Tuesday, February 17, 2009

another case of 2nd-hand embarrassment..

before i get started.. what the FOKK is this:

i think i just got 2nd hand embarrassment for every white person i know.. actually. everything she does, is embarrassing. shes like the white Whitney Houston, with a dash of Flava Flav.. id still smash tho. in the dark, on a boring ass Sunday. but. id smash..

while im on the subject of embarrassing mothafokkers, this dude Suge Knight got knocked out- AGAIN!! i mean.. thas like twice, in not even a year that dude got baptized in some random club.. this time, whoever put the beats on him, tried to beat Suges eyeball out his skull. dayum.. thas almost on par with the one time my lil brother beat this dudes ass, with a can of fix-a-flat.. yeah. fix-a-flat. what? my lil brothers a beast.. n!kkas like skateboardings own, Kimbo..

ok.. now, i know im a bit late, but.. see this phone?

this thing does it all.. A mobile phone, mp3 player, gps system, internet, global voice translator, camera, video player, movie projector, coffee brewer, razor and harmonica in one! sound impossible? its not.. at least the idea of it.. go check out the site.. possibly one of the smartest, yet genius concepts to date. not the phone.. the idea..

all jokes aside.. when i first got the email blast with this headline, i swear to God it had something to do with the 50cent/DJ Khaleds mother fiasco.. im saying tho...

i gotta go.. in the meantime, id like to welcome Stevie Williams, Leland & the Steelo Hero family to the co-defendants line-up.. ive been laying down some work over there as of late, and will be droppping weekly blogs moving forward.. heres one of my first blogs that dropped, last week.. .. yall be easy. want some new music? get on over to mr904.. events, product releases, etc- get over to hustlemania. you can also catch me on twitter.. ill holla.. jeah!

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