Thursday, June 12, 2008

Da Good. The Bad. and, Da Gully...

Da Good
Im briefly back in hot ass, Cali. Me, and my luggage. Actually, I been here. My luggage has been missing since last Thursday, when i flew into Minneapolis. Damn. that was a long weekend. thanks to S.P.o.T, Mark and the entire 3rd Lair crew. i seriously thought i needed 'bout a week off after that, but decided to get some work done over at Transworld instead. Walk Wit Me..

go pick up a new Vapors, too... cha-ching!

and. one more time...
tomorrow night! this. is whassup...

know what? im in a GOOD mood today. here. take this Nas & Green Lantern "The Nigger Tape".(props to reformation)

look eh'dat..

now.. the BAD
okay. i aint all that political. but, i gotta say suhn'tin real quick. now, it was low enough when they accused Michelle Obama of calling the President, and whites- "whitey", in some speech. only to find out, she'd actually said "WHY'D HE". then. some dumb ass on the news, called a pound- a "terrorist fist jab".

yeah.. "terrorist, fist jab". Jesus of Megatron. then. if that aint bad enough. they then went on to describe Michelle Obama, as "Baraks baby momma..". real quik? do folks really not know the difference between a fokkin WIFE. and a damn,"baby momma"? real tawk? moving on. so today, i get a email with this.
ok.. am i the only one who see suhn'tin wrong here? "i couldnt get the skin tone right..". i mean. duke. you made a fokkin Sambo doll- out of the future President of the United States?!?! the dudes been on tv. what? all day. 2yrs straight. "couldnt get his skin tone right"?! kick rocks, old man.

now. the GULLY
recently i was on a trip with some old friends of mine. things were going well. airport lost my luggage. got kicked outta my hotel, first morning. i pissed in someones office. alot people got drunk. and... then. watch this real life, Jackie Chan shat!

ive seen some gully shyt in my life time. but everything aside- did he just rip the fokkin bar, off THE BAR?!?! what the fokk kinda John Henry shyt was...t? and hold up. bwahahahahha. he threw it, and NOBODY MOVED! bwahahahhahaa. im sorry, but this THE GULLIEST SHYT I SEEN ALL CEN'CHURY! im submitting that shyt to Ninja Warrior, asap.

i gotta run. some'broke-ass'body found my Blackberry in Minneapolis, and has been using it. too bad he 'ont know i got unlimited everything. dumb ass. when i get a detailed list of who hes called, ill post it though. some of yall ill see tomorrow. and, where the hells my little brother? i swear that lil nukkas like the black, Carmen SanDiego. jeah!


Blogger Sparky DuBois said...

good call on pointing out that obama madness. between that, the flag pin, and him not "saluting" for the national anthem, this shit is getting ridiculous. i guess that's politics in the youtube age, when hand-gestures and dresscodes are more important than policies and issues. we just keep getting more stupid...

5:43 PM  
Blogger BradTroemel said...

Dear Clyde Singleton,

You'll thank me later.

12:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you must be bummed that stevie and corey made up clyde, what non existent shit pot are you gonna stir now? i'm confident you'll come up with something.

3:02 AM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...

anonymous said...
you must be bummed that stevie and corey made up clyde, what non existent shit pot are you gonna stir now? i'm confident you'll come up with something.

3:02 AM


why would i be "bummed"? i met the guy that same night as well.. where the fokk was YOU?! oh yeah. not there!

i bet that makes you "bummed", huh?

someone get this geekboy outta here.


1:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your the geek fuckface, i'm not jealous of your retarded wannabe celebrity bullshit, i got better things to do you fucking dumbass.

3:40 AM  

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