Monday, February 09, 2009

Whos losing the "Human Race"

about 13 years ago, i took a trip up to Boston as that was the city we were supposed to leave for the Strength Unity Tour. For all the OG heads ou there, im sure yall remember Strength magazine from back in the day. dope magazine. anyways. as i get to Boston, within the first few hours- cops roll up on us as were skating down the street. out of everyone skating, they specifically stopped Jahmal Williams and I. after proceeding to yell in our faces, and asking bunch of frivolous questions(Rawse!)they finally let us go about our business. but, not before rolling alongside us as we walked up the road, making sure only us 2 didnt skate. i remember commenting about the blatant racism, and he assured me it was pretty normal in Boston. as a matter of fact, he then went on to tell me about this statue that was located somewhere in town whereas it depicted a Black man either bowing to, or kissing Abraham Lincolns foot. i remember thinking dude was talking sh!t, but never really thought much of it up after that.

so, the other day. im sitting here watching A&E, and a commercial comes on about a upcoming Abraham Lincoln special. i dont know if it was the weed, or what. but i decided to get online and do a little "research" on this mystery Abraham Lincoln statue that was in Boston. and look at what i found:

hold on... now.. WHAT. THE . FOKK.. IS, THAT?! is he kissing his foot? shining his shoe? seriously.. WHAT THE FOKK, IS THAT?! and WHY is it at a City building? can somebody from the Boston area, throw a explanation of exactly what the fokk that is? why hes half-nekkid, kissing his foot, and/or shining his shoe? and, why is it at a City building..? I mean. aside from the City of Boston outlawing blunt wraps, and the recent arrest of Shepard Fairey this has got to be one of the most ridiculous things ive ever seen in my life..

moving forward.. i spoke to my cousin Levon, out in Cali the other day and he told me it aint looking too good outthere. alot of businesses going under, and so forth.. me, being the non-beliver i am, told him to shoot me a photo of what Melrose look like these days..

damn... the Johnny Rockets gone too? yeah.. i highly suggest whoever aint from Cali, get the fokk outta there- right now! "there aint no more gold, in dem dere hills..!!"

whas wrong with this picture:

exactly.. me neither. but interestingly enough, Stormy Daniels(pictured above) is running for Senator of Louisiana. im almost convinced between this porn star, Al Franken, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, and Gary Coleman- anyone can run for office these days.. with that said, piFF Huxtable for Office in 2010. Vote or Die, my n!kkas and n!ggettes..!

while we talking about beautiful woman.. remember Lauryn Hill:

such a beautiful woman..


what the fokk happened to Lauryn Hill:

for'real tho.. like.. what, the fokk happened to her? Her, and Whitney Houston must know the same dealer. because they both went from Goddesses, to "Gaaawdamnit"esses, in the blink of an eye. i remember Sheltons Moms telling us a story how her friend was selling Lauryn Hill a house down in SD area. and the lady said Lauryn Hill refused to talk to her. Whatever she wanted to convey, she'd write on a napkin or the closest piece of paper, and have "her people" read it.. damn.. that dont sound "crazy". that actually sounds like, the perfect woman.

im outta here.. once again, want music? get on over to mr904. for events, releases, news, etc.. get on over to hustlemania. in the meantime, you can catch me on twitter talking sh!t, while i edit this video down for Transworld.. until next time.. jeah!

and oh yeah- free Chris Brown...

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