Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"a rabbits like a lazy cat, that dont meow.."- piFF huxtable

id like to start by sayin- what the fokk is this?!
Baby Preacher

bwahahahahahahahha.. what a crazy ass kid! can you imagine this kid, around a set of kids who say- "dont go to church, religously.."? bwahahahahahahhaahaha.. jesus. probly get bopped upside the head, with some shyt you 'ont even know a kid can actually pick up! hold on.. lets check a few comments on this:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 10:34 AM by AW/JW
I can not believe that you people are getting on here talking about how this is wrong!! I was raised in the church!! And as a child we played church!!! I turned out alright!! "There is a God"" " There is a God""

uhh.. ok. yeah. you're perfectly "alright". i mean. you're so "alright"- you have a soft filtered blur covering whatever fat you're attempting to hide on your neck, and forehead..

and then...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 10:26 AM by Megg:
We know there isn't a damn audience...A ND NO!! It's not funny. I totally agree with David down here... this is scary, sad, sick, and WRONG on soo soo many levels. I feel bad cause he really has so idea what his parents are teaching him. HELP HIM!

i feel worse for you because a)you live in a trailer, atop some cheap masonry. and, b)because you have "so idea" what your teachers, were even teaching you.

has anyone seen Vern(TM of Listen Skateboards)? dude has my bike in his house, as well as half my old apartment sitting in his office.. i think he might be in Amster, or Rotterdam. hmmm.. wonder if hes been here?

ok.. that was creepy as fokk. seriously- how/why do i get this kinda shyt?! anyways. Vern, if you in one of those creepy ass cities- hurry the fokk back, so i can get my damn bike. and my chiz'eck, thas in your office(amongst other things..).

i got a good question.. does anyone even smoke weed, anymore? i mean- even Seth MacFarlane was forced to "lean back", due to some propane piFFlery.. but where the fokk they even gettin weed AT, is the better question! not in LA.. real tawk- you can get a passport, before you can get a bag of weed in this city. shyts incredible..

oh yeah. the earthquake yesterday. felt it. rabbit layed on its side. and i dipped down a few sets of stairs so quick- i dont think my feet even touched them shyts. but enough about me. this is possibly one of the gulliest moment, i believe ive ever witnessed on daytime television:

thas weird.. Judge Judy wasnt so "tough" all of a sudden. but on some real shyt- you see ole girl on the left? good gawt dayum! she barely budged!! ole girl wanted her money.. i cant do nuthin but salute that gulliness. somebody get ole girl a big piece uh chicken!

commercial break. i 'ont care what NOBODY say- these some fresh ass kicks:

and before i get outta here. if youre gonna be in Los Angeles this weekend, you might wanna roll by here:

Saturday, August 2nd 7-11PM
7320 1/2 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 954-7320

*live screen printing by Two Rabbits, and limited edition prints to the 1st 100 people

im gettin some lunch.. wanna know anymore goings on this week- get on over to music? i got the hookup. and tune into tomorrow @ 4:20, for.. well, i dont know what i got myself into. just tune in. until then- peace... jeah!


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chips are part of the rockefeller scam on humanity

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