Monday, March 10, 2008

i couldnt tell you WHAT it is right now, BUT- im in a zone, holmes!

before i get started.. now. yall know i was born in the 'Ville, but what yall probly didn't know- i was actually raised in Killeen, Texas
(until the age of 7).. with that said. Texas. Throw ya fokkin horns up. we got one of Dallas' finest in the building.
Kolby Petrus. Transworld SKATEboarding. March Madness.. you aint nuthin but a click away... Big shout outto Mike Crum, and Billy over @ C&S Skateshop. "cm'aaaaauhn, n you gi git git iiiiiiiiiiiiit"

so last friday, i decided to roll up to LA.. the original plan was to hang out with Heidi, but due to "acute breakouts of flakiness"- that was deaded. again. no biggie. edited down Kolbys March Madness, and posted up. next morning, i wake up around 1'ish, and i swear before the Lawd, this P.Y.T. walked in!
uuuuuuuuhhh.....? ole girls, something SERIOUS! and, she was cool! cracked a Light on a SaturDAY, an all dat. i mean... Shelton. you my n!kka and all.. but, gaht'dam! you truly came through with suhn'tin foolish this time! moving on..

while sippin Lights, the beautiful Ms. Narain expressed how she'd like to go by the DC Store to say hello to Dyrdek, D.Way, and whoever else happened to be in town for the in-store event.. im like, "waugh't d'uh f...?". get on the DC site, and-
damn! BP? front page, too? thas whassup. but. what was weird, is i was actually on my way to get some of these..., from BP. then i decided- im gonna grab some for my folk too. see. i 'ont know bout yall, but thas how i do's thaings. off to my folks house, and i swear before the Lawd- theres been NOTHING but beautiful women in this bish, since i came in the door.. i couldnt tell you WHAT it is right now, BUT- im in a zone, holmes! an...

hoooooooooooooooooooly, fokkkin shat! hit da breaks! Just in, from my man Marcell @ Venture Trucks... i mean.. roll the fokkin tape!

yo? what th... bwahahahhahahahhahahahahaahahahahaaahhahahahahahhahahahaaha... man. i gotta go.. here. take this music player or suhn'tin!

Find more music like this on Tha Lobby

im out.... ill see yall tomorrow. i got people to meet, more gears to be copped, and moneys to be spent. oh shat.. its 25cent waing night, at Wangs right? its a wrap. im out..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are honestly killin me playboy...
can you get cancer from second hand embarassment? Money couldnt fit his big ol meathead through a fuckin V-neck. Then the mangina weggie.
Why do I have the strange feeling Tiffany is really Thom-fanny ?

12:44 PM  
Blogger wilson fisk said...

yes clyde
how can i help to fix the problem of corey duffel? the guy still gets exposure on the transworld site, still has sponsorship etc... why do people tolerate this? he needs to be put down
keep rolling clyde
all bless from london(south)

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should effect some change by talking to your boys at Transworld about the Duffel situation. You have some say in what they cover, no matter how small.

Also, hate to say it but those DC x BP shoes are ugly as sin. I hope they look better in person.

4:15 PM  

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