(i think?).. like post up on Melrose, and drink a tall Chai latte, while "holla'in" at some birds. then i got pt.2 to finish up tonight for the folks @ TWS. flight plans for Tampa.. oh yeah. told yall- ill be in Tampa. and Cowtown. skating one, emceeing the other. told yall before- piFF dont lie. knwo what? i might even bring my Mom, and lil neice Aysia down, too. stay tuned.. peace yall. jeah!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

first the Hot boys break-up... and then they go and make up.. and then n!kkas wanna shoot up the show?

ok. im gonna come in a little strong, so imma gone 'head and excuse myself for this intro in advance... ok. now. how, and WHY the fokk does this HOE have a skateboard coming out?
seriously tho? real tawk. besides her labium minorum resembling two old Venture trucks- WHY does this albino, dick-dugged skank have a skateboard coming out? and didnt this weird, manatee shaped, emo-rappin broad get a board too? seriously. who buys this shyt?! i was just having this exact conversation the other day, with a guy at a skateshop. now call me crazy, but doesnt it seem like ANYONE can make money off skateboarding- without actually, skateboarding? amazing. for instance. yall know how much theses cost?! now. look up his skateboard stats for me really quik... go ahead. i got plenty of time. exactly. now. yall know how much THESE cost? and them kids, actually skate! ask anyone from the Bay. lesson here? if you grow up to be a- hoe, drug addict, weirdo who raps in mask, or anything within that range, your chances of getting your name on a product, in various publications, etc- is endless. go out and try to do some tricks, maybe get the company to market & promote the actual skateboarders, or something stupid like that- you get a couple of free decks a month, and the run around for years from the same idiots who support this shyt. sad...

in gooder news- in only its first week of operations, has been named "Site of the Week" over at u mad, Scooby?

first the Hot boys break-up..and then they go and make up..and then n!kkas wanna shoot up the show?! wtf?!
Mannie "Fre', eh-eh, eh-eh, ESH" , was gone be there too? n!kkas dunn, dun't it this time... uh-oh.. yall hear that beat?

i gotta get up outta here.. its 25cent waing night @ Wangs. in the meantime, check out this new Blvd/Whassup Rockers piece that just went up on Transworld today.. oh yeah. if anybody out theres thats got/can get their hands on the newest issue of Frank151(the Jetsetter issue), contact me asap. i got a stack of autographed Minority Report DVDs for you.. jeah!

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

"his cornrows look't like a bunch of old, strategically sewed-on Timberland shoestrings..."

for those unfamiliar with the recent attack of a 14yr old skateboarder by Officer Rivieri on camera in Baltimore, click this lank and catch up to speed. now. all bullshat aside- watching that clip makes me wanna puke. who the fokk, talks to a kid like that? seriously, tho? moving on. besides his recent vacation/suspension(after the tape started gaining some national attention), it seems as the God Lawd above has also blesseth the good Cap'n with even more. too bad its in form of "more video evidence", of this lame engaging in what he knows best.. bullying kids. roll the tape please..

look.. i usually dont even get involved in shyt like this. i pray on everything on this place we call Earth, this dude not only gets fired AND HEAVILY fined- but, someone talks to HIS kids in the same manner. and yes. it'd be just as bad had he been speaking to ADULTS like that. actually. i dont think he does, nor has he ever had the heart to. thats usually where that kinda attitude comes from. dudes a scumbag. i hope he gets fired, then turned down for unemployment. i then hope he has to bag groceries, and people would rather carry them on their head after seeing he's the bagboy. i could go on, but i think i've made my point. actually.. i hope.. im kidding. but im not kidding about the rest of what i just wrote. fukk duke, and his life.

why isnt anyone discussing this brilliant display of ass-whoopigry, from last night?

(props to WSHH)
bwahahahahahhahaha.. did Kimbo even sweat?! hey.. you seen ole boy when he was falling down? his arm was curl't up, like he was trying to "doh-see-doh" his partner or some shat! man, look. You get your ass whooped that quick, you might wanna just start coaching. and big-ups to whoever did Kimbos cornrows(?). im sayin. his cornrows look't like a bunch of old, strategically sewed-on Timberland shoestrings. real tawk..

im outta here.. in the meantime, go check out Lance Dalgarts site.. and watch for the new Whassup Rockers/ The Blvd piece on Transworld this Tuesday. until then, ill leave you with this.

hold on. why do i know every song in that video? actually. im not even gonna lie. i remember exactly where i was, first time i saw that video. as a matter of fact.. i just got a idea. im out. peace..

Saturday, February 16, 2008

i usually 'ont even do this, but..

so.. i stay in on Friday night, just to edit this new TWS piece im doing with the Whassup Rockers/BLVD movement. as luck would have it, my computer crashed 3/4 the way through and even better- i reset my preferences to auto-save every 90 minutes. real tawk. i was almost mad, Scooby. then. i watched this greatness.. roll the tape

bwahahahahaha... oh, oh.. it aint over. hold up.

what the....? call me crazy, but i think this dudes my new hero.. one more time.

first off, id like to say- i dont condone stealing. at all. but- this is classic, in every sense of the word. i 'ont even know where to start. the curl. the California "ghetto-hick" accent. his friend "Vato Loco". good googly moogly, i think ive just witnessed greatness.

besides waking up at 6:45 to Shelton trying to get me to listen to Black Rob's "Whoa" remix, today was spent inside watching my computer crash at least 15 more times. in between waiting for the project to finally export to disc, i decided to drop a new blog.. oh well.. time to go. theres some dude on tv in the NBA Slam Dunk Championships with a Superman cape, 'bout to do... HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHAT! IM OUTTA HERE! DID ANYBODY SEE THAT?! i think i seriously just witnessed greatness...

oh yeah- WWW.HUSTLEMANIA.COM is up.. . jeah!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the movement, remains moving..

yeah, yeah.. i saw Nas rocking that Nigger shirt at the Grammys. Personally. that aint got shyt on the time Rob Welsh rocked my "100% Negro" shirt to a big ass, mall demo in San diego. but real tawk- why aint nobody talm bout this John Lennon piFF, Kelis briefly spoke on CNN about that same night? roll the clip...

so.. who wants to go first? ok. i will! first off, he said "nigger". straight up, no chaser. bwahahahaahha. classic. secondly, how the fukk is this "art"? yall serious? this shyts about as "art", as "Bitches Ain't Sh!t" by Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg. this Lennon n!kkas, really buggin..

speakin of n!kkas.. in Australia, a public apology was issued to the Aborigine people for forcibly taking their children, stripping them of their rights, as well as all other kinds of human fukkery in the past.. seriously- whoever believes this "apology", is fokkin stupid. so lemme guess.. next. they gon' put up some casinos, and make em pay taxes on their own property right? wake the fokk up people..

is there suhn'tin wrong with this...
exactly... click here, and read about the little weirdo. and yeah. i said weirdo. walk it off..

the other day while skating Steve Berra's spot, "The Barracks", i took some time off stuntin with the entire Black Label team to get this exclusive interview with my man Shruiken Shannon.. shouts out to Ballard & Salman Agah over at the Skate Book. and oh yeah- watch for me stuntin with the Black Label team at the Berrics, later this week. and if that aint some shat.. wait until i drop this TWS/CS vs Whassup Rockers clip this week too. told yall. the movement, remains moving..

lemme let yall onto something. now, remember the story a few blogs back, where i was explaining how ole boy that makes the Ghostface doll decided he was gonna not pay me for any of the work i put in because we had "no agreement"(and trust me folk.. i did ALOT of work. anybody know how much radio plugs are..? exactly. and thats only 15% of what i did for this lame). so as of recently, instead of MANNING UP AND PAYING FOR ALL SERVICES RENDERED, this Chauncy has decided hes gonna write my manager and threaten to sue me! talm bout, "i owed him for "rent"(?), borrowed his car too long sometimes(?.. i was working for dude, when and IF i ever were to drive.. whadda..?), and stole a air mattress(?). wow. just.. wow. this lying, scum of flesh even went as far to say id STOLEN some personal items of his.. wow. i mean... just. bwahahahhahahahahhaahahahahaha! hold on yall.. imma do this reaL slow

- the owner of 4Cast(the maker of the Ghostface doll) is a bum. hes also a liar, whos tried to not only use MY name and likeness for him and his companies personal gains, but tried(and is STILL tryin) to use Ghostface's name and likeness as well. FACT.

- as much as this Chauncey wanna e-whine to my manager about "piFF dont know the extent of the relationship between Ghostface, and myself".. yeah, yeah duke. YOU DONT KNOW GHOSTFACE. PERIOD. the extent of your relationship is when you paid him 10k(you borrowed) to come stay with you for a week, and thas about it. you dont know Dennis Coles, his phone number, address, etc.. and this i KNOW, is also- FACT. stop lying, B...

- this dude says i stole shyt from him.. another LIE. i dont steal, and havent since i was about 10. now. for one. this guy(owner of 4Cast), steals from his work(Ripe/Flo Tv). FACT. and, simple things too.. toilet paper. 24-pks of water. juice. blank cd stacks/cases. contact info... now. if youre paying a guy to come to work for you, and he cant ASK for the simple things i just named, whos word would you trust here? thank you..

- this chump says i owe HIM money.. how the fukkk would i OWE for promotional dolls, if im VP of marketing and promotion? really, now. FACT. the owner of a company had given me numerous dolls to hand out(for HIS personal gains..), as well for prestigous artist to paint for some random "worldwide, traveling art gallery". now. i dont know if you remember lil daddy, but everyone you gave a doll to- I ALREADY HAVE/HAD A RELATIONSHIP WITH.. FOR YEARS! WHY THE FUKK WOULD I NEED TO GIVE SOMEONE A GHOSTFACE DOLL, TO BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH SOMEONE/FOR A DISCOUNT(?)/ENTRY IN A CLUB/FREE GEAR? DUKE. STOP THE LIES.. i "owe you money"? wooooord? i work for you, yet- you charge me?! i stole ya lil earring too? you seem to lie about as good as you run a company. thas a FACT. real tawk... with that being said- i got 99 problems, and this bish aint one. hit me! *walks away doing the George Jeff strut..*

sorry. that was necessary. moving on.. one more time.. this woman IS THE MOST BEAUTIFULLEST THING IN THIS WORLD.. piFF dont lie. shyt.. im too H, to the double O- D..!

"i cut the braids off, and the waves in the fade'll make you sea sick...!". "you'sa crack baby, that means ya mama paid me". "you fools foogazi.. my goons from Haiti". gawt dayum! personal quotables for weeks. that shyt like the hood version, of "We are the World". i gotta get outta here.. got a office to go check out. you mad, Scooby?

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

its 70 something degrees, in the middle of gawt'damn February

before i get started, id like to congratulate Brandon, and Christina Brubaker on their first newborn girl. so, in both the celebration, and essence of Black History Monf, id like to get this bish crunk't right off the back. ladies and gentlemen- i bring to you- that piFF. roll the tape..

hooooooold the fokk up! who da fokk is that swaggerous white kid in the middle? and why dont he got a recording contract? could i possibly've stumbled upon the white, Soulja Boy? In Black History Monf', too?! uh-oh. imma wait at least another month, to unleash this swaggerous beast onto the general public. yall remember ole boy from Minority Report, right? im saying, tho..

i usually dont do this, but... this shoe
is THE BEST SKATEBOARDING SHOE ON THE MARKET. trust me. plus, Tom Penny skate in that bish. anymore questions? exactly. check out the rest of Supra's line right here. and now, you know...

since im on my skate shyt, i almost forgot. click this lank, and you can witness 2 great black men discuss such worldly things as skateboarding, math, and Daewon eating mayonaisse and rice. i even threw a unreleased LMNO/Kev Brown, AND Redman track on that bish for em. Jersey. Stand da fokk up please. now. sit yo ass back down.. i aint done with my blog yet, bish.

anybody out there vote? i didnt. i was rolling out with my little brother and them skating, bumping Gaupoholics, or some other goon-type shyt. Speaking of my little brother, will everybody please sign up for his website thingy? its called "the Lobby", and i 'ont think nobody there. weird. anyways. go sign up, and give this little dude something to do before his hands mold into the shape of a PS3 controller. you can even get this fancy little media player. look!

Find more music like this on Tha Lobby

i wonder if my little brother knows thats not the official studio release of Shawty Lo? hmmm.. who cares. here ya go lil man. take this new Mary J. w/Lil Wayne & Swizz joint, and hit me in a bit. ill be on Melrose. youknowhatitis..

actually.. before i go. that track made me remember something.. bring that beat back, bring that beat back!

thats for all my old school heads.. i gotta run. shouts out to Mr. Len, Ray @ Mighty Healthy, Brooklyn Dom, my Crooks & Castles fam... fukk it. shout out to everymuthafukkinbody! its 70 something degrees, in the middle of gawt'damn February on the best coast! i win. again! u mad, Scooby?

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Friday, February 01, 2008


my bad on the absence.. been busy doing this thing called "living life off the internet". its pretty fun. i suggest some of yall nikkas try it sometime...n!kka, shyt! roll the tape...

bwahhahahahahahaha.. WHO da fokk is that swaggerous individual? trill talkery- if i were to EVER make a film, id do a Asian redux of Belly and have this dude play DMX..

so.. Muh'lissa hit me up this morning, and wished me a Happy Black History Month. which means- she loves me. u mad, Scooby? maaaaan. look'eh heah. Lemme learn you something.. see. Me and Muh'lissa not hooking up, is similar to Ike not mollywhopping Tina upside da head. by that i mean- if it hasnt happened already, it will in coming time. and no, i didnt go to ASR. i 'ont do the fake smiles and handshakes.. yall must've got me mixed up with some of these desperate bums who'd rather go out on their knees begging for sponsors, than on their own two feet. besides that. if i wanna get drillz, and walk around- i live in Hollywood, B. holla at me when you really wanna see some real bad broads, with good jobs. some girls, that got girlfriends. youknowhatitis...

oh yeah.. i got some news- Rob & Big are not "friends" anymore. theyre wrapping up their final season, and as Biggie would say, "Things Done Changed". these cats aren't cool no more, and you heard it here first..

anybody catch that California debate last night? i was over at Crooks & Castles shooting for their new look book, so i missed tha shyt. in all honesty- if yall woulda saw the girl i was shooting with last night, you wouldnt really care to see some old white ladies neck gyrate onstage either. and on some fa'realla talk- i cant back NO woman who lets her old man speak for her. in concession, or not.. with that being said
yeah i said it.. you mad, Scooby? walk it off..

i got a question.. what would you do, if this happened to you? roll the tape..

first off- props to Rza for not straight, strangling duke to death. real tawk. but there aint a "no homo" in the universe that could save a person from the ass whoopery they'd recieve from doing some shyt like that. hey.. was that the El Rey? anybody remember when i snatched the mic outta Johnny Rottens hand onstage, smashed the shyt on his toes then screamed "WHUT?!" to that old mans face? yup. ya damn right i did.. AND, he apologized afterwards. true story. axe somebody.

seriously tho...
should we discuss this? im sorry but this girl is fukkin gorgeous. so much to the point, she could probly fart in a packed van and people would bottle it for future useage.

in "bummy-bitch-ass" news.. duke who makes the ghostface doll has informed my manager, he wont be paying me for my work because "we never had a agreement". whatdafokkisthisn!kkkatawinbout? now. yall know what that says about a person, right? he NEVER planned to pay me(or Ghostface)- period. amazing.. look folks. ANY grown man who doesnt want to build his own house(company), yet lets another build it and then takes credit for it- is a bitch. ANY grown man who tries to use a "no agreement" clause, instead of paying his bills- is a b!tch. nobody respects a bitch. and this clowns soon to see. just remember- imma see you. and trust me.. its not a "threat", its a promise. and if you reading this- tell ANYBODY you know. oh yeah. btw- ya girl sucked my mans off, ya dicklip kissing feggit. holla.

is it mean to laugh at this photo...
fukk it. im mean...

i gotta get outta here.. whoa?! did i play my outro piFF yet? immm bang yall in the head with the 2-for-1.. first off, check out the new piece i did over at Transworld with Beagle & them Shake Junt cats. then.. hold up.. imma take it waaaaaaaaaaaay back. roll the tape..

i gotta run.. you can catch me in the Marriott tonight with a whooooooooole bunch of woman, who like woman. gawtdayum, life is great. Hey D. Turn the fukkin beat on! oh yeah, Shelton. Im standing on yo couch, eating yo shyt. you mad, Scooby? bwahahahhaahahahah.. until next time. jeah!

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