Friday, March 14, 2008

fukk around, not take any advice, and end up like this dude..

i 'ont got much time.. editing 3 March Madness clips, got calls to make, havent even had a coffee yet, and my manager Beths talm bout going to see the "Weinstein Bros". uuuuhh.. real talk- who is she talw'in bout? my lil brother told me to get my ass up, and do the damn thaing.. see you. you probly hate ya lil brother. me? i take advice from mine.. fukk around, not take any advice, and end up like this dude.. roll the tape.

so... anyone? no. no. i insist! ok. ill go! wow. he had coke, in his nose too.. what, a fukkin loser. see folks.. THIS is what a lil fame, ALOT of drugs, and a night in jail without either will do to you... seriously. this is fukkin pitiful. someone PLEASE get this brotha some help. and, NOW. i mean.. who is this dudes "friends"? wow, man....

so yesterday, i was down on the block w/the Vital Skate camp doing a grill session, and this guy, this DJ, my little brotherl, a bunch of woman, and some weirdo who parks at Starbucks, all interviewed me.. stay tuned. it should be interesting, to say the least.

actually.. yesterday was ultimate strength, piFF. saw Denzel pulling outta Wendys drive-thru as i was eating. saw Stevie & lil Brooklyn Williams. met some girl at Starbucks. hung out with Tilt Moooooooooode! real tawk...Tilt Modes the squad.

need i say more? anyways, i dont remember the last time i was round yo squad, and learn't how to renegade a Budweiser. as i said- them dudes know whassup..

gotta run. got alot to do today.. here. have this...
[puff]take that.. take that[daddy]

and can somebody tell me the "genre" of this music?

uhh... im gonna just quietly step out, and let yall decipher what the fukks was goins ons in that there vid'eeuh. have a good weekend people..

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