Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i do believe. besides Freaknik- i missed one of the most ig'nigorant weekends in years

before i get started.. todays blog is brought to you by the good folks at Mighty Healthy.

dayum, them shyts if swagtastic! not to mention- i got all of em(plus a few more). i recently wore the Bucktown joint to a taping of "The Soup", and our good friend Joel McHale was even swag splashed by it. Mighty Healthy. get ya head right...

speaking of MH.. my man Ray hit me with a preview from Gino's, Epic'ly Latr'd:

thas whas really up... and for the record- i dont think theres too many more cats on the board, as respected as duke. watch for this to drop this Fall though.. looks like some thight work. and big shout out to my man Patrick O'Dell.. jeah!

for the 2nd weekend in a row, i missed the Maloof Cup(first live. then, on CBS). but. i do believe. besides Freaknik- i missed one of the most ig'nigorant weekends in years. lets get a recap:
- "Nyjah, shoulda actually, won..". yeah. he did win. 40k!! you know how much 40k is to a 13yr old?! and for the record- i dont care who won. they're both(P-Rod, and Nyjah) amazing skateboarders, and a trophy dont define eithers talent..
- Bob Burnquist had something tossed at him from the stands, and him and his folks proceeded in the art of "ass kickedgry" on them clowns. why this hasnt been brought up, nor the tape produced- beyond me. But i will say this- Bob, you a 5*G.
- Corey Duffel got the beats....
- Chad Fernandez ran up, and across an entire cab in front of the hotels valet- while everyone stared in amazement.
- Kenny Hughes crawled out of some weird hole in the Earth..
- Andy MacDonald probly got ripped off- again. "no respect i tell ya.. no respect!" _ Rodney Dangerfield
- Darrell Stantons still, as Lupe would say- "The coolest n!kka, whaaat?"
and loads of other ridonkulous shyt.. imma have to attend this next year. because as previously stated. i believe the Maloof Cup, is skateboardings own Freaknik.(minus bishes w/buckshot wounds, or stretch marks hanging out passing vehicles..)

in gooder news- my friends hit me up Sunday during the airing of the Maloof-nik, to inform me i was on that bish. well. the commercials.. seems as if the good folks @ Dwindle had a on-air commercial for their box set(20yrs old World Industries, and The Steve Rocco Documentary: The Man Who Souled the World), and i had 3 tricks on that hoe! holla!*sings "Hi Haters" by Maino* go grab that box set... the shyt is truly- classic material.

yknow im talm bout having my bday party on the roof of the Standard, in downtown LA right? yknow, imma have some folks come out, right.. im saying though. dont say i aint tried to told ya..

2 yrs ago, i called that this cat was gonna be a superstar.

ladies and gentleman. Tulsa, Oklahoma. please stand the fokk up for my man Johnny Polygon. this dude went from sleeping on my exes couch, to doing a record with Nas("Black President", off the "Untitled" album)- in 7 months time. im just saying though.. congratulations is in order for dude.

wtf?! do rabbits sleep with their eyes open, or is this lil sum'mabish just staring at me?

i gotta run. got some artists tracks to review for Infaders upcoming radio show. footage to overlook for MR2. emails to reply to. bacon to cook. and another of the 48 Laws of Power, to study.. and this is all going down, before noon! i still gotta interview Whole Wheat. write a few articles. figure out wtf this bunnies staring at. put a board together for me and Milan. take my girl out to dinner... "i got this shyt". in closing, i leave you with this:

http://view.break.com/525981 - Watch more free videos
Jesus of Megatron.. what more can be said..? yall be good, and until next time. peace.. jeah!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your one funny ass dude. stay outta bars

2:44 PM  
Blogger Sparky DuBois said...

13 secs in: "TK front board. oh wait, that's darrell" haha, so ignorant


12:18 PM  
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