Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"were really losing the human race.."

ok.. before i even get started.. heres a laundry list of things thats happened since i was last here:
- totaled the front end of my girls car(some bish in front of me, slammed on the brakes.. so did i. my front end went under their SUV. her muffler went thru the bumper.. and well. my unliscenced ass should be in jail.. but im not.. but.. i am a couple grand in the hole..). funny part of the story is- my girls front end is totaled. and heres this clowns car:

and this dudes talm bout he wants $1300.. "its a luxury vehicle..". bwahahahahahah.. whatchutalmbout Willis?!?! thas a Toyota, with a "L" on the back! fall back, cuzo.. trillaaaaaa
- went to some bougie ass LA spot(Hyde?), where i ran into Jake Brown. Brayden Szafranski, and Harif. but heres the kicker. i went to buy 2 shots of Jack, and 2 Stellas- $50.. needless to say. we all kept our money in our pockets, that night.
- had my bday party @ the Standard(big shout out to Ben & Jessee @ DF), and Rhettmatic, Vern, T.Mont, Kenny Hughes, Jake(again),Shelton.. shyt. alot of people were ther. even Milan! i somehow secured gettin a 8yr old into the Standard on a Saturday afternoon, and even walked away with this doozy of a gift:

(good lookin Jessee)
- later that night, i was riding my bike up to Tims, and a car pulls out.. needless to say. i went flying over the car. everything flew outta my pocket. and i now hold the record for the shortest time to ever own a iPhone.. (legs pretty copped & screwed too)
- saw Pineapple Express Sunday... real tawk- shyts good, but way too fokkin long. check for it yourself...

so.. fokk my weekend, though. the real question today is- what the FOKK is this?

(shout out to my boy Mike G. for the clip)
anyone care to elaborate..? ok.. Russell...
[10:11] sumosac: dude....don't put that on your blog...it's a half inch away from porn
finer words have never been spoken. but then again- when the fokk have i EVER listened to Russell? anyhow. what the fokk is wrong with kids these days? where do they learn half this shyt from? i mean.. that was REALLY, FOKKED UP! I mean.. that kid was basically- a mini Shabba Ranks! call me crazy. but shouldnt ALL these kids be outside playing in a tree or suhn'tin? were really losing the human race..

actually.. imma give these kids a break.. because theres just some dumb ass PEOPLE out there. take for instance this clown:

anyone who plays with Mother Natures wrath.. i have no remorse.. anyone dumb enough to strap a kite to their back.. i feel no remorse.. smh @ this dude thainkin he's Harvey Birdman. i bet even the birds was lookin at this dude on some, "aint this about a 'beep'". assclown..

thas all for today.. i got some work to do, and some shyt to pay for. like my girls rental, and my damn phone for starters.. in the meantime, if yall are in the greater LA area tomorrow- swing by here:

looks like its gonna be a good time.. hey! hold up? can i enter that hoe, too? is that even a possibility? to judge, and enter? i need to make a call.. 'cause yall KNOW how us Jacksonvillians get down in the bar.. yall be easy, and if youre smart- youd click that movie lank up there.. until next time. jeah!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Throwback Thursdays- THe Mos Def Edition

Todays edition of Throwback Thursday is brought to you by our friends at GrnAppletree..

check out the new line(and website), plus get over to hustlemania.com and get info on their launch party tomorrow night.. jeah!

moving forward.. im gonna do something a lil different this Thursday. this go around im gonna pay respects to one of the most important, as well as creative artist of our time- Mos Def.. most of you have no idea, Mos first came on the scene back in the mid-90's as part of the Bush Babees. with a chrasimatic flow, as well as always socially concious- this cat has always been in my "top 5 emcees of all time list". with that being said- im gonna take this Thursday to pay tribute to one of the best to EVER do it. Mos Def. this goes out to you(Brooklyn.. STAND UP!!):

Bush Babees and Mos Def - The Love Song

De La Soul-Big Brother Beat Featuring Mos Def

Blackstar (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) - Definition

Mos Def & Faith Evans - Brown Sugar (ExtraSweet)<<<<<< Kari.. this for you

Mos def - Close edge

Mos Def - Katrina Klap (Dollar Day)

im gonna end this with one of my favorite Mos Def tracks of all time...

Mos Def & DJ Honda - ''Travelin man''

i gotta run.. its my birthday this weekend, so im officially doing it big from tonight on.. but before i dip- i wanna give a shout out, and Happy Birthday to ALL my August babies out there. ill see some of yall this this weekend, some of yall in a minute.. im out!! you have now been in tune with the finest. jeah!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my blogs the sh!t... get the fokk up out my toilet!

before i get started.. id like to share a flick i shot last week when i happened to stop by the HVW8/Obama party, off Melrose:

this is single-handedly one of THE most important pictures, that ive ever shot. Gawd bless this kid, and the family who raised him.. Obama 08. what?!?!

moving forward.. where the fokk else you gonna see a photo like the one above? and then back it up with suhn'tin like this? roll the tape:

yup.. and the reason why i dont feel bad? well. anyone who jumps off a embankment, in the direction of a pole, and splits their legs- deserves that. i think what we've all just witnessed is quite possibly- the dumbest person to ride a skateboard.

speaking of skateboarding.. Friday night, i went to a Peanut Butter Wolf show downtown. and somehow ended up politicking with none other than Hugh "Bod" Boyle the entire night.. thats right. THE Hugh "Bod" Boyle. yall know he was the first skater to EVER have a song named after him, right? now, watch some clown try to ride my wave, and write a lil article about it...

yall heard about this whip yet?

its a "air-powered car". which in laymens terms- is a spaceship, with wheels. nawll.. it was built by a ex-formula one engineer(Guy Nègre) and uses compressed air(as opposed to the gas-and-oxygen) to push its engine’s pistons. this is to hit the streets of India sometime this month. and the US.. well. "Neverbruary" of next year. too much pride, and ego involved to actually "appreciate" some cool shyt... think not? well just click this lank and watch these geekboys go at it.

so.. the other day, i took a walk. when i usually take a walk, my journey takes me by the line outside "The Price is Right". All the stores on Fairfax. and then, i end up on Melrose.. this past Sunday, as i turned onto Melrose i look to my left- and it was some(5) of my folks from Jacksonville(Duval.. stand the fokk up!!). Diazmn! didnt even know they were here.. so we all say fokk it. lets take a walk down to El Guapo, and have a few drinks. we walk 10 ft, and boom! ANOTHER one of our boys(Jon Wilkes of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) walks up on us like, "what the fokk yall doing here..?!" Long story short- Duval was in the house. so off to El Guapo we go. as were sitting there, someone reminds us theres a Playboy bikini Party about to go down.... i mean. wow. NONE of this was planned. at all.. so i share with you. that piFF:
need i say more?

oh yeah.. since i had to watch Milan yesterday, i almost forgot to tell my brother KT- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYN. throw a plate of them O'Neals wayngs, and a ice cold Stella back for ya boy.. and ill see you when i come out to Pitt for this art show..

im gonna get up outta here.. but before i go, i got one important message: Kari. I Love You. Thanks for everything, and ill ALWAYS have your back. Hell. I Love you so much, it didnt even bother me you almost threw my damn retainer in the garbage this morning!Zack. thank you for that introduction.. i owe you a Baconator meal, at the same Wendys we saw Denzel getting a 6pc chicken ligament meal.

yall be good.. ill see yall later this week on Throwback Thursday. peace!

Monday, August 11, 2008

possibly another one of the shortest blogs, in piFFstory

so, today- im watching Milan.. and ive already ruined a shirt trying to make a "iron on". eaten waaaay too much cereal. got bitten by a rabbit. and its not even 1. getting home @ 5am, isnt helping much. so in closing. i salute each and every parent in this world.. i gotta run, but here yall go as promised:
come one. call all. its a celebration bishes! August 16th. rooftop Standard. Downtown Los Angeles. 1-8pm... and if you gotta ask if theres a pool up there, you lawst at life.

im out. ill be back tomorrow with some photos of this weekend(Playboy bikini party, blah, blah, blah...), and other meaningless shat. in the meantime, get on over here and getcha self some new music... peace.

and RIP to Bernie Mac... "i aint scared of you muthafukkas..!!"

Friday, August 08, 2008

"im richer than all yall, i got a bank full of pride....!"

todays blog, is brought to you by the swagnificent one himself- Prince Naseem. folks, just watch this video. and if this aint "swag" personified- i 'ont know what is....

bwahahahahhahahahah.. *rewinds to :59 mark*. gawd dayum. thas just.. just. disrespectful. im saying.. how you gone have a n!kka whoop ya ass, while doing the "body rock" is what i gwan know..

good Friday to most.. before i get started, i need to do this.. see these cats:

this is my folks from "DUUUUVAAAALLLL!", and the go by the name Whole Wheat Bread(sa k'pase.).... for those that know what time it is already- excuse me while i do my shyt. these cats right here- dangerous. stay on the road. stay killin the shows. and gawt damnit- not only are they the first act on Lil Jons newest label. but theyre also recording a collabo album with none other than my man MURS. real tawk- you cant knock that hustle, or the work ethic.. yall catch em soon on the Warped Tour, or in a city near you.. im saying. these cats is DOING IT! and in Duval.. we dont "hate". we congratulate as well as participate. click that lank up there, and show these folks some love..

it seems as if some folks cant take a joke... actually. is skateboarding just hitting a all out point, of "bitchassness"? real tawk? im saying.. if you go back, and look at the comments on most of my post, no one has much to say about a soldier throwing a dog off a cliff. a baby, babbling on like a preacher. a dude depiciting whats to be our next president, in black face.. but- you say suhn'tin about a skateboarder.. whooooooaaaa! watch how these geekboys come out the trenches for their "lord and savior". listen.. im gonna say this slow: LOOK. YOU GUYS SHOULD LET THIS "UNTOUCHABLE" FASCINATION WITH PRO SKATEBOARDERS, GO. THESE GUYS ARENT YOUR FATHERS. DAMN SURE AINT ROLE MODELS. AND AINT YOUR "LORD & SAVIOR". THEYRE SKATEBOARDERS, WHO SOMETIMES SAY AND DO UNAPPROPRIATE SHYT. ITS OKAY TO LAUGH AT PEOPLE WHO DO THESE THINGS.. so save the dramatics, and long winded diatribes.. because in the end, theres bigger causes to fight for- than ya favorite skater gettin "dissed". cool? cool..

so... whos gonna catch a STD first? did Matt Miller really grab a host from Brazils ass, on the red carpet? was Jake Brown the first black man to fall outta the sky, besides Jesus? and, is Kareem drinking a PBR? find out this, and much more when you click this lank and watch me hosting the red carpets @ this years Transworld Awards. big shout out to Lee Dupont, Blair, Carleton and my man E. Stricker for hooking that up too... jeah!

real quik, tho. im sorry. but i had to do this....

"Milaaaaaan! Kariiiiiiii! lets pack up the car! were going to Wally World..!". nawll. i really need to go to Six Flags, or suhn'tin.. aint that hoe free, with 6 Coke cans and a Gordito wrapper or some shat?! im there..

i gotta get up outta here.. i got shyt to do, like line up some finer points for my bday party next weekend @ Standard(DJ Rhettmatic, will be spinning. holla!). crank out 2 more Am videos for Transworld. and, then possibly go skate Supreme bowl for a bit....

hold the fokk up! BREAKING NEWS! Slap Magazine, is no longer running in print form. wtf?! click here for the official press release.. my only question here is- how can you still be a "magazine", yet its online? interesting..

anyways.. im really out, this time. yall be safe, and everybody have a good weekend.

Monday, August 04, 2008

*does the Shawty Lo dance, with ashy ankles*

so.. last night. i woke up on the couch, sometime after midnight- and i swear to Gawd, this was on. roll the tape:
<a href="http://www.comedycentral.com/videos/index.jhtml?videoId=178499&title=interview-danny-the-daredevil" target="_blank">The Gong Show: Interview - Danny the Daredevil</a>
word.. Danny the Daredevil? fa'real, tho? see. its shyt like this, that i figured no one would ever believe me.. so i had to show everyone. cause thas whut kinda "n-word" i am!

but.. since i am on some skate shyt.. can someone tell me what the fokk is goinz onm in this clip?

hold on!
*rewinds to 1:30 mark*
did this dude just say, "when Rune skates.. its PRETTY." PRETTY?! a dude, calling another dude PRETTY? shouldnt a huge "NO HOMO" flash across the bottom of the screen like a amber alert, when dudes do/say this? "PRETTY"....? real tawk- what the fokk is this world coming to?

commercial break. got this tee:

plus some more of Dope Couture's line in the mail last week, and just thought yall should know. actually, that Eazy-E shirts possibly one of the illest shirts i got in a minute, primarily due to the fact its got all the NWA cds lightly screened inside his face.. Dope Couture. holla..

yhup.. its official, as a referee with a whistle. next weekend. August 16th. rooftop, downtown Standard. my birthday..*does the Shawty Lo dance, with ashy ankles* holla!

i gotta go.. i got work, and contracts to turn/fax in. weird. i heard it a recession or suhn'tin, somewhere.. hmm. i also heard theres lazy people out there too. yall be easy. until next time... jeah!