Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the movement, remains moving..

yeah, yeah.. i saw Nas rocking that Nigger shirt at the Grammys. Personally. that aint got shyt on the time Rob Welsh rocked my "100% Negro" shirt to a big ass, mall demo in San diego. but real tawk- why aint nobody talm bout this John Lennon piFF, Kelis briefly spoke on CNN about that same night? roll the clip...

so.. who wants to go first? ok. i will! first off, he said "nigger". straight up, no chaser. bwahahahaahha. classic. secondly, how the fukk is this "art"? yall serious? this shyts about as "art", as "Bitches Ain't Sh!t" by Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg. this Lennon n!kkas, really buggin..

speakin of n!kkas.. in Australia, a public apology was issued to the Aborigine people for forcibly taking their children, stripping them of their rights, as well as all other kinds of human fukkery in the past.. seriously- whoever believes this "apology", is fokkin stupid. so lemme guess.. next. they gon' put up some casinos, and make em pay taxes on their own property right? wake the fokk up people..

is there suhn'tin wrong with this...
exactly... click here, and read about the little weirdo. and yeah. i said weirdo. walk it off..

the other day while skating Steve Berra's spot, "The Barracks", i took some time off stuntin with the entire Black Label team to get this exclusive interview with my man Shruiken Shannon.. shouts out to Ballard & Salman Agah over at the Skate Book. and oh yeah- watch for me stuntin with the Black Label team at the Berrics, later this week. and if that aint some shat.. wait until i drop this TWS/CS vs Whassup Rockers clip this week too. told yall. the movement, remains moving..

lemme let yall onto something. now, remember the story a few blogs back, where i was explaining how ole boy that makes the Ghostface doll decided he was gonna not pay me for any of the work i put in because we had "no agreement"(and trust me folk.. i did ALOT of work. anybody know how much radio plugs are..? exactly. and thats only 15% of what i did for this lame). so as of recently, instead of MANNING UP AND PAYING FOR ALL SERVICES RENDERED, this Chauncy has decided hes gonna write my manager and threaten to sue me! talm bout, "i owed him for "rent"(?), borrowed his car too long sometimes(?.. i was working for dude, when and IF i ever were to drive.. whadda..?), and stole a air mattress(?). wow. just.. wow. this lying, scum of flesh even went as far to say id STOLEN some personal items of his.. wow. i mean... just. bwahahahhahahahahhaahahahahaha! hold on yall.. imma do this reaL slow

- the owner of 4Cast(the maker of the Ghostface doll) is a bum. hes also a liar, whos tried to not only use MY name and likeness for him and his companies personal gains, but tried(and is STILL tryin) to use Ghostface's name and likeness as well. FACT.

- as much as this Chauncey wanna e-whine to my manager about "piFF dont know the extent of the relationship between Ghostface, and myself".. yeah, yeah duke. YOU DONT KNOW GHOSTFACE. PERIOD. the extent of your relationship is when you paid him 10k(you borrowed) to come stay with you for a week, and thas about it. you dont know Dennis Coles, his phone number, address, etc.. and this i KNOW, is also- FACT. stop lying, B...

- this dude says i stole shyt from him.. another LIE. i dont steal, and havent since i was about 10. now. for one. this guy(owner of 4Cast), steals from his work(Ripe/Flo Tv). FACT. and, simple things too.. toilet paper. 24-pks of water. juice. blank cd stacks/cases. contact info... now. if youre paying a guy to come to work for you, and he cant ASK for the simple things i just named, whos word would you trust here? thank you..

- this chump says i owe HIM money.. how the fukkk would i OWE for promotional dolls, if im VP of marketing and promotion? really, now. FACT. the owner of a company had given me numerous dolls to hand out(for HIS personal gains..), as well for prestigous artist to paint for some random "worldwide, traveling art gallery". now. i dont know if you remember lil daddy, but everyone you gave a doll to- I ALREADY HAVE/HAD A RELATIONSHIP WITH.. FOR YEARS! WHY THE FUKK WOULD I NEED TO GIVE SOMEONE A GHOSTFACE DOLL, TO BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH SOMEONE/FOR A DISCOUNT(?)/ENTRY IN A CLUB/FREE GEAR? DUKE. STOP THE LIES.. i "owe you money"? wooooord? i work for you, yet- you charge me?! i stole ya lil earring too? you seem to lie about as good as you run a company. thas a FACT. real tawk... with that being said- i got 99 problems, and this bish aint one. hit me! *walks away doing the George Jeff strut..*

sorry. that was necessary. moving on.. one more time.. this woman IS THE MOST BEAUTIFULLEST THING IN THIS WORLD.. piFF dont lie. shyt.. im too H, to the double O- D..!

"i cut the braids off, and the waves in the fade'll make you sea sick...!". "you'sa crack baby, that means ya mama paid me". "you fools foogazi.. my goons from Haiti". gawt dayum! personal quotables for weeks. that shyt like the hood version, of "We are the World". i gotta get outta here.. got a office to go check out. you mad, Scooby?

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Blogger derek Mc said...

i got that fake@ss cat's air mattress!
so, whooos that hot mama that's "THE MOST BEAUTIFULLEST THING IN THIS WORLD"?
peace, rep'n weezyanA!

11:06 PM  
Blogger lisa said...

Cg, i've known u forever and one thing u AINT is a fucken thief!! If anything, u take that shit right infront of the person and laugh real loud! All i gots to say bout dude is: "PUNKS jump up to get BEAT DOWN!"

5:26 PM  
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