Tuesday, June 03, 2008

i got the in'nuhnet, goin nuts!!!!

see. the problem here is-i do what i WANT TO. you? you "do what you can" about sh!t. these e-motional geeks bout to make the aink crack on my Google Analytics bar, yall on my lil blog so much.. thanks for the hits. one lame even wrote a article, talm suhn'tin about "e-beefs". bwahahahahahahha.. i told yall before- i dont "beef". i beat the brakes off folks, like i work @ Midas. you 'ont know. you betta ask somebody. but fokk all that. im still pretty. still making money. got a new tatt. a haircut.... whoa! haircut?!?! yuhp! nikka- im back! roll the tape.

"i wike toi'tuls..". bwahahahahhaha. man. "ya gotta luh'v it"- Killa Cam.

soooo.. 'member a few months back, id made mention of Big & Rob no longer being "cool". well. well. well. it seems as if ole piFFs right again. unfortunately- there wont be another season of Rob & Big, after the next one. so that means you haters can put all your hate into Young Moneys show, or that bi-sexual chick who look like suhn'tin between a ant, and Short Round(of Indiana Jones fame) wit fake tittays.

speaking of MTV/Dickhouse. I got my own win'der up in that bish.. look!
whas ya life like, whoadie?!(big shout out, to my man Johnny Knoxville for hooking that up)

oh yeah.. Big Brother Magazine, is coming back. u mad? Nikka puh'leaze.

and. while im at it. i wanna give a big shout out to my man Jimmy Theil of Jimmy'Z Ink in Jacksonville, for blessing me with tha.. uh-ooohh..
Hustlemania tattoo.. what? you thought i wat'nt?!?! "imma hustler homie. imma, imma hustler homie. nikka axe. nikka. nikka axe, about me!" good looking though Jimmy(and his wife Brooke). Keith. i see you nukka!

damn, im in a good mood today! just got paid. bout to go have lunch. buy some vee-necks, and dark shades for this long ass tour im bout to be on.(whaddup Minneaoplis. see yall Thursday). got that new Weezy F.. why people hating on Weezy, anyway? he "was" cool, but now he aint?? bwahahahahaha.... yall sound like them broads off Mean Girls. step ya life game up. fa'real.

i got shyt to do, like get these business cards done. get this check cashed. take ALL my folkks who been with the Jacksonville movement out for one last dinner/bar fokkery. and a plane to catch tomorrow. once again, thanks for all the hits. Google, my girls bank account, as well as future advertisers would personally like to thank you geekboys. but unfortunately- you're nameless, faceless losers. but as i said- thanks, and imma leave yall with this.

Memphis Bleek ft. Trick Daddy & T.I. - Round Here - MyVideo

im out.. jeah!


Anonymous ben... said...

t double d flashing that house arrest ankle braclet is fucking classic... 'round hurr!'

11:51 AM  
Anonymous burnt reynolds said...

tip out on the streets and memphis still alive? damn, that vid is crazy old.

and nobody likes lil' whoopie cuz he said "f*ck all dj's." thats gotta be the most ignorant shit ever said by a rapper, ever. i hope carter 3 moves 3 units. disc jocks created hip hop, ax somebody. jeah!

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is up wit that beard my ninja? Look like yo ass fixn' ta write a novel.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why you ain't got no workin phone

hit me....
same numbers

Piff's Hairdresser

2:09 PM  

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