Thursday, July 24, 2008

Throwback Thursdays

in this edition of Throwback Thursdays, im gonna show you what kinda cloth im built from. where my skateboarding roots lay.. some of yall really need to do the math on some of these cats, because without some of these folks: aint no telling where the fokk we'd be... lets go:

Julien Stranger-A Reason For Living

Ray Barbee - Ban This

H-Street Hokus Pokus - Matt Hensley

Sean Sheffey - A Soldier's Story

Eric Koston - First 101 Video Part

Blind - Tim & Henry's Pack of Lies (1992) FULL VIDEO!!!

you have now been in tune, with the finest... for anymore info on upcoming events, new music, etc.. get on over to im outta here. ill see yall next week. and watchout for video, as well as photos of the Jon Moak/Ed Tillman Fundraiser on, next week.. ill holla. jeah!


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