Thursday, February 21, 2008

"i mean.. im practically, a damn black redneck!"

so, last night im posted in the crib and for some reason, decide to look to the ceiling. dont know why. but i did. as i look up, theres a huge black widow above my dome. anyone ever seen a black widow? i have. matter of fact- thats the 2nd time in less than 2 years that ones been within 8 ft of me. last time, it was in my cornbread basket @ Bossa Nova. didnt die then. not dyin now. fukk around and turn my name into Bruce "Trillest", im so fukkin hard to kill.. roll the tape.. im still alive

should i even elaborate? yknow this video "just surfaced", right? "NO CRIMINAL CHARGES"? is this the "norm", now? seriously- fukk tha police.. well. some of em, at least. im gonnna leave it at that, but that was really fokked up. he beat the wholly living shyt outta that lady, and i think you should all know.. next.

so yesterday, the following events took place, within a few hours of one another. coincidence? maybe. mayber not
- shuttle lands
- 2 f-15's crash
- iraqi marked plane lands in usa
- lunar eclipse

- spy sattelite shot down(?)
- i saw a girl i was really interested in , nekkid on the in'nuhhet(sorry, no flick. cant do it to her folks..)
-oh yeah.. and, somebody started a blog about me being on coke(?), and all kinds of random lies. the irony of said post, was ive been told it sounded like a coke rambling, fool. or ex-"something"... hmm.. well. i know it for a FACT it wasnt theskateboardmag, because were all grown men, and i dont expect grown men to act that way. we parted civilized. they paid me what i was owed, and that was that. i actually tip my hat to them for the way they handled that. real tawk. now hold that thought.. by the time the masses had reached me, this e-motional rant was already taken down. coward. well lucky me, i got friends in REALLY high places, so i know exactly who it was that did it. i mean, id make up lies about me being on drugs too, if i was in Vegas last week begging random people for cocaine in the Palms lobby, while being escorted out by security... sound familiar? assclown. now. PEOPLE(NOT, A PERSON)told ME personally, you was begging for coke in the Palms lobby. PEOPLE! one dude even called me on some, "whas ya boy talm bout.. this n!kkas wreckless." smh... "my boy". yeah. lemme say this. my boys aint begging people for drugs, much less indulge in much besides piFF, whiskey n Bud Light. i mean.. im practically, a damn black redneck! secondly. why is this cat STILL lying? seriously- when will they stop? its gotta be difficult by now, considering everytime a person lies- they gotta cover themselves with 5 more lies.
FACT. damn. i wanted to see the blog too.. actually. i will. its being mailed here as i type. IP ADDRESS N ALL... we'll take it from there. see, me? i like to have all my facts straight, before i push a persons wig back to the whyte meat. and i know dudes probly shyttin out Slurpee juice right now, from reading such powerful piFF.. i told these cats- "you betta watch you saaaaaaaaay to me.."

thats my shyt right there.. shout out to T.I., and R.I.P. to Larry Davis..

ok.. now yall tell me whats a gooder look for Amerikkka? this..

or this..

classic... Vote or Die. im voting for the first time in my life. and when he does win(which im sure he will), i hope Michelles dancing on the podium making the doo-doo face to "Get it Girl" by 2 Live Crew.

Hooooooold the fokk up. if this aint the literal meaning of getting a "1/4 pounder" at the drive thru, i dont know WHAT IS?! roll em...

im sorry to say this, but that is borderline, GENIUS! i can see it now..
*pulls up to drive-thru w/the trunk on rattle
"homie.. lemme get a 1/4 pounder, 20 nuggets, and a pie.. napkins(papers) too."
" please pull around to window 2"
classic.. possibly the best McDonalds on the planet. fokk it. im moving out there. right.. why would i go all the way to bumblefukk, when i can just go right up the road and do this?

LA=Best City in the world. Weather. Woman. Oppurtunities. Skate spots. Weed. you name it- we got it. Shyt, even our rush hour traffics, the sh!t! sitting in a car next to Angelina Jolie in 5:30pm gridlock, blowing piFF>>>>>>>sittin in grid-lock traffic next to a toothless hag, in some Chevette whos smoking them brown cigarettes. now. yall tell me who won...

thats all for now. i got shyt to do(i think?).. like post up on Melrose, and drink a tall Chai latte, while "holla'in" at some birds. then i got pt.2 to finish up tonight for the folks @ TWS. flight plans for Tampa.. oh yeah. told yall- ill be in Tampa. and Cowtown. skating one, emceeing the other. told yall before- piFF dont lie. knwo what? i might even bring my Mom, and lil neice Aysia down, too. stay tuned.. peace yall. jeah!

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Anonymous LEJ said...

I grab a dog. I choke him and I kick the shit out of him. All day long got my foot up a dog's ass. Just bang, bang, bang up his ass. That's my pleasure.
nice post clyzza

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... can you lie about not doing're only lying to ya-self.

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anthony Blarns said...

Ok, I kinda agree with the above post. Can you say with all honesty with your hand on the bible that you've 'never done coke'? I mean, you live in L.A. Don't tell me that there's never been an opportunity. I bet there has been pretty recently. Now I'm not calling you a addictr, but I think you're down with more than one type of white girrrl. Feel me?

Other wise, keep your head up. It seems like you're a magnet for drama. I've never met someone that's been let go from so many jobs as you. AND IT'S THEIR FAULT! HA.

7:20 PM  
Blogger derek Mc said...

haters gonna hate. dust your shoulder off clyde! keep it comin' with the illest sh*t! peace!

8:12 PM  

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