Sunday, February 17, 2008

"his cornrows look't like a bunch of old, strategically sewed-on Timberland shoestrings..."

for those unfamiliar with the recent attack of a 14yr old skateboarder by Officer Rivieri on camera in Baltimore, click this lank and catch up to speed. now. all bullshat aside- watching that clip makes me wanna puke. who the fokk, talks to a kid like that? seriously, tho? moving on. besides his recent vacation/suspension(after the tape started gaining some national attention), it seems as the God Lawd above has also blesseth the good Cap'n with even more. too bad its in form of "more video evidence", of this lame engaging in what he knows best.. bullying kids. roll the tape please..

look.. i usually dont even get involved in shyt like this. i pray on everything on this place we call Earth, this dude not only gets fired AND HEAVILY fined- but, someone talks to HIS kids in the same manner. and yes. it'd be just as bad had he been speaking to ADULTS like that. actually. i dont think he does, nor has he ever had the heart to. thats usually where that kinda attitude comes from. dudes a scumbag. i hope he gets fired, then turned down for unemployment. i then hope he has to bag groceries, and people would rather carry them on their head after seeing he's the bagboy. i could go on, but i think i've made my point. actually.. i hope.. im kidding. but im not kidding about the rest of what i just wrote. fukk duke, and his life.

why isnt anyone discussing this brilliant display of ass-whoopigry, from last night?

(props to WSHH)
bwahahahahahhahaha.. did Kimbo even sweat?! hey.. you seen ole boy when he was falling down? his arm was curl't up, like he was trying to "doh-see-doh" his partner or some shat! man, look. You get your ass whooped that quick, you might wanna just start coaching. and big-ups to whoever did Kimbos cornrows(?). im sayin. his cornrows look't like a bunch of old, strategically sewed-on Timberland shoestrings. real tawk..

im outta here.. in the meantime, go check out Lance Dalgarts site.. and watch for the new Whassup Rockers/ The Blvd piece on Transworld this Tuesday. until then, ill leave you with this.

hold on. why do i know every song in that video? actually. im not even gonna lie. i remember exactly where i was, first time i saw that video. as a matter of fact.. i just got a idea. im out. peace..


Blogger The Beaner said...

jesus kimbo finally went "legit", huh. why would anybody even try? there's videos all over the internet, so you know they had to know what they're in for. the rows only add to the scariness.

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally! Kimbo can get paid for his god given gift of ass-Hhwoop. Kinda wish dude skated in Baltimore or wherever officer "Im not A DUDE" works at. I strongly doubt his ass would get so uppity on Big-Kim.
What a douche, my man deserves every bit of humiliation. Imagine what sorta shit this fool has pulled without the tape rolling.
Karma anyone ?

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Cybill said...

Well written article.

6:28 PM  

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