Friday, July 11, 2008

....this aint a fokkin, game!!!

todays blog is brought to by our good friends @ Old Spice..

Swagger... whats more can be said?

now.. onto todays news.. first off, id like to personally take this time to thank all(well, almost everyone) who participated in Afro Punk. All the skaters came out and did their thing. on some serious shyt- my crew held it DOWN! as uh matter of fact:

Hello Brooklyn: Afro Punk Vol. 1
Hello Brooklyn: Afro Punk Vol. 2

Vol. 3 coming later today.. big shout out to my man Blair Alley @ Transworld. Matthew Morgan, Bryan Edwards & Lou @ Afro Punk. Ben & Dan Pensyl of 5Boro.. China Tung for the chicken, and fried rice daily. and Ray over @ Mighty Healthy. Enids... real tawk- i cant remember who else at the moment. but i will say no fokkin thanks to the ungrateful mothafoker who i PERSONALLY PAID HIS FOKIN WAY UP. THEN HE COMPLAINED ABOUT NOT BEING IN THE GALLERY(do the math). some people dont appreciate shyt... and thas why they get reduced to RN status.(for those who dont know, "RN" is Regular Nikka..)

onto brighter things in life. just landed in Jacksonville, and not only did my man cop the 3 story monster pad on 6th & Main. hes also throwing 2 parties this weekend.. wanna go?

come on. come all.. 9th & Main. Downtown Jacksonville. its Hustlemania.. this aint a fokkin game! jeah!

sorry to be so brief, but i gotta run. gotta check to cash. see my Mom. get a iPhone. grab my clothes. hold on. did i mention, i went to NYC for a week with only the clothes on my back and a cellphone? a week!!! who does this? oh yeah.. me. thas who.. step ya life game up.. im outta here. ill be back next week with a full recap of the past weeks festivities. my 1st annual "fukk this n!kka, Jesse Jackson" column. and more online piFFery. in the meantime, enjoy the slideshows up there and yall be safe. i love you Kari, and ill be home in one piece Tuesday... jeah!


Blogger derek Mc said...

yo, clyde! did you hear about beagle filmer dude for baker and corey duff getting boxing at that contest the other day? them cats need to get along. here's the link.

1:18 PM  
Blogger derek Mc said...

the last pic on the 5th page. my baaaaaaaaad

1:20 PM  

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