Monday, June 30, 2008

how the fokk do you unrecognize, something you recognize?

before i get started. how the fokk does this happen?

wow. that shyt was actualy more creepy, than it was "funny". not the dude. but, that shyt on his face...

now. Jacksonville, Florida. Houston, Texas. Please stand the fokk up.
the wait is over... Mr. Cool Running, Bigga Rankins. Lil Keke "The Don", and Real N!gga Radio bring you- "Only The Strong Survive". get on over to "i got the hook up" for this powerful, piFF drop. and for those of you who aint up on this, you straight lawst at life.

now.. onto the news, cause i gotta be quik with todays post.. got a plane to Jax get on in less than 12hrs. then one helluva roadtrip to NYC w/my little brother, Anthony Williams, Shawn Owens and some Jacksonville goonz down with my ill crew of psychos. whos to get arrested, or knock someone in the van out first is the ongoing bet. should be interesting.

in related news: soooo.. whos gonna be skating while Afrika Bambaattaa's deejaying this weekend? oh yeah.. me, and my squad. jeah! AFRO PUNK. JULY 5-12th. BAM. BKLYN, NYC. This shyts about to be a PROBLEM! id personally like to take this time to thank EVERYONE whos helped organize, and are participatIng. dayum, i didnt think id make it this far. i almost lost my gawt dayum mind, organizing my portion of the festival. im saying. this was the first event ive ever helped organized, and it definantly wont be my last.. now. if Blair can be the first whyte dude to get laid at Afro Punk, im pretty much on lookin at Puff status. take that, take that..

how the fokk you set a world record, then recognize "not being recognized"? hold on. how the fokk do you unrecognize, something you recognize? this shyts confusing.. just read the story.

and now.. a word(or 300) from Russell Bongard
uhhh.. what the fokk is all that? ooooh! "blog art".. yeah. thanks Russ.. now, that'll be $250. send all check to Kari. thanks.. and dont forget to tell he wife and kid i say hi.. loser.

well im out. its been a fun trip. but heres the catch- im moving back to Cali. yup. with that said. to my Jacksonville folks. ill see you tomorrow. Kari. I Love You. Milan. you're a weirdo. and to anybody else.. actually. is there anybody else? yeah. Guy Mariano. thanks for inspiring me to skateboard again..

i actually learned one of those swaggerous maneuvers today. and, thas whas really up... im out. see yall on the road. yall go skate, or suhn'tin... jeah!


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