Monday, June 23, 2008

R.I.P. George Carlin aka "the whyte Richard Pryor"

when i first got cable as a kid, theres three things i remember seeing for the first time. One was Eddie Murphy "Raw". Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" video. and, this crazy ass whyte dude named George Carlin. i remember thinking, "damn. this dudes like the whyte Richard Pryor!" til this day, i stand by that sentiment. yesterday afternoon(June 22), George Carlin checked himself into the hospital for heart complications. he never walked back out. ladies and gentleman. id like to take this time to remember one of the best thats EVER done it.

George Carlin - Ten Commandments

George Carlin - Airport Security

George Carlin - Seven Words

George Carlin - on white people

George Carlin - Feminist Blowjob

George Carlin - things that come off your body

George Carlin - People who oughta be killed pt 1

George Carlin - Things You Never See

R.I.P. George Carlin.


Anonymous lejdc3@hotmail said...

this is creepy
just this weekend i was watching the inside the actors studio interview
with George Carlin
i didn't know he was dead until today

rip George (one of the greatest)

2:02 PM  
Anonymous CHAZMUNNY said...

George Carlin was truly one of the realest niggas of our time. RIP

6:41 AM  

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