Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Afro Punk 2008.. u mad, Scooby?

for those in the know, ive been working on this huge event this summer called Afro Punk. Afro Punk, in so many words, is a "Lallapalooza" & "Sundance Film Festival" for African Americans to showcase their talent. i was actually asked to premier Minority Report there last summer, but due to conflicting schedules- it never went down. in steps 2008. I get the call they want me to cordinate the skateboard portion of the event this year. that entails getting the riders, ramps, promotional product, and safety equipment for the week long festival. i figured it would be a cake walk. listen people. if you've never put an event of this stature together, dont knock what it takes. its personally cost me 2 managers, numerous phone calls, random trips, and Lawd knows what elseand im not even done yet. but in the end, its gonna be worth it. a week in New York City, skating and hanging out with all my friends. Seeing and meeting everyone from Spike Lee to Janelle Monae, to BoneCrusher. Shyt. Even Murs just joined the line-up. so as i said, this is gonna be worth it in the end. so here we go. heres the flyer that went out last week(its being revised, as you read this)



i know. i know. the negatives backward, and some names are wrong. they(the skaters named) WERE to go. no hard feelings, though. some things just took too long from my end to confirm. but. just when some folks started leaning back. in steps, [Frank]"My maaan..[Lucas]- Kevin Taylor. yup. Ever since i got the green light from my Brothers keeper yesterday re: Afro Punk, im good. So ill say it. and ill say it here first. KEVIN TAYLOR, will be @ Afro Punk this year. so, with some minor changes- heres final line-up:

Clyde Singleton
Kenny Hughes
Anthony Williams
Dorien Wrenn
Thomas Wardlow
Alex Davis
German Nieves
Jamal Smith
Jibari Pendleton
Shawn Owens
Malcolm Watson
thank the good Lord above, for good friends-

Kevin Taylor has joined the movement.

gawt dayum. this calls for a celebration. *digs in the stash* here yall go...

BWAHAHHAHAAHHA.... dayum! fokked his whole mood, about skating up. oh well. if lil mans reduced to skating off his trailers porch onto some wood- he'l probly get a car, or a girlfriend and quit in a few years anyhow. hey. at least he was on youtube! gotta run. got some phone calls to make, and more puh'sketti to eat. plus. this is the first cool breeze ive felt, since i landed in LA. dayum! im really up outta here.. peace. jeah!


Blogger p4ulote said...

would you mind telling us what the heck "u mad, Scooby?" means?


12:30 PM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...

why u so mad, Scooby?

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cost you numerous phone calls? You must be exhausted.

5:25 PM  
Blogger Amela Jones said...

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