Friday, February 01, 2008


my bad on the absence.. been busy doing this thing called "living life off the internet". its pretty fun. i suggest some of yall nikkas try it sometime...n!kka, shyt! roll the tape...

bwahhahahahahahaha.. WHO da fokk is that swaggerous individual? trill talkery- if i were to EVER make a film, id do a Asian redux of Belly and have this dude play DMX..

so.. Muh'lissa hit me up this morning, and wished me a Happy Black History Month. which means- she loves me. u mad, Scooby? maaaaan. look'eh heah. Lemme learn you something.. see. Me and Muh'lissa not hooking up, is similar to Ike not mollywhopping Tina upside da head. by that i mean- if it hasnt happened already, it will in coming time. and no, i didnt go to ASR. i 'ont do the fake smiles and handshakes.. yall must've got me mixed up with some of these desperate bums who'd rather go out on their knees begging for sponsors, than on their own two feet. besides that. if i wanna get drillz, and walk around- i live in Hollywood, B. holla at me when you really wanna see some real bad broads, with good jobs. some girls, that got girlfriends. youknowhatitis...

oh yeah.. i got some news- Rob & Big are not "friends" anymore. theyre wrapping up their final season, and as Biggie would say, "Things Done Changed". these cats aren't cool no more, and you heard it here first..

anybody catch that California debate last night? i was over at Crooks & Castles shooting for their new look book, so i missed tha shyt. in all honesty- if yall woulda saw the girl i was shooting with last night, you wouldnt really care to see some old white ladies neck gyrate onstage either. and on some fa'realla talk- i cant back NO woman who lets her old man speak for her. in concession, or not.. with that being said
yeah i said it.. you mad, Scooby? walk it off..

i got a question.. what would you do, if this happened to you? roll the tape..

first off- props to Rza for not straight, strangling duke to death. real tawk. but there aint a "no homo" in the universe that could save a person from the ass whoopery they'd recieve from doing some shyt like that. hey.. was that the El Rey? anybody remember when i snatched the mic outta Johnny Rottens hand onstage, smashed the shyt on his toes then screamed "WHUT?!" to that old mans face? yup. ya damn right i did.. AND, he apologized afterwards. true story. axe somebody.

seriously tho...
should we discuss this? im sorry but this girl is fukkin gorgeous. so much to the point, she could probly fart in a packed van and people would bottle it for future useage.

in "bummy-bitch-ass" news.. duke who makes the ghostface doll has informed my manager, he wont be paying me for my work because "we never had a agreement". whatdafokkisthisn!kkkatawinbout? now. yall know what that says about a person, right? he NEVER planned to pay me(or Ghostface)- period. amazing.. look folks. ANY grown man who doesnt want to build his own house(company), yet lets another build it and then takes credit for it- is a bitch. ANY grown man who tries to use a "no agreement" clause, instead of paying his bills- is a b!tch. nobody respects a bitch. and this clowns soon to see. just remember- imma see you. and trust me.. its not a "threat", its a promise. and if you reading this- tell ANYBODY you know. oh yeah. btw- ya girl sucked my mans off, ya dicklip kissing feggit. holla.

is it mean to laugh at this photo...
fukk it. im mean...

i gotta get outta here.. whoa?! did i play my outro piFF yet? immm bang yall in the head with the 2-for-1.. first off, check out the new piece i did over at Transworld with Beagle & them Shake Junt cats. then.. hold up.. imma take it waaaaaaaaaaaay back. roll the tape..

i gotta run.. you can catch me in the Marriott tonight with a whooooooooole bunch of woman, who like woman. gawtdayum, life is great. Hey D. Turn the fukkin beat on! oh yeah, Shelton. Im standing on yo couch, eating yo shyt. you mad, Scooby? bwahahahhaahahahah.. until next time. jeah!

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Blogger Leslie's said...

Yo Clyde,

That post is hilarious. I met you with Scot Shandalove from Strand out in Vegas a while back.

I wanted to reach out to you about something I've been working on with my magazine, WRG?

drop me an email ( if you can and I'll send you more details.



11:42 PM  
Anonymous doughboy said...

what was the last video you posted of. it says its not available anymore.

4:12 AM  

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