Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i usually dont even do this, but...

gawt damnit.. i got my first EXCLUSIVE story over at my music blog.. jeah! see this broad:

thats the rapper Joe Buddens girlfriend, Tahiri.. Mr. Budden has been the talk of the internet for the past month or so mainly due to his JoeBuddenTV antics which have included:
- showing off his girlfriend ass, at an all-time rate
- embarrassing himself, in rap battles with the likes of Saigon, Ransom, etc..
- watching Ransom walk up to his best friends crib, and Ransoms boys slap the sh!t outta him
- his bummy ass "goons", threatening people in front of a random AppleBees
and other senseless sh!t, that has nothing to do with a album release..

which brings us to Monday morning.... Tahiri was on the Angela Yee show playing the game "never..". somewhere in the middle of the game, she was asked if shes never slept with 2 guys in one day.. ladies and gentleman, please click this link.

Budden might have to get his "Chris Brown" on, with this broad..

i got shit to do today.. for any upcoming events, get on over to Hustlemania.. ill see yall tomorrow for Throwback Thursdays.. jeah!

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Blogger dj koast said...

Seeing the comments from some of his fans were delusional. Of course women have pasts but you don't go around saying it to millions of people like a badge of honor.

[Saigon] Raggedy Hoe [/Saigon]

8:55 AM  

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