Friday, March 07, 2008

"too bad she look't like Short Round in the face.."

whaddup.. yall know its March Madness @ and before i go about my business, why the fokk aint noboby talm bout this kid? as my lil brother D would say, "this n!kka a beast wit it!" roll the tape..

all bullsh!t aside, this kid went to that demo- AND SHUT SH!T DOWN. broad daylight, off n!kkas "on" switch. Texas. Stand the fokk up. Cody McEntire, is the Truth like Sojourner. just spoke to my man Dirt @ Digital, and he informed me dukes got a part dropping over there soon. ill say it now- yall betta get on ya jobs.

im still trying to figure out HOW i spent $100 on the car ride from LA, to Orange County... i mean, i 'ont eeh'n drive?! i remember going to Popeyes in Long Beach. i did go to Dan Rhoades gallery opening in san Pedro... if im not mistaken, there was a Asian girl there wit oddly tig ole bitties, but too bad she look't like Short Round in the face. i swear to Gawd id watch myself on tv, just so i can get a recap. an wheres my ID? hold on.. do i even own a ID?

World.. the Loremo.
Loremo. World.... click this lank, and get better acquainted. damn. i spell't that right, right off the back. im saying tho..

id like to welcome to my hood.. whaddup Mike.*tips cap* i see you big homie..

hold on.. did i mention, someone got a full clip let off on 'em, i was 300yds away, and didnt hear a damn thing? read this story... hold on? did that say, "shot at, several times.."?! uh... the number i heard from the lady who's daughter saw the body in the road, was 9. uh.. thats almost a fokkin, clip! sad part about it is, the next day, people was on the block talm bout, "yeah.. they took one of the bad guys out.." yeah.. real, "bad guy". dude lost his life, trying to save one. whoever you are, Rest In Peace homie. i tip my hat to ANYONE willing/brave enough to intervene when it comes to domestic violence. only wife beaters i fokks with, is them LRG shats.. thas some real tawk.

i gotta run.. but before i go. yall seen this Muska sweater?!
Gawt dayum, dat bish is suh'weet! im bout to make a phone call to Kr3w. you mad? actually.. hold on..

*REALLY, makes phone call
*acquires Muska "El Commando" fleece

now.. one more time...
bwahahahahahhahahahhahaaha... turn the fokkin beat on! im outta here.. i hope EVERYBODY has a good weekend. i 'ont know what YOUUUUUUUUU doing, but me- ill be stepping my swagger levels up w/this new Muska sweater while doin the Heisman on these hoes in Hollywood tonight.

jesus... im really out. go read a book a suhn'tin..


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Blogger derek Mc said...

the cop story hits me! fuk'n police take what they want, kill innocent people, and get away wit that sh*t time and time. short story... i got the sh*t beat outta me by the denver police and was thrown in the hospital then jail and charged wit assault onn a police officer. what tha fuk is that? 6-16 yrs in jail i was facing. a felony. they dropped it down to a mis. but still. i was in the hospital not thAT pig. well, two yrs probation, random pee pee test, a lota community service, fines and other b.s. and here i am. MURDER! cop get away with taking their loser lives out on us! damn vaps! suckin the blood outta us! REAL TAWK! well, keep up the work and peace!

11:56 PM  

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