Monday, August 11, 2008

possibly another one of the shortest blogs, in piFFstory

so, today- im watching Milan.. and ive already ruined a shirt trying to make a "iron on". eaten waaaay too much cereal. got bitten by a rabbit. and its not even 1. getting home @ 5am, isnt helping much. so in closing. i salute each and every parent in this world.. i gotta run, but here yall go as promised:
come one. call all. its a celebration bishes! August 16th. rooftop Standard. Downtown Los Angeles. 1-8pm... and if you gotta ask if theres a pool up there, you lawst at life.

im out. ill be back tomorrow with some photos of this weekend(Playboy bikini party, blah, blah, blah...), and other meaningless shat. in the meantime, get on over here and getcha self some new music... peace.

and RIP to Bernie Mac... "i aint scared of you muthafukkas..!!"


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