Saturday, February 16, 2008

i usually 'ont even do this, but..

so.. i stay in on Friday night, just to edit this new TWS piece im doing with the Whassup Rockers/BLVD movement. as luck would have it, my computer crashed 3/4 the way through and even better- i reset my preferences to auto-save every 90 minutes. real tawk. i was almost mad, Scooby. then. i watched this greatness.. roll the tape

bwahahahahaha... oh, oh.. it aint over. hold up.

what the....? call me crazy, but i think this dudes my new hero.. one more time.

first off, id like to say- i dont condone stealing. at all. but- this is classic, in every sense of the word. i 'ont even know where to start. the curl. the California "ghetto-hick" accent. his friend "Vato Loco". good googly moogly, i think ive just witnessed greatness.

besides waking up at 6:45 to Shelton trying to get me to listen to Black Rob's "Whoa" remix, today was spent inside watching my computer crash at least 15 more times. in between waiting for the project to finally export to disc, i decided to drop a new blog.. oh well.. time to go. theres some dude on tv in the NBA Slam Dunk Championships with a Superman cape, 'bout to do... HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHAT! IM OUTTA HERE! DID ANYBODY SEE THAT?! i think i seriously just witnessed greatness...

oh yeah- WWW.HUSTLEMANIA.COM is up.. . jeah!

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