Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my blogs the sh!t... get the fokk up out my toilet!

before i get started.. id like to share a flick i shot last week when i happened to stop by the HVW8/Obama party, off Melrose:

this is single-handedly one of THE most important pictures, that ive ever shot. Gawd bless this kid, and the family who raised him.. Obama 08. what?!?!

moving forward.. where the fokk else you gonna see a photo like the one above? and then back it up with suhn'tin like this? roll the tape:

yup.. and the reason why i dont feel bad? well. anyone who jumps off a embankment, in the direction of a pole, and splits their legs- deserves that. i think what we've all just witnessed is quite possibly- the dumbest person to ride a skateboard.

speaking of skateboarding.. Friday night, i went to a Peanut Butter Wolf show downtown. and somehow ended up politicking with none other than Hugh "Bod" Boyle the entire night.. thats right. THE Hugh "Bod" Boyle. yall know he was the first skater to EVER have a song named after him, right? now, watch some clown try to ride my wave, and write a lil article about it...

yall heard about this whip yet?

its a "air-powered car". which in laymens terms- is a spaceship, with wheels. nawll.. it was built by a ex-formula one engineer(Guy Nègre) and uses compressed air(as opposed to the gas-and-oxygen) to push its engine’s pistons. this is to hit the streets of India sometime this month. and the US.. well. "Neverbruary" of next year. too much pride, and ego involved to actually "appreciate" some cool shyt... think not? well just click this lank and watch these geekboys go at it.

so.. the other day, i took a walk. when i usually take a walk, my journey takes me by the line outside "The Price is Right". All the stores on Fairfax. and then, i end up on Melrose.. this past Sunday, as i turned onto Melrose i look to my left- and it was some(5) of my folks from Jacksonville(Duval.. stand the fokk up!!). Diazmn! didnt even know they were here.. so we all say fokk it. lets take a walk down to El Guapo, and have a few drinks. we walk 10 ft, and boom! ANOTHER one of our boys(Jon Wilkes of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) walks up on us like, "what the fokk yall doing here..?!" Long story short- Duval was in the house. so off to El Guapo we go. as were sitting there, someone reminds us theres a Playboy bikini Party about to go down.... i mean. wow. NONE of this was planned. at all.. so i share with you. that piFF:
need i say more?

oh yeah.. since i had to watch Milan yesterday, i almost forgot to tell my brother KT- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYN. throw a plate of them O'Neals wayngs, and a ice cold Stella back for ya boy.. and ill see you when i come out to Pitt for this art show..

im gonna get up outta here.. but before i go, i got one important message: Kari. I Love You. Thanks for everything, and ill ALWAYS have your back. Hell. I Love you so much, it didnt even bother me you almost threw my damn retainer in the garbage this morning!Zack. thank you for that introduction.. i owe you a Baconator meal, at the same Wendys we saw Denzel getting a 6pc chicken ligament meal.

yall be good.. ill see yall later this week on Throwback Thursday. peace!


Blogger Preston said...

hahahahaha those pics are insane

8:43 PM  
Blogger S. Ayers Photo said...

Yo those Whole Wheat Bread guys are good people, we shot some photos in Jax a while back.


8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mjog ahugavert, takk

2:58 AM  

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