Wednesday, February 04, 2009

and remember- karmas a b!tch. b!tch..

look man.. i told yall when MR1 dropped. i spoke on at the beginning of the year. and once again- i just spoke on it briefly to Transworld.. Anthony Williams, is THE BEST SKATEBOARDER SINCE THE TURN OF THE CENTURY. think im lying? roll the gawt dayum tape:

now.. if you know ANYBODY fokkin with dude, somebody let me know.. its a fokkin shame its clowns out here skating in white womans denim, and doing sh!t that would be wack & ugly in '92- getting praise and coverage, while this brohta has to "wait his turn.." skateboarding should be ashamed of yourselves.. thats real tawk.. anyways.. get on over to Transword(whaddup Blair), and check out Anthonys interview. and dont forget to hit the props buttons.. once again. congrats Ant'. you deserve it.. and dont forget.. MR2 coming soon.. "its finna be a hot summ'uh"-Killa Cam

while im on my skate sh!t this morning.. for those of you up north, stuck in a blizzard.. heres something for yall. new, Alien Workshop video premiere!

Alien Workshop Video - 'Mind Field'
this Friday Night - it starts at 9:00 pm sharp!
Oak Street Cinema
309 Oak St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
big shout out to my boy Steve Nesser, and the folks at Familia Skateshop for making this happen.

moving along.. somebody wanna tell me what happened to this h0e, face:

ive put together a small list of sh!t her face reminds me of..
-a Ed Hardy shirt
-a piece of ham, with a bunch of marbles on top
-one of them things you put a bunch of sewing needles in
-a BB-gun target
-a bunch of balled up Hershey Kisses foil wrappers, laying in some throw-up
feel free to add on.

sooo.. i got word yesterday that some clowns who ripped me off for some money, not only lost their apt. one lost their job(the other never had one), and ones been spotted up in the A driving the others dead Mothers PT Cruiser the finance companies been looking for for months.. i hate to laugh at another mans downfall, but y'know what? bwahahhaahhahahahahahhaahahaha.. Karmas, a b!tch aint it. remember folks. you receive the energy you put out to the world. and here, we have a clear example.. fokkin clowns. whaddup Dorien.. these n!kkas BROKE! take that bum up to The Local, and get him a PBR. hate to see a grown man spend his last $2 in rolled pennies..

im up outta here.. got alot of sh!t to do today. if yall wanna catch me, hit me up on until then. yall be safe, and remember- karmas a b!tch. b!tch..

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

its clowns out here skating in white womans denim

Jamie Thomas call out from his part in Ride the Sky.

Clyde, clyde, clyde...

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Shook_One said...

Thanks for opening my eyes to Anthony Williams. Dude IS the truth!! Lovin' the switch steez...

Cheers to the best blog on the web.. Keep it poppin' Clyde

8:28 PM  

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