Thursday, September 24, 2009

R.I.P. Eric Stricker

Last night i got some of the worst news of my life.. my good friend of over 16yrs, and Transworld Skateboarding Editor Eric Stricker- had passed away.. i dont know the details as of yet, and truthfully- thats not even important to me at this time.. what is important, is one of my good friends is gone..

Id met first Eric when i was on a One-O-One tour back in 95.. throughout my career, Id met alot of people. and, been alot of places. but, some of those people stuck out my your memory. Eric was one of those guys.. we'd stayed in touch, and throughout the years he'd ask me to contribute to Strength during his tenure there.. being as he was a friend, id have no problem doing so.. i mean.. thats what friends are for.

a few years ago- while at a Transworld party in Hollywood, Eric approached me about writing a "10 Blackest Moments in skateboarding" article for the magazine.. being as he was a friend- i obliged. during my time there, we'd talk frequently about everything from the state of skateboarding, conspiracy theories and just about anything 2 friends could laugh or chop it up about in a phone call. what i always found interesting about Eric was, no matter what he was doing.. no matter how busy he may seemed... he always had time to share or listen to a good joke, or story.. i mean.. thats what friends do..

last night.. i got the news Eric passed.. sh!t hit me like a ton of bricks.. i mean. i'd JUST spoken to him last week. we shared a quick laugh.. went over some work related things.. and that was it.. i had no idea it would be the last time id speak to him..

im gonna miss that dude.. he not only made a difference in my life, but alot of people around him.. i wanna send my prayers to his family, and all his friends.. Eric. you will truly be missed, and i wanna take this time to say- it was truly an honor having you as my friend..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"im just sayin'. somebody gotta keep it funky.."

before i get it started like Hammer. lemme just say this.. i could really give a dayum about any of yall new Taylor Swift fans.. Kanye haters.. i also. dont really know, or care about the dude in Ghost. and, both Kanye as well as Serena Williams is clowns for apologizing, numerous times. im sayin.. real slobber- i 'ont even know whas wrong with n!kkas nowadays.. yall getting on tv, apologizing.. they got yall actin like nobody aint ever did nothing like yall EVER did before.. sh!t is disgusting, breh.. im just sayin'. somebody gotta keep it funky.. oh, yeah. i double dont give a gawt-dayum what Barak Obama got to say about Kanye.. i mean. dont that dude got other things to be discussing? like this video:

oooooooooooooooooooooohhhh, Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawdd!!!!!! oh my Jesus.. no. no. hold on.. i think.. oh my Gawd.. i cant quit laughing.. *grabs chest* oh, help me Lawd!! this gon' be a big one!! WHO is the GENIUS behind that? naw. really, d'oh.. who made that? because that was borderline- genius.. if you havent seem the original(as well as the one-offs of the original "Lookin Ass N!gga")- well. you lawst.. oh Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd, that made my day..

actually.. that made my day.. but THIS made my week..

i know yall rememebr soooooo much from the VMA's.. but, do yall remember when this Gremlin lookin broad just jumped on-stage during "Empire State of Mind"? dayum.. i mean.. how many time Jay-Z gon' get disrespected like that? and, who is that lil Bow Wow lookin bish? oh.. thas that thing from "My Lip Gloss is Poppin".. wooooooow.. between that. and, i dont know if yall remember this at Summerjam this year:

yup. thats right.. thats T-Pain.. who at Jay-Z performance of "D.O.A.(Death of Autotune)"- just walked up in the stage like, "what n!kka? you talm bout me..?!?!?" what Jay do... nuuuuuuuuffin!! dayum. cotdamnyamanhov... this n!kkas embarrassing.

matter of fact.. yall need to check this out:
“3s that are better than bp3″ by Clyde Singleton.. and oh yeah.. Big Brother Magazine is on its way back to bih'ness.. even got a documentary in the works. you mad, Scooby? im sure you would be.. just asking..

hoooooooooooold, up!!!!! yall saw this sh!t on tv?!?!?!

Woman Survives Being Impaled in Neck by 13-Inch Tree Branch
A joy ride through the wilderness of Northern Idaho turned into a nightmare for 22-year-old Michelle Childers and her husband after a tree branch came crashing through a window of their truck — impaling Michelle in the neck.

Childers and her husband Daniel were driving along the Lochsa River in the mountains of North Central Idaho on Sept. 5 when the accident happened, KHQ-TV reported.

Michelle Childers literally didn't know what hit her.

"I asked (my husband) ‘what where is it?’ "Childers told the news station.

Her husband answered, "It's in your neck."

About an hour after the incident, Childers and her husband arrived at Lochsa Lodge near the Idaho/Montana border where a helicopter and ambulance were immediately called in.

Childers was airlifted to St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula, Mont., where she underwent a six-hour operation to remove the 13-inch Spruce tree branch from her neck.

She’s now recovering at home.

uh.. wow.. well. on that note- im gonna get outta here, and go grab some lunch.. yall have fun with that one.. if yall need any music, news, preview new gear, etc.. get on over to hustlemania. wanna follow me, and the random things i do- hit/follow me on twitter.. until next time- yall be good. and, before i go.. big shout out to my lil brother durty-d(n!kka.. update ya blog..!! im sayin, tho). man djkoast & the 9elements family. Eric, Ben, & Blair over at Transworld. my n!kkas at JAW.. and, all my Jacksonville folks.. oh yeah. Rachel- I Love You.. im really out this time.. jeah!

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

"im sure one of you 'internet scientists' with your degree in Googlery, have some kinda answer for this.."

i had a really odd dream last night.. first, i was skating in some mountain'ess area of.. actually. i have no idea where the fokk i was! i just know it was mountain'ess, and it had alot of spots.. then, after making it to the apex of one area of this random ass spot- i realized I'd grabbed the wrong camera. what?! i was hyped on where i was, and a n!kka needed a flick. the sh!t look'ted like suhn'tin outta the movie "Dune", but had skate-spots.. trust me. it was dope.. anyways. so in a panicked state, i dropped into this one area that was forbidden to venture in unless you had a golf cart. yeah. a fukkin, golf cart.. needless to say, i dropped in. and woke up, before i cracked my skull. end of that one.. so, i proceed to my 2nd stage of dormacy, and this time- i found myself in a And1 b-ball type tournament. i really didnt feel like playing, or practicing. so, i just grabbed the ball, and performed a few dunks. after i did my thizzle, i left the courts only to be found in some huge skateable mall-type complex.. i grabbed some kids board, and just skated around. forgetting i was entered in a b-ball contest.. someone walks up and goes, "hey.. theyre calling your name/team right now...". i dropped my board, and took off running only to find myself awakening to the voice of Robin Meade.. damn. Robin Meade is fine.. but, real slobber. isnt that a weird ass dream? sh!t was like the ghetto version of Science of Sleep..

if you think my dream was weird.. look at this "plant"..

i dont even know how to say the name of this thing, but what i DO know is- that damn sho'll aint no cornucopia. and, that thing eats rats.. so, yeah. its a carnivore. its ugly. and, it somehow has a mouth.. i got a good question.. is that the "tongue" protruding above it? and, whas wit' me,and all these big ass words today..? did i read a dictionary in my sleep too, or suhn'tin?

for those of you who might not be familair.. i introduce you, to Mr. Kellen James..

good Jesus, is that dude good.. whats funny, is when i dropped Minority Report over 2yrs ago- NO ONE was trying to hear me 'bout dude.. i mean, NO ONE.. now. the same cats who shooting flicks with him, giving him props, etc.. act like they just dicovered him. and, dont even have the decency to mention Minority Report.. yall make me laugh, sometimes.. actually. yall make me laugh, ALL the time. anyways.. check out Kellen in Transworlds new video, "Right Foot Forward".. im sure he has the best part.. actually. im POSITIVE, he has the best part..

really quick.. theres been ALOT of good music droppin in the last few days.. new Jigger Man. new Raekwon album(FUEGO!!!). some leaks from the new M.O.P. album thats droppin.. chronic, re-mastered w/unreleased material.. i suggest yall get on over to, and do the damn thing...

before i go.. no 'cism, but can someone tell me how the fukk this woman.. gave birth, to them lil white kids?

*click here for the entire story
before anyone gets their panties in a bunch.. im familiar with what an albino looks like.. what im NOT familiar with, is how 2 Brazilians with my skin tone.. humped. and one.. actually, 3 of those kids popped out.. im sure one of you 'internet scientists' with your degree in Googlery, have some kinda answer for this..

well. i gotta run. got some guests coming over for dinner, then ill more than likely be downtown at the Artwalk.. followed by Autrelles "MJVSJT" Party @ Eclipse.. until then.. yall be safe, and if you wanna catch up w/me in the meantime- dont be scurred to follow me on twitter.. peace!!

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