Wednesday, March 26, 2008

first of all i'd like to thaink my connect...

first of all i'd like to thaink my connect...the most important person in this worlds, my manager Beth. thainks to traveling, with one bag. no ID. and jet lag.. hold on. that rhymed?!!? bwahahahahah.. im on vacation. well. somewhat. im actually, still in Tampa. well. not really "Tampa". but kinda "stuck" New Po'ht Richey. well... now thanks to my manager, and nick matlin just walkin in the door- not so much as "stuck". now, Antwuan Dixon? that n!kkas "stuck", stuck!!!

smh... jesus... heres the booking report. i heard the laws hog tied, then tased em. what the fokkery. hey.. i just wanted to drop this blog to say- somebody bail this brother the fokk up outta there. and when he does get out, i hope he gets a shoe, a board company, and a movie made about him. sh!t. im bout to start writing the script on my way up to see my Momma.. Free Antwuan Dixon.

before i go.. the fine folks at just dropped this mag"piFF"icent web piece featuring myself, my little brother D(holla lil n!kka.. told you i got you), and Scott Ian from Anthrax...

theres some other people in there too, but all in all- thanks to everyone who participated, and a big shout out to Mike @ Vital, Dom @ BP, and the folks at Capsole..

i gotta go. got a interview to do with "Westside Skateshop" owner, Jon Montessi. other than that, watch for March Madness on, and ill holla when i get comfy up north this weekend.. Philly for a week. Then ill be out in AZ, with the fine folks of Cowtown hosting the biggest, baddest, and best contest left in skateboarding..
go here for all the details on PHXAm contest... ok. im out. i gotta run. yall be easy... jeah!


Blogger derek Mc said...

damn, i hate to see a good man down and locked up! i'ma pray for ya, Antwuan!

8:44 PM  
Blogger derek Mc said...

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8:44 PM  
Anonymous Jon said...

2 votes for asian Clyde.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ay, Antwuan is now PRO for Deathwish skateboards, which is a branch off of Baker. Some other pro's on the squad is Lizard, Greco, and Ellinton. I think they got Furby and Slash too.

10:19 AM  

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