Thursday, February 07, 2008

its 70 something degrees, in the middle of gawt'damn February

before i get started, id like to congratulate Brandon, and Christina Brubaker on their first newborn girl. so, in both the celebration, and essence of Black History Monf, id like to get this bish crunk't right off the back. ladies and gentlemen- i bring to you- that piFF. roll the tape..

hooooooold the fokk up! who da fokk is that swaggerous white kid in the middle? and why dont he got a recording contract? could i possibly've stumbled upon the white, Soulja Boy? In Black History Monf', too?! uh-oh. imma wait at least another month, to unleash this swaggerous beast onto the general public. yall remember ole boy from Minority Report, right? im saying, tho..

i usually dont do this, but... this shoe
is THE BEST SKATEBOARDING SHOE ON THE MARKET. trust me. plus, Tom Penny skate in that bish. anymore questions? exactly. check out the rest of Supra's line right here. and now, you know...

since im on my skate shyt, i almost forgot. click this lank, and you can witness 2 great black men discuss such worldly things as skateboarding, math, and Daewon eating mayonaisse and rice. i even threw a unreleased LMNO/Kev Brown, AND Redman track on that bish for em. Jersey. Stand da fokk up please. now. sit yo ass back down.. i aint done with my blog yet, bish.

anybody out there vote? i didnt. i was rolling out with my little brother and them skating, bumping Gaupoholics, or some other goon-type shyt. Speaking of my little brother, will everybody please sign up for his website thingy? its called "the Lobby", and i 'ont think nobody there. weird. anyways. go sign up, and give this little dude something to do before his hands mold into the shape of a PS3 controller. you can even get this fancy little media player. look!

Find more music like this on Tha Lobby

i wonder if my little brother knows thats not the official studio release of Shawty Lo? hmmm.. who cares. here ya go lil man. take this new Mary J. w/Lil Wayne & Swizz joint, and hit me in a bit. ill be on Melrose. youknowhatitis..

actually.. before i go. that track made me remember something.. bring that beat back, bring that beat back!

thats for all my old school heads.. i gotta run. shouts out to Mr. Len, Ray @ Mighty Healthy, Brooklyn Dom, my Crooks & Castles fam... fukk it. shout out to everymuthafukkinbody! its 70 something degrees, in the middle of gawt'damn February on the best coast! i win. again! u mad, Scooby?

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Anonymous CHAZMUNNY said...

Damn Clyde!!! Another BANGER SON! I check everyday for that pIFFLERY Nukkah! And that phonetic ebonics type shit always has a nigga on the floor dying. BLACK HISTORY MONF!! STAND UP!!!

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should be getting commission for posting those shoes.

one pair SOLD!!

6:42 PM  

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