Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jamie Thomas.. this goes out to you..

first off, i dont have time to read "comments". mainly because they're worthless, faceless fokkboys who wouldnt chime half that shyt in my face. also, because people dont THINK about what they speak of, before they speak... these dudes are in the middle of Kumbuttfukkville, living vicariously through skateboard sites. and im the anystreet/city everyday type dude. i dont sit in a office and "report". im actually out here- EVERYDAY. making moves, and money. u mad, Scooby? with that said- recently, i wrote a post re:Jamie Thomas, and something he'd "reportedly" said about Sheckler. while some dont know Jamie and I go back like spinal cords(ie: the word "respect was used accordingly throughout the post), it seems as if skateboarding wants a Clyde & Jamie Thomas "beef". 1st off- i dont "beef" with skaters(or my FRIENDS). 2nd. for the 5,797,700,067,060,5090 time- IM NOT A PRO SKATER ANYMORE, NOR DO I WANT TO BE. I WALKED AWAY WITH MY HEAD UP YEARS AGO, WITH PLENTY OF OFFERS ON THE TABLE(AND, STILL GET OFFERS- DAILY) i think that FACT still seems to hurt some people feelings, so i let em roll with whatever they want.

Back to the subject.. Jamie was kind enough to reply(in a civilized manner- thanks JT), ans lets take a look at what he wrote:

I never said young blood was ruining skating.
I was misquoted and homie got bent. I had a conversation w/ D way about the direction of skateboarding and the corporatification of it and somehow he used me/a conversation we had as an example to try and get a point across to sheckler.
I talked to him and I called shecks to let em know even though I don't agree with all his choices's not my style and I have better shit to worry about that talkin pointless shit on him.

seems pretty jacked that you just took this and ran with it without getting some facts from your boy
...and then you felt it was your responsibility to put me in place by basically saying I ruined shit with 5 trick handrail parts and regertitating some half assed rumors about the way I run my shit.

It's cool though, I can take it.

4:54 AM

lets dissect this-

first.. i didnt take anything, and "run with it". it was printed(several times i may add) and these same publications who printed it, from my knowledge(i actually- KNOW this) "check" with you before your name, or likeness is used in anyway whatsoever. trust me Jamie. I KNOW THIS. so it seems to me as if the "blame" should go to the magazines to "check with you" before they let ANYONE "run with what you said". especially, before things of this nature come to light.. you cant hate the gator, hate the lake its swimming in. Id assume the same guys who wouldnt let me make one single reference to you, wouldnt let something negative/untrue be published about you. especially anything being said by a "skateboarding superstar".

second... cmon, fam. i didnt say YOU ruined skateboarding. i said THAT PHASE of skateboarding "ruined skateboarding". and how YOU, being from that era of skateboarding(as well as myself)- couldnt see that, is pretty funny/ironic. i, as well as yourself KNOW DAMN WELL you can do more than "5 tricks"! lets be serious here. we grew up skating together, fam. i stayed at your house the first time i came to Cali. trust me- Im WELL aware you can not only do more than 5 tricks, but youre a talented skateboarder. to dispute that, would make me... stupid. we both know a "5 trick dummy" wouldnt make it as far as you have, in anything.. dont let these okee-doke ass internet kids, or what you think im saying- lead you to get it twisted.. so. relax. be easy. dont reach into what i said like that.

third.. what "half-assed rumor"? re:the clothes, and trick list?!? are you saying you've NEVER sent a box of clothes, with a list of tricks and what to wear included to a Black Box rider!??!? uuumm.. wow. just.. wow. imma leave it right there. but what i will say- I DONT LIE.

in closing, i wanna thank Jamie for his response regarding the situation. and all the dummies who think theres some "beef" going on.. id like to also thank the publications who normally dont let DAMN NEAR ANYTHING re: Jamie Thomas, for just running with something that obviously wasnt true.. if you didnt say it- cool. thank YOU for clearing it up. even if it had to be done on my blog.

well. that sucked... i was all set to run this piFFtastic piece on Nocturnal Skateshop, and how they stole NJ Skateshops "Battle of the Shops" 1st place trophy. took photos wearing terrorists gear, and sent em back to NJ with a ransom note.. i got the flicks, and- gaaaawtdayum. it'll have to wait until tomorrow. yall be easy, and you geekboys REALLY should stay off the in'nuhnet, and get outside and get fresh air. some puzzay. suhn'tin! and before i go- MINORITY REPORT 2. COMING THIS FALL.

and here.. Monihan keeps telling me to post Jeans new video he produced.

Jean. I love you. no.. seriously.

the movements still moving.. u mad, Scooby?

Monday, May 19, 2008

tried to told yall, suh'tin..!

i told yall- i gawt em hatin, talkin like Plies! i would read the comments from last post, but i aint study'hn yall right now.. i got shyt to do.. and realistically- i could give a shyt at this point. i mean, look at this gwoy?!?!

big shout outs to both Eric(pictured above), and his lovely wifey Penny of Ollie and Co. Indoor Park, for having the Gawd in Minnesota this weekend. i was up here hosting Ollie & Co "Summons of the Skate Gods" event- and.. man. just wait til i put this Transworld piece together! thanks to all who came out, especially the parents. Minnesota- I wish the rest of the world was like yall. real tawk. yall are some dame good people..

ok. story time.

yesterday, i wake up at 9am, and cracks open a Pabst while waiting for my Tostinos to heat up. 4 beers, and one gas station later, im holding a 5hour energy drink. seriously- thas the bast drank, ever. oh yeah. i think there was some motrin in hand, but thas irrelevant. 5 hour energy(plug). moving on. I have my buddy Tim film me splash down the 5 hour in one swig, and off to the contest we go. or so, we think. on the way to the contest, i decide to "make art" of this lake. lakes make good art. after arting it up with the DigitalX cam, i decide to make a call. im searching for the phone, and Tim goes "oh.. you didnt get it off the top of the car?". uuuuhhh.. no! fokk. we turn around, what seems to be an hour but actually a 1/4 mile later. pull up to the store- no phone where we were parked. no phone where we turned. i see a kid running, and wanna tackle him. i KNOW he doesnt have the phone, but i wanna rush him. idiot. anyhow. the show must go on, and off to Ollie and Co, we go. on the way back, our personal pizza muching hater Dana goes, "hey.. whas that on the bridge..?". we pull over. and i swear on my lil brother Mark(RIP)- the exact spot i too the photo(mind you- we were driving at 65mph)- theres my phone! scratched. dropped. a few dents. but its my damn phone! on the side of the highway! and to add to the story, before i run out to grab it(all on film)- theres a guy 20ft in front of me, with a damned metal detector. now- i tried to told yall. im Gawd body. you mad, Scooby. hit me on that Blackberry!

damnit! i got a plane to board. before i forget- thanks to Dan @ S-One for hooking the trip up norf up.. and thanks to Tim roomates who let me teach them karate @ 4am. yeah. i know Karate. yeah. i can knock, or kick you the fokkk out. yeah. this is the first time ive ever said it. who cares. now you know. ill stand on one foot, and kick a 7ft high cabinet closed- every try.

anybody ever seen a albino squirrel..? ugly lil summa'muhbish. i got one on film.

look.. i got people to see. planes to catch. and one life to live. if i was you- id hate me too! i mean. whats a fool to believe. know what? here. imma leave yall with this.

im out.. ill holla. oh yeah. ill be here this weekend.
im really out this time.

sike.. go to this lank. these gwoys are the newness. plus. theyre funny.

everyday. i hustle.... tried to told yall, suh'tin..!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

gawt em hatin, talkin like Plies...

alright... sorry abut the absence, but i been hustlin like the Reagan era. actually. i only got a few minutes "off", so imma do this real prop'uhlized.. first off. take that, take that!

Game Rebellion Mixtape

and oh yeah.. Afro Punk 2008. its coming. the best of independent film, music, and now- skateboarding has been added to the event. im captain of the ship, and guess who im bringing...? here ya go.
Kellen James
Kenny Hughes
Nate Fantasia
Dominic Johnson
Alex Davis
Larelle Grey
Brandon Turner
Malcolm Watson
Thomas Wardlow
Ricky Webb
German Nieves
Shawn Owens
Dorien Wrenn
Mike Rosa
Jamal Smith
Jabari Pendleton
& Anthony Williams
..yup. and you heard it here- first! ill have all press info up early next week, but truth be told- its about to be a real Black Friday up in Brooklyn. i been skating damn near 20 years, and i aint NEVER seen this many brothers skateboarding in one place. EVER. i personally wanna take this time to thank EVERYONE involved with making this happen, and my man Blair Alley at Transworld for his upcoming "first whyte guy to get laid at Afro Punk" award. hey! its about to be history, Amerikka..! they can't stop me! turn that fokkin beat on!

thas possibly, the goodest clip- in evertivity.

before i move on. can we all agree, these are "da Bast" chips?

now.. before i get going any further. id like to address suhn'tin. recently, I'd dropped some editorial piFF titled, "10 Reasons to Hate Ryan Sheckler" in Transworld(while it may seem to be one thing, you might wanna read it before any of you clowns think im on "your side") well, it seems as if my man Jamie Thomas has a different taste towards ole Shecks.. from what i understand, Jamie thinks Ryan Sheckler is/has been "ruining skteboarding". hold on.. bwahahahahahahahahahhaahah! man. Young Money got yall out here, hatin talkin like Plies.! what da fokk, is this dude even talm'kin bout?!! now before i say this, i want everyone to know- Jamie and i go back like whyte bishes, with no ass. moving on. Jamie. I think you're a cool guy- but you waaaaaaaaaaaaay outta line here, fam. With all due respect, if you cant see how the "handrail/drawn out 50-50/long hair-minimal trick/4 minutes of the same, loud 5 tricks" phase RUINED skateboarding- YOU'D have to be kidding me. take it as you may, but thats the truth. a KID on tv, cant "ruin" skateboarding. actually- he could make it BETTER. its the older guys who complain about these younger cats, is whats REALLY ruining skateboarding. its basically- the whole "west coast hip-hop" treatment. and lemme explain that. if you follow hip-hop, you know theres been next to NO new talent coming out the west coast SINCE '96. same old dudes, hogging up the scene. and when someone new comes through- the older heads wanna "hate". NOW. im sure Mr. Thomas' attitude could stem from the same flack he was catching when he was blowing up on the scene, back in the mid-90's. so to "embrace" anything "new" could be quite foreign. but to act like YOU didn't notice the "change" you brought skateboarding(either positive, or negative), is like calling the kettle black. i just wanted to touch up on that.. i wish both these guys good luck moving forward, but Jamie- you dead wrong for this one.. leave that kid be, and concentrate more on sending ya riders "trick lists", and what clothes to wear while doing said tricks. no "beef". just the truth like Soljourner..

in this weeks "golly im gully" awards, we got "lil 'Git" aka Herc'uhlees, Herc'uhlees.. now. if this aint gully, i 'ont know what is.. roll the tape.

i almost cried.. and not because its "sad". but because this kid still aint got a damn cd, or "hood DVD" out. yall see the swag, in lil mans step?! and hold up- how the fokk was he allowed outside to do tv, and radio interviews? odd.. yet. gully.

i gotta run. too much work to finish up, then im on the road for the next 8 weeks. yup. got a event eh'rey week that im either hosting, or suhn'tin within that range of thaings... ill see some of yall in LA. and some of yall in Florida this weekend. Fokk! i wasnt supposed to say that! well. just dont tell Moms, ill be popping up in here church Sunday- and we're all good. yall be easy, and until next time... jeah!1